How to please a woman in bed and not only

The love relationship of a man and a woman in most cases implies not only platonic feelings. Sexual act is a natural part of life. Therefore, many men think about how to give a woman pleasure in bed. To make her feel happy next to her beloved. Consider the main ways of caresses that are pleasing to women.

Easy touch to the skin. On the surface of it there are sensors that send directly to the brain signals about what is happening. If, for example, a hand is put on the shoulder of a girl, then the message coming through the nerve endings will be concrete and clear - contact took place. But, when there is a careful touch, the messages from the sensors come scattered and uncertain. The brain commands the nerve endings to be attentive and listen to what is happening. In this connection there is excitement.

Foot massage. The Chinese know how to please a woman in bed. They found out that in the groove under the fold of the thumb, the foot has a point that makes a woman experience excitement. Activate its action best by massage. Preheat the foot, squeezing it with your hands, and then gently press the magic button. Do not forget to do a second leg massage.

Light blow on moistened skin. You already know the sensitive places of your woman. Lick it in the most erogenous zone, and then blow it. Due to the evaporation of moisture, a woman will experience pleasant sensations. How to give pleasure to a woman in bed even more? Use to moisten the skin of alcohol (champagne, wine, etc.). Only pour it in reasonable amounts.

Biting teeth. Do not be afraid to use them to caress the female labia. These actions will give the partner pleasure. The force of pressing should be as if you are biting off a piece of ripe peach.

We consider further how to please a woman in bed. Pressing on the abdomen. At a distance of 10 cm from the navel there is a certain zone. If you act on it, then the woman begins to experience pleasant sensations. Previously, the partner must drink compote, tea or champagne. Since in this case the filled bladder will play an important role in enjoyment.

In bed, speak of tenderness and obscenity. Women love during whispering sex in the ear. It is important to find out what words your partner prefers specifically when excited. As some like affectionate words, for example, "fish", "rabbit", "pussy", other words are stronger.

How to please a woman in bed, if she is close to orgasm? At this point, you need to continue the same pace without changing it. Experiments with acceleration or deceleration of translational movements are best carried out at the beginning or middle of the act.

Buy silk bed linens for a romantic meeting. You think: "How to please a woman?" In a bed with silk blue, red or black linen your partner will feel like a real queen.

Ask the partner to lie on the edge of the bed and tilt his head down. During sexual intercourse in this position, the woman will become dizzy, as if from a light intoxication. This will help to strengthen the sensations in her when the moment of orgasm comes.

Set up perpendicular to each other. Your bodies in this case form a cross. Feelings that a woman will experience will become magical for her. The penis will seem more to her than it really is.

In bed, you need to think not only about your pleasure, but also about your partner. If you can give her wonderful feelings, then she will try to repay you the same.

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