A voyage to Kronstadt. Dam

One of the mandatory points of the program for tourists visiting St. Petersburg is a trip to Kronstadt. The dam is the only overland road that connects the island of Kotlin with the shore of the Gulf of Finland. It is this structure that is important not only for transport accessibility, but also for the security of the city. What role does Kronstadt play in this? The dam is a structure in the form of a road located on a bulk territory. Throughout its length, there are special locks, which can be opened and closed if necessary. This is what helps to regulate the water level in the Neva and prevent possible floods.

History of occurrence

So, how did the idea to connect the shore of the Gulf and Kronstadt originated? The dam appeared here quite recently, although its construction was planned as early as the beginning of the 20th century. Conversations on its construction and on the prevention of a possible repetition of sad events began after the riot of the elements described in Pushkin's poem The Bronze Horseman. However, it was far from immediately that these conversations became a matter. For a very long time the ferry was the only way to get to Kronstadt. The dam appeared only in the early 2000s and connected the island with the northern part of St. Petersburg.

Initially, Kronstadt was a military city, and only seamen lived on its territory. For ordinary citizens, there was no need to visit it, and they would not have been allowed. However, after the opening of the island, the ferry service ceased to satisfy demand. The second part of the dam, despite this, was built literally a few years ago. This is due to the fact that in the second phase of the construction it was required to design and build an underground tunnel that would help ensure a continuous traffic flow and easy access for ships that come to St. Petersburg.

But is Kronstadt popular for tourists? The dam certainly made it more accessible. You can get to it by using public transport routes and fixed-route taxis. The road from the metro station "Staraya Derevnya" to the city center takes about 40 minutes depending on traffic jams.

For many residents of the city is attractive to visit is the dam. Kronstadt and its environs bear a certain romantic stamp, due to its isolation and seclusion from the city bustle. The uninhabited part of the island is riddled with remains of ancient forts and fortifications, which keep a memory of past battles. Local residents and tourists have chosen these places for walks and picnics, lovers of extreme sports also like to spend time on the beaches of the island. The dam (Kronstadt), photo of which can be found not in one album about the trip to St. Petersburg, will be remembered not only by architecture, but also by the atmosphere.

So, for any traveler, there are several reasons to visit Kronstadt. The dam, architecture, warships, unusual atmosphere - all these are the distinctive features of this place, and they attract a lot of tourists here every day. And let the beauty of Kronstadt be severe and strict, it is precisely in the precise geometry of the streets along which the dank sea wind walks that its magnificence lies, which is difficult to convey in words.

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