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Meat chopped: cooking secrets and dishes from it

In the culinary arts of many peoples of the world, some ingredients or semi-finished products used in the further preparation of dishes are truly universal. That's chopped meat - one of those. And from it you can build not only juicy cutlets and cutlets of all ranks and suits, but also adapt for hand-made dumplings hand-made delicious, stuffed cabbage and casseroles, call in rows of toppings for ruddy pies and pies, many other delicacies.

Chopped meat is a suitable and even indispensable basis for many dishes, so it is important to know for sure how best to cook it. This we will go on in the article. We hope that you will not waste your precious time, following our experience.

Meat chopped

In today's realities of modern kitchens, as a rule, equipped, if not with the latest technology, then, for sure, with the help of already familiar appliances, you can make minced meat in several proven ways:

  • Twist on meat grinders;
  • Use blenders - stationary or submersible;
  • Try yourself in a manual method - with the help of a pair of sharp knives.

Many, especially not too experienced home cooks, will immediately prefer any of the first two, motivating their choice by saying that we are not in the Stone Age, we are. And in general, the meat grinder will be faster and more homogeneous. But are we not going to look for easy ways with you?

Chopped meat: cooking and secrets

Why does an authentic cook choose the third method? When using felling, the meat will be juicier and tastier, as it is cut, but does not crumple in its internal structure, as, for example, occurs in a meat grinder. And all its juices will remain inside small pieces. Of course, something like this is done by a blender, with one "but": he dips the fabric almost into a paste. And do we need it?

By the way, chopped meat can also be prepared with a single knife. But if you use a pair, it will be three times faster (and looks very impressive)! Knives should be as sharp as possible, intended for these purposes (that is, not rounded - dining rooms), but also - rather heavy. For the process itself, you need a heavy and strong (beech, oak) board, and under it you can lay a kitchen towel - for maximum stability on the table.

Minced recipe step by step

Then we proceed as follows:

  1. Before cooking chopped meat, the flesh, if necessary, is separated from the chaff and washed in running water. Then it should be dried to remove excess moisture. And if the piece is big, then cut it in half or in three parts, since it will be much easier to operate in narrow strips in the future.
  2. Cut each strip across the fiber into slices thinner. Adding them a stack of three, cut into cubes, about 1 x 1 centimeter in size.
  3. Now, when the preliminary work has come to the finale, and on the board is sliced into the black pulp, proceed directly to the cabin, armed with sharp knives and working at once with two.
  4. By the way, movements can be slow, it is important to operate in a comfortable mode for you: speed will come with experience. With wallpaper knives we try to collect the pieces closer to the center, so it will be easier to cut.

Size matters!

Regarding the size of the particles of minced meat: it is individual here, since someone likes to make bigger, someone and smaller. The main thing is that it does not turn out to be porridge and the meat does not let the internal juices. And the optimal dimensions are reached by an experimental way (from millimeter to half a centimeter). In addition, for example, for lyulya-kebab, it is advised to use larger chopped meat. And for the meatballs, it will be even smaller. As soon as only the consistency you need is achieved, the unmilled minced hand made is ready.


Dishes from chopped meat are famous for their diversity and national color. Thanks to the method of preparing the most basic ingredient, they all differ in their juiciness and original taste:

  1. Steaks. They are prepared from beef or veal chopped meat. Also add a little interior fat (also beef). Ratio: about 1 to 7. Next, we will mass into the egg, add a third of a glass of milk, seasonings to taste and salt. We knead and form. Fry in the usual "cutlet" mode. If we want to get steaks with blood, then do not overcook.
  2. For pelmeni you can also use chopped minced meat. We make it from pork (1 part) and beef (3 parts). We will add a little bit of a salsa (1/10 parts), a onion head, salt, a mixture of peppers. We mix and use as a filling.
  3. Lulya-kebab. In the classics we cook from the meat of a ram (3 parts). Add a lot of onions, also chopped (1 part), fattened mutton fat (1 part). From spices we use coriander, coriander, ziru, a mixture of peppers and garlic. Forcemeat we mix and form long lyulya-kebabs, stringing them on skewers.

Cutlets - in the studio!

Cutlets from chopped meat - the fastest, that you can cook, especially without straining. To chopped minced meat, add the egg, onion, crumbled with a knife, the pulp of white bread, soaked in milk, spices and peppers. Stir forcemeat. We form not too large cutlets. We pour in breadcrumbs and fry from two sides in a well-heated oil until ready (check for breakage: if the insides are not pink, then the delicious second course can already be turned off and served to the table along with a garnish of potatoes, rice, with a salad of fresh vegetables.

The secret: to prevent the meatballs from being stewed, namely, roasted, it is necessary to preheat a large frying pan. Then on it to almost boil to bring butter lean for frying. And put each cutlet apart from the other so that their edges do not touch. Thus, they will turn out to be fried, not stewed. But, incidentally, you can make and steam (better from chopped poultry meat or mixed). They go out incredibly juicy because the meat does not let out its juice, but keeps it inside until the very end of the preparation of the dish and only during the use of the food - "reveals" completely.

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