Tattoo of eyebrows with hair technology. Japanese hair technology for beautiful eyebrows

In addition to the generally accepted and physiologically clear function, eyebrows for girls perform a very important mission. They thin the face and attract a significant amount of attention to the eyes.

But the rather capricious nature did not give everyone a beautiful shape and a thick eyebrow. Most purposeful and savvy craftsmen stuff the hands with their own example to create the necessary contours and arcs. Others, more practical and busy, are given into the power of the pros, who know good techniques. For example, eyebrow tattooing is a universal and modern method of eyebrow idealization based on micropigmentation.

What kind of technique?

Such sophisticated but self-justifying technique can be described in the same way as the usual tattoo, but with the weighty argument that the introduction of a plant (or mineral) pigment is carried out by scrupulously drawing eyebrows. Such a schematization leads to a staggeringly plausible result. Eyebrows, even with the closest and meticulous examination, look natural and effective.

Tattooing eyebrows hairy technique capriciously requires artistic scrupulousness and amazing perseverance from the master. It is the salon specialists, who have received structural training and a fair practice, can realize ideal modeling on any problematic or unique person.

Tattooing of this direction includes two main specialized types:

• European - with a natural and acceptable inclination of hairs from the root to the tips. Such a slope in the case of a rivet drawing gives the eyebrows a European manner, without revealing the artificial structure;

• Oriental - a more delicate and laborious view. It combines a multidirectionality, as well as the synthesis of short and long eyebrows. Professionally crafted and skillfully applied pigment will be indistinguishable from the eastern traditional eyebrows.


Decide on the hair, and the rest of the technique of tattooing is only after a careful and thorough examination of the doctor. Any cardiovascular pathology or allergic reactions can affect the course and outcome of the procedure. Poor blood clotting or a tendency to oncology is the same taboo as diabetes mellitus and seasonal common inflammatory processes. Also, girls should calculate the favorable period of their cycle. Do tatuazh in such a busy period, as menstruation, not worth it. It is better to get out in the middle of the cycle: so the body will get less shock.

Where to make eyebrow tattoo? Best in a good, tested beauty salon. In this procedure, in no case can you save. Incorrectly made tattooing can only harm your appearance, and the use of non-disinfected tools can lead to health problems. Therefore, carefully choose the salon in which you plan to conduct this procedure.

Hairy tattoo of eyebrows. Photos and benefits

This technique, as well as the previous feathering by the masters, is able to correct the often seen asymmetry of the eyebrows, which, in turn, aligns the contour of the face and beautifies the eyes.

Eyebrow tattooing with hair technology successfully eliminates the incorrect thickness of eyebrows, drawing empty areas or missing length.

Also this method, thanks to pigment properties and natural inclinations of drawing, allows creating natural, ideally modeled shapes, bends. Due to such a delicate treatment, the eyes receive a spectacular design.

An important and often problematic subject is the disguise of scars or defects in the eyebrows. Voloskovaya technology allows with enviable accuracy and skill to "score" the problem place, without causing significant errors.

The main and cardinally advantageous advantage remains the safety of eyebrow pigments, resistance to various irritants and the absence of corrective needs.

Process of modeling

As well as standardly applied feathering, tattoo of eyebrows by hair technics demands the advance and thorough preparation of the client. The main task is to strengthen and vitaminize the vessels. It is the steadfastness and health of the eyebrows that are responsible for the washability (color quality) of the pigment.

With this healing mission, the vitamin duo of ascorbic and the routine in the complex "Ascorutin" cope. The active substances perfectly influence the general and individual state of small vessels, reducing their fragility.

The most important and demanding steadfastness is the factor of refusal of cigarettes and spicy food. When planning to make permanent make-up of eyebrows with hair technology, completely eliminate the use of substances that aggressively affect the body. The "black list" also includes caffeine and alcohol.

Vasodilator products (energy and seafood) are also prohibited before tattooing. The abundance and free flow of blood secretions will complicate the application of the pigment and its firm fixation.

When starting tattooing on the hair technique, you need to align the outgoing or incorrect hairs with tweezers and draw the necessary contour. Further, the eyebrows are subjected to a careful cut, not touching the pencil line.
Then the process of modeling itself with a full spectrum of sterilization of the work area and tools is already underway. The duration of the procedure is about an hour, but individual painstaking masters themselves stipulate these terms. The more carefully and scrupulously the expert works, the more natural and more effective the brows look.

Drawing out contour and additional grooves, the master fills them with a pigment to complete the tattoo of the eyebrows. Healing occurs in several short (due to the correct preparation) stages and consists in the gradual treatment with the newly made beauty on your face.


Having dealt with how this procedure is done, it is now necessary to decide what to do next. Care after eyebrow tattoo is pretty good. Initially, it is worthwhile to monitor the sap and on the first day gently, with small and even movements of the cotton swab remove its traces. Further, after the disappearance of the above-mentioned secretions, it is worth switching to a tetracycline 3% ointment: it should be carefully, but carefully processed the edges. In the future, it is necessary to gently pull out overgrown, unnecessary hairs for greater effectiveness.

What can not be done to save the brow?

Sterile and professionally made tattoo quite quickly ceases to bring discomfort. It will be a long time to please with persistence and luster. You just have to forbid yourself to childishly tear protective peels from the tattoo and not use decorative cosmetics in the eyebrows in the early days. The favorite solarium or steam room is also not suitable for those who have undergone eyebrow modeling in hair technology.


Now you know what a hairy eyebrow tattoo is. The photos presented in the article will help you to get acquainted with the result in more detail.

To recognize the hair tattoo of eyebrows is very difficult, except that only with the most careful examination you can see the structure of the pigment.

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