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Rihanna's husband: biography, activities and interesting facts

Rihanna caught the lucky star when she was only 16 years old. This sultry Barbados beauty overnight won the hearts of listeners and became one of the highest paid show business stars. Having worked on the stage for only a few years, Ri-Ri was nicknamed the style icon and pop idol. Of course, it is the merit of the girl and her talent, but it's also not worth throwing aside the works of her team.

short biography

The future musical star was born on February 20, 1988 in a small town on the island of Barbados, in the most ordinary family. The chosen singer's name, Rihanna, is real. In the passport she is Robin Rihanna Fenty. At the age of 14, Rihanna's parents divorced. Despite the fact that her father had a craving for alcohol and marijuana, she always maintained relations with him. The life of the future singer flowed to the rhythms of reggae music. The girl began to sing at the age of seven, and at school she even managed to organize her own trio. It was in this trio that Rihanna went to the audition for Evan Rogers in 2003 at a hotel in which he accidentally stopped in Barbados. This was a decisive step in Rihanna's career. It was Evan Rogers who saw in it the future world star. The two girls who came along with her did not even pay attention to the producer.

Carier start

Evan Rogers helped Rihanna record her first demos. This took almost a year, because the girl tried to combine her studies in high school and could only come to the recording studio on vacation. But the demos were recorded, and Rogers began to search for a contract with one of the music labels. In 2005, the recording of a young singer came to Jay-Z, who at that time was the president of the music label Def Jam Recordings. The rapper decided to personally meet with Rihanna and listen to her. Their meeting ended successfully, and Rihanna, without hesitation, signed her first contract with Def Jam. After that, she immediately canceled the scheduled meetings with other labels, left school and started recording her first album. It took exactly three months, and the beginning of a star career was laid.

Recognition and further career

The first album of RI Music of the Sun Was released in 2005 and sold in the amount of two million copies. Her first single immediately took the lead in the list of the most popular singles in 15 countries.

A month after the release of the first album, Rihanna began recording the second, called A Girl like Me. It came out next year. The main single was the song SOS, which took the leading position in the US charts.

A year later, in 2007, the singer released another album - Good Girl Gone Bad. The main hit of this album was the song Umbrella, recorded together with Jay-Z. Then, in 2008, this album was re-released as Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded and included three completely new songs.

In 2009, Rihanna recorded the fourth album, Rated R, whose songs already traditionally took the first lines of the world's charts.

The fifth album of singer Loud was released in 2010. Rihanna does not stop working and by tradition, a year later, in 2011, the next album, Talk That Talk, is released.

In 2012, Rihanna releases her seventh album - Unapologetic.

Then in the annual records of the albums there comes a pause and the next, the eighth album - Anti, was released in January 2016.


For her dizzying career, Rihanna was rightly recognized and repeatedly awarded with nominations and victories in various music awards. So, the American Music Awards nominated the singer for 15 times, and Rihanna won 8 times.

The ASCAP Pop Music Awards 11 times awarded Rihanna a nomination, and each won. Also, all the nominations of the performer ended with an unconditional victory in such awards as BMI Pop Music Awards (10 awards), BMI Urban Awards (6 awards), IFPI Platinum Europe Awards (5 awards), Z Awards (8 awards).

In The Barbados Music Awards, the pop diva won 38 awards and won 49 nominations.

Also in the most important music award - Grammy Awards - the singer was awarded in 23 nominations and took 8 of them.

During her career, Rihanna won in dozens of competitions and received hundreds of nominations, and the singer is waiting for new and new conquests and victories.

Rihanna Boyfriends

Like many famous people, Rihanna tries not to advertise her private life and leave her behind the scenes of photographers, but, like other celebrities, she can not remain completely unnoticed. To date, the reporters managed to count five lovers of Rihanna. This list includes:

  1. Negus Sealy. The first love of Rihanna in those days when she still lived in Barbados and was not famous for the whole world. The departure of the singer in the US was the reason for the completion of their turbulent romance.
  2. Citizen's husband Rihanna - Chris Brown. The relationship between them ended in court in 2009, but then in 2012 the lovers reunited, in order to disperse in 2013 and, probably, forever.
  3. Baseball player Matt Kempom.
  4. Basketball player JR Smith. Relations with one and the second athlete were short-lived and lasted only a few months.
  5. Asher. The information appeared in 2011 in the press, but it was not confirmed in any way.

Also over the years, rumors of Rihanna's relationship with rapper Drake have not abated. But, judging by how these rumors appear, and then quietly disappear, we can conclude that they are either good friends, or use each other as a screen for journalists.

Relations with Chris Brown

Rihanna and Chris Brown have never been officially married, but their relationship was all called a civil marriage. And Chris Brown was not even the official but real husband of Rihanna. Their relationship began in the distant 2008. At first this information was leaked to the Internet and had no confirmation. But later the couple stopped hiding the relationship and began to show their eyes openly to the public. The split in relations occurred in 2009, after the tragedy that occurred with Rihanna.

Personal tragedy of Rihanna

On February 8, 2009, at the annual Grammy Awards music awards ceremony, Rihanna's speech was suddenly canceled. The reason for this was a quarrel with Rihanna's husband. Chris Brown beat the singer the night before the ceremony in the car and fled the crime scene. Rihanna found policemen on the street. The beatings were so strong that the girl could not walk alone. The public learned about this tragic incident from the Internet. Somehow the photo of the hackneyed husband of Rihanna leaked into the Net, and the whole world recognized this in no time.


In the same year, Chris Brown was tried. The singer was present at the trial and gave evidence. The former husband of Rihanna fully acknowledged his guilt and, as it turned out, after escaping from the scene of the crime himself appeared in the police station with a confession. Chris Brown was sentenced to correctional labor and five years in prison, and he was officially banned from approaching Rihanna more than 50 yards. An exception were official and public events, where the distance was allowed to be reduced to 10 yards. Also Chris Brown publicly apologized to his ex-wife, and, it would seem, on this their relationship should have ended once and for all.


Within three years of the completion of the trial in the life of Rihanna, there were several relationships that did not in any way affect her biography. Rihanna's husband tried to resume their relationship. And, despite all the previous events of their life, the singer forgave and returned to him. The couple began to live together again, for this Rihanna acquired a mansion in Los Angeles. It was said that, perhaps, the couple decided to have children. Rihanna and her husband did not emphasize their plans for the future. But as it turned out, all the rumors and conjectures were not justified, and the couple broke up, having held out for less than a year. The house, bought to live with Brown, Rihanna hurried to sell, thus putting the final point in these relations.

To date, in the biography of the singer in the column "the name of her husband Rihanna" is a dash. But she is so young, beautiful, talented and popular, that despair is not worth her or her fans. Moreover, Rihanna is not at all concerned about the absence of an official spouse. She still has everything ahead - and a happy family life, and children, and the conquest of new peaks in her dizzying career.

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