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Milk fungus: how to care? Tibetan Milk Mushroom

Today, more and more people pay attention to their health. One way to cure various diseases, strengthen immunity, reduce weight and get rid of allergies is the consumption of kefir obtained with the help of Tibetan milk mushroom. This interesting culture has been known for a long time, but many people, having bought a milky mushroom, do not know how to care for it. The article will help you to understand this issue. We will also talk about the scope of the product obtained with the help of the Tibetan fungus.

A bit of history

Tibetan milk mushroom was bred long ago by people who settled on the slopes of the same mountain range. It is generally accepted that a Polish professor was brought to Europe by culture, which was treated with mushroom yogurt from liver and stomach cancer.

In Russia, one of the first to pay attention to the Tibetan milk mushroom was the wife of the famous Russian artist Elena Roerich. She carried out certain biochemical studies of the drink. The results surprised - it turned out that the fungus infusion contains a huge amount of useful substances. Some other scientists, for example, herbalist Badmaev and Moscow therapist N. N. Krupenik, also examined the milk fungus. Experts say that regular use of curative infusion leads to a decrease in blood pressure, cures allergies and atherosclerosis. Today, research scientists continue, and perhaps we will soon find out about many other abilities of this amazing healer.


What does the Tibetan milk mushroom look like? Outwardly, it is slightly similar to the yellow and white kernels of boiled rice. A culture is formed as a product of symbiosis of yeast fungi and lactic acid bacteria. As the mucous membrane grows, the fungus becomes like a cauliflower inflorescence. Kefir product, obtained as a result of the activity of culture, is recognized by scientists as a strong, but safe and harmless natural antibiotic.

Milk mushroom: properties and composition

Kefir product, obtained by fermentation of Tibetan fungus, exceeds many times other dairy products. The composition of the drink includes lactic acid bacteria, enzymes, lactic acid, alcohol, carbon dioxide, easily digestible proteins and fats, vitamins, antibiotics and other substances. Thanks to this range of ingredients, mushroom kefir has excellent dietary and medicinal properties.

What does it work on?

Using Tibetan milk kefir, you improve your health. So, as a result of the application of the product:

  • Memory and attention are increasing.
  • Strengthens the immune system, increases the tone of the body.
  • Derived slag, most toxins, deposits of salts.
  • The metabolism is normalized.
  • Pass the allergy, some chronic diseases.
  • There is a recovery of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Bacterial gastritis, gallbladder and liver diseases are treated.
  • The growth of cancerous tumors is prevented.
  • Increases male power.

The list of positive changes in the body can continue.


However, not everyone can use an infusion of milk fungus. There are a number of contraindications: pregnancy, children's age to three years, bronchial asthma. Patients with diabetes should use the drink carefully, making an interval between it and taking insulin for at least three hours. During treatment, alcohol should be excluded from your diet. The interval between taking any medicines and kefir should be at least three hours. You should limit the consumption of spicy and fatty foods.

Milk mushroom. How to care for this culture? How to get a drink?

You have already been able to see the value of the therapeutic drink and hurried to purchase the substrate. Now, when a milky mushroom appears in your house, how to care for it? Let's understand.

Remember that this culture - a living organism, you need to handle it carefully, carefully, let it breathe (do not cover it with a lid). Place the mushroom body in the amount of 2 tablespoons in a clean glass container, for example, in a jar. Top with two glasses of pasteurized or natural homemade milk (from tested animals). Wrap the neck of the jar with clean gauze and fasten the fabric with an elastic band or thread. You can not use metal or plastic containers, you can not also close the container tightly - for normal life and fermentation, the culture needs oxygen. About a day later the milk sours and the yogurt is formed. On the full readiness of the drink can be judged by the separation of the bunch from the bottom of the container.

The next stage is the separation of curdled milk and mushrooms. To do this, you need to discard the contents of the can through the colander. Bottom substitute a prepared jar or bowl, the mushroom itself will remain in the sieve. Directly in it, wash the substance under a stream of cool water (preferably filtered, stand-by or boiled). It is necessary to rinse, otherwise the fungus may die.

You have to leave for 2-3 days and leave unattended your mushroom milk? How to care for him before departure and after arrival? It is necessary to dilute the milk with water in a ratio of 1: 1, pour the prepared liquid into a three-liter jar and put the mushroom there. Leave the container in a warm place. After arrival, the resulting liquid can be used for cosmetic purposes. For example, pour it into the basin and hold the feet there - sweating will decrease, tension and fatigue will get off, small wounds will heal. And rinse the mushroom substance and continue to use as usual.

Or maybe you will have a longer absence, for example, a business trip for 5-10 days. How will care for the milk fungus in this case? It should be washed and dried using a towel or napkin, and wrapped in a clean cloth or plastic bag, put in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator. After arrival, pour the mushroom with milk at room temperature, but do not use infusion formed in a day. Use it, as in the previous case, for cosmetic purposes, externally. And you can safely drink the next batch. If you are thinking of starting a milk mushroom, caring for it, as you can see, will not be burdensome.


Do not use reconstituted milk for cooking. For this culture, only natural or drinking pasteurized raw materials are suitable. Do not use soy or a product intended for long-term storage. To get a healing drink, choose cow or goat milk. When cooking, use glass or ceramic dishes, or in extreme cases - plastic. Eliminate the contact of the fungus with the metal. If the substance acquires a brown tint, it ceases to multiply, loses its healing properties and may even die. Sometimes it is necessary to slow down the fermentation process. To do this, put the jar in a cool place, for example, on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. Now that we've figured out what a milky mushroom is, how to care for it, it's time to find out how to properly use a healing drink.

Rules for the consumption of milk mushroom kefir

The product should be consumed daily for 200-250 ml. Optimal reception will be present for half an hour or an hour before going to bed (preferably on an empty stomach) or in the morning, half an hour before breakfast. You should drink kefir for 20 days. After that, you need to take a break (10-20 days), and then you can repeat it again. A break is necessary to increase efficiency, in order to avoid addiction. The full course of treatment is at least a year.

In the first decade of kefir treatment, the activity of the intestine sharply increases, the excretory function increases, and gas formation increases. If you have stones in the kidneys or liver, you may get unpleasant sensations in the zone of hypochondrium, urination may increase. Do not be afraid - this is a normal reaction of the body. After 10-14 days, such manifestations will end, general improvement of the condition will take place, mood will rise. Men will increase their sexual desire, potency will increase. The body will appear light.

Why is this happening?

As is known, milk contains nutritional components necessary for the human body. However, in the ordinary state, the digestive system does not absorb them well. The milk, brewed with Tibetan fungus, besides a pleasant taste, has a number of medicinal properties. In the first place is the ability of the drink to suppress the action of pathogens and bacteria. Lactic acid neutralizes putrefactive processes in the intestine, prevents the formation of toxic decomposition products.

Fermentation helps increase the amount of digestible vitamins. Milk after fermentation is digested faster. By improving digestion, not only does the nutritional value of the drink increase significantly, but the amount of nutrients absorbed from other human-consumed foods increases.

Application in cosmetology

Infusion helps to improve the skin: smooth wrinkles, remove pigment spots. You can take a bath with the addition of kefir Tibetan mushroom. If you have a problem skin, soak a napkin or gauze with healing fluid and apply for 20 minutes. Do not use peroxidised kefir - you can get skin irritation.

Infusion of milk fungus successfully heals hair. It is enough to apply on a clean washed head skin and curls a glass of kefir and keep from 5-10 minutes to an hour. Cover the head with polyethylene, and top with a double towel. At the end, wash off the mask with warm water and shampoo.

Tibetan mushroom and weight loss

Medicinal yogurt will help to reduce weight, for this it is necessary after each meal, after 30 minutes, to drink half a glass of infusion. You can once a week arrange a fasting day, during which only the use of mushroom kefir is allowed. Now that you have learned so much about the beneficial properties of a dairy Tibetan mushroom, it is only necessary to purchase a substrate and begin your journey to healthy organism!

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