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Actress Jennifer Carpenter: biography, movies, personal life and interesting facts

Jennifer Carpenter is an actress, which many viewers remember as Debro Morgan from the series "Justice of Dexter". Of course, this is not the only bright role of the 36-year-old star. On her account, shooting in many popular films and television projects, including in the main role: "The Six Demons Emily Rose", "Areas of Darkness", "Good Wife", "Robotsyp." What is known about this talented American?

Jennifer Carpenter: the biography of the star

The future Debra Morgan was born in Louisville, Kentucky, in December 1979. About the childhood years of the star, unfortunately, little information. It is known that Jennifer Carpenter first climbed on stage at the age of eight. Debut for her was the role of Little Tim, which she performed during the Dickensian festival, which was traditionally held in Louisville.

A representative of the theater Actors Theater drew attention to the talented child, so Jennifer's career went uphill. She took part in several theater productions, the most famous being Trudy Blue. Further, Carpenter became a student at the Sacred Heart Academy, she successfully combined the study with a play at the Walden Theater, located in her native Louisville. The most noteworthy production of the theater with her participation - "A Midsummer Night's Dream", in this Shakespearean play she embodied the image of Elena.

First achievements

Thanks to her work in the theater, Jennifer Carpenter managed to be among the students of the elite institution of the Julliard School, preparing future actors. Within the walls of this school, she spent about three years, comprehending the art of drama. Unfortunately, "Debra Morgan" could not finish school, because she preferred to accept the role in the play of Richard Greenberg, preparation for which took a lot of time.

The first major achievement of Jennifer Carpenter was the production of The Crucible, the plot of which is taken from the famous play by Arthur Miller. It is known that the novice actress long sought the role of Mary Warren, several times visited the samples. As a result, it was this stubborn girl who was entrusted with the image of a maid working for the ruthless Mr. Proctor, who subsequently testified in court about his fascination with witchcraft.

First roles

There are actors who have become stars after the first role, played in a movie or TV series. They do not belong to Jennifer Carpenter. The films and television projects in which the girl was shot at the beginning of her career did not give her a star status. Basically, at the beginning of the journey, she played episodic roles. For example, Jennifer appeared in the "Spy", embodying the image of a hysterical student. You can also see her at People are dead, where she played Angela's second girlfriend.

"White Chicks" - the most famous picture, which starred in the period of ignorance of Jennifer Carpenter, the films and biography of which are discussed in this article. The main characters of the comedy were black FBI agents, whom the current investigation forces to reincarnate as white ladies. The actress in this tape can be seen in the role of Lisa.

the main role

Biography Jennifer Carpenter shows that the first fans appeared in the actress after the horror film "The Six Demons Emily Rose", in which she embodied one of the key images. It is known that the plot of the picture is borrowed from real life. The story tells how the attempt of the exorcist priest to drive the demon out of the obsessed girl leads to her death.

Jennifer in this horror got the role of Emily Rose. She played a student who is convinced that she is possessed by demons. Critics flattered about the convincing performance of the young actress, and she was also awarded a prize at the MTV Movie Awards. The nomination in which Carpenter won was very original - "For the best funk."

Starry hour

After the release of the film "The Six Demons by Emily Rose," the series and films with Jennifer Carpenter began to arouse public interest. Not surprisingly, a talented American was invited to one of the main roles in the television project "The Justice of Dexter", which acquired a crazy popularity after the release of the first series. The audience appreciated the original story and black humor of the new series.

The story tells of the medical examiner Dexter, who was obsessed with blood. Psychological trauma, received in childhood, turned him into a maniac who can not refrain from killing. Receiving father Dexter found an original way out of the situation, having taught his son to kill only hardened criminals who deserve to die. Carpenter received in this television project the role of the sister of Morgan Debra, who is associated with a difficult relationship with a non-native brother. Debra works in the police, entertains the audience with jokes and indecent expressions, and also tries to find a mysterious killer, until it turns out that this is Dexter.

In the image of Debra Morgan, the actress appeared in all eight seasons of the television project. Of course, this is not all the roles that Jennifer Carpenter managed to play at the age of 36. The complete filmography of the star includes at the moment 26 film projects and serials. Of her vivid roles, it is worth mentioning another detective Rebecca from the series "Areas of Darkness".

Personal life

Of course, the fans of the actress are interested not only in the roles that she played. The most famous boyfriend Jennifer is currently considered Michael Hall. With the performer of the role of Dexter, Carpenter met exactly on the set of the series "Justice Dexter". Actress almost immediately after the introduction fell in love with her screen brother, and her feelings met with reciprocity.

For some time, Michael and Jennifer successfully concealed their relationship from fans and the press, but the truth still came out. The first rumors about the stellar novel appeared in 2007, already in 2008, the wedding of "brother and sister" was held, to which only close friends and relatives were invited. Unfortunately, the union of Carpenter and Hall was short-lived, in 2010 the actors filed for divorce, to the chagrin of fans of a beautiful couple. If you believe gossip, the rapid parting of the actor's four is due to Michael's severe illness, which he managed to overcome, however. At the moment, the heart of the actress is free, she is ready for a new relationship. Children do not have a role for Debra Morgan, but she does not rule out their appearance in the future.

Interesting Facts

What else is known about the talented actress Jennifer Carpenter? The height of the star is 174 cm, weight varies between 61-63 kg. The actress, despite the constant employment, always finds time for sports, never forgets the importance of morning jogging. Also, to maintain themselves in excellent shape, it is helped by a strict diet.

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