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The role of lighting in design and interior design

When we think through the design of the house, we try to give due attention to all the details. Lighting is no exception. And in this case, not everything is as simple as it might seem at first glance.

Thanks to proper lighting, you can visually expand the room, create the right atmosphere, highlight details in the interior. And this is not magic, but just the right selection and distribution of fixtures.

Lighting that emphasizes the advantages of the interior

Basic rules of lighting organization

The first rule: "Take into account the intensity of lighting". Observe the standards for lighting in all areas of the house. For example, in the bedroom this rate is 150 lux, in the office - 300 lux, in the bathroom or bathroom - 50 lux.

Lux (lux) is a unit of measurement of illumination. In luxes, the illumination of the surface is measured, on which light falls. To determine the illumination, use special instruments - luxmeters. Optimum illumination - 200 lux.

You probably noticed that in jewelry stores or in art galleries, the exhibits look more spectacular than at home. The production of light is where professionals work. With a living room the same: with the help of lighting you can highlight the pluses and hide the minuses.

Of course, we are used to the fact that in each room we have one big chandelier and ... Perhaps there are no more "and" - that's all. It is time to abandon these foundations: they do not correspond to the norms of illumination in a residential building. Without general lighting, you can not do it - it is necessary, but do not shift the whole responsibility for the light onto it.

Example of lighting distribution in an apartment

The concept of basic and additional lighting

With the basic lighting we figured out - it's a chandelier or any other lamp, installed, usually in the center of the room on the ceiling. As an additional can act as a floor lamp, sconces and point light-emitting diode fixtures.

Additional lighting can be installed almost anywhere. For example, in the bedroom - at the head of the bed, in the bathroom - at the mirror, in the kitchen - over the working space.

In the office, additional lighting plays an equally important role. When you work at your computer, your eyes tighten. Do not overdo it will help light, moderately bright and flicker.

About zoning of premises

In the room you can do without general lighting. In this case, it is necessary to divide the room into zones and supply each with lighting devices.

Zoning kitchen with lighting


Spot, scattered, direct or reflected light can be used in interior design.

For a bedroom or living room, diffuse light is suitable. Thanks to the lampshades or shades, the lighting becomes soft.

Direct incident light helps to highlight some details in the interior. Reflected is considered the safest for the human eye.

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