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Sports weighting on the legs

Fans of classical aerobics, sprinting, fitness and other aerobic sports activities know that weighting for hands and feet is a worthy alternative to light dumbbells.

As medical tests show, people dealing with these shells burn significantly more calories during exercise than in normal training.

Weighting agents on the feet are effectively used not only during training, but also in other physical activities - walking, running, dancing. In general, they are made in the form of cuffs made of soft material and equipped with convenient fasteners in the form of adhesive fasteners.

Put these attachments on the ankles of the feet. Having a noticeable weight (and weigh sometimes 5 kg weighting agents), they do not interfere with various exercises, hands are left free and do not distract attention. The intensity of exercise increases significantly.

Optimum weight of weighting agents for legs

Those who have only recently joined in sports activities, coaches recommend first to use the lightest devices, adding weight and, accordingly, the load on the muscles gradually. This allows you to eliminate the risk of injury during training, avoid stretch marks, dislocations.

For athletics, aerobics, fitness, manufacturers produce weighting agents on legs weighing from 500 g to 3 kg each (heavier than 3 kg there are special sports weighting agents for pumping muscles in bodybuilding). Usually they are sold in pairs, therefore, the total load will be from 1 to 6 kg. To change the initial weight to a larger one follows when the athlete understands that the previous load does not give more effect, or if the weight loss process has stopped.

How they are arranged

For weighting, as a rule, use two types of filler - sand and metal plates. Bulk variant is less convenient, since the weight of such devices is constant. If you need to change the load on the muscles, you will have to put on extra cuffs or buy heavier ones. However, it is not a problem to make weighting with our own hands, modern "kulibins" have already come up with a lot of options.

In terms of rapid change of load, typing cuffs are more convenient, in which the weight depends on the number of metal blocks or plates. They are inserted into the inner pockets of the cuffs and removed or added as needed, which allows you to quickly change the load right during training.

What can and will help

A classic way to apply weighting on your feet is to run at a moderate pace or faster walking. This increases the load on the muscles of the buttocks and thighs, which contributes to the efficient burning of energy, and, consequently, to a reduction in body weight. It should be remembered that weight training with increased weight should be conducted under the guidance of an experienced instructor because of the increased risk of injury.

Weighting on the legs increases the strength and endurance of not only the muscles, but the body as a whole. However, despite the obvious benefit of such training, their use has contraindications. They are not recommended for people with cardiovascular disorders who have problems with joints suffering from varicose veins who have undergone surgery. To all other lovers of sports activities, weighting agents will help to preserve and improve what nature has given them.

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