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Valentina Zelyaeva - Russian supermodel of amazing beauty

This Russian girl with gentle features is included in the list of the highest paid models of the world and is considered a bright representative of Slavic beauty. The superstar, famous for her long-standing contract with the popular brand Ralph Lauren, captivated everyone with bottomless eyes and perfect skin.

Model career

The future subjugator of the podium was born in Ulan-Ude in 1982. Thanks to his father, the military, constantly wandering around the country, the family was in Moscow. Valentina Zelyaeva never thought about a modeling career and did not even consider herself cute because of excessive leanness. At the age of 16, an agent approached the surprised girl who had been looking for new faces for a long time, and invited her to try herself at the contest. She did not win the prize, but she pulled out her lucky ticket in the form of an invitation to an internship in Japan.

With the consent of her parents, she leaves the country and tries herself as a model. At first, she perceived work as an opportunity to see the world. After working 2 years and returning to the country, she realizes that she dreams about new heights in this business. Since 2004, the beauty conquers the podium in New York, and interest in it only increases. Zelyaeva is offered work at once by 3 agencies, and the result of cooperation is a huge number of shows at Fashion Week.

The face on the covers

After the triumphant success, the Slavic girl is noticed by the most famous glossy magazines and invites her to their covers. Unusual beauty of Valentina conquers the whole world, and 3 popular brands - Balenciaga, Calvin Klein Jeans and Ralph Lauren - immediately conclude contracts with her. With the latter, Valentina Zelyaeva cooperates since 2004, the face of the girl so captivated the legendary designer Ralph Lauren, that he called the diva personification of the style of his fashion house.

Not wanting to share a charming mannequin with anyone, the head of the brand signs an exclusive contract with her and still considers Valentina her muse. She opens all the fashion shows of Ralph Lauren and decorates the advertising campaigns.

Healthy lifestyle

Valentina Zelyaeva, a thirty-three-year-old, whose height (177 cm, 55 kg) perfectly corresponds to work on the podium, surprises with its freshness and special glow of the skin. The famous model leads a healthy lifestyle, promoting it in his blog dedicated to beauty and proper nutrition.

The girl confesses that she plunged headlong into the world of yoga and meditation. They give her self-confidence and complete relaxation after tedious filming. She believes that the main thing is an attitude to herself: if you love yourself, accept with all the shortcomings, then this is projected onto an attitude toward life.

"Harmonious people seem to shine from within, and for me they are an example," explains Valentina Zelyaeva. The most important is to love yourself, because only then does the world view and attitude towards the world and people change, and a positive attitude is incredibly important for every person.

Blog about beauty and positive attitude

In the blog that the supermodel leads, she tells her example of the positive changes taking place in the exterior and the inner world. A girl likes to get up early to devote herself to some time, she does meditation to maintain the calmness, so necessary during the day. On an empty stomach she drinks a liter of water and prepares breakfast.

Valentina Zelyaeva, who does not look like her age, often arranges detox days for herself-she drinks only water and freshly squeezed juices. The podium star considers coconut oil, which consumes 2 tablespoons every day, with his proven beauty-secret, and also makes masks for moisturizing the body and thick hair.

Elegance - in the natural aging

When a bright blonde is asked about whether she is going to turn to the help of plastic surgeons, Valentina Zelyaeva, whose porcelain skin photo always becomes a subject of admiration for her admirers, answers negatively. She is not a big opponent of skin braces, but today she is comfortable in her body. Valentine likes women, aging naturally, she sees in gray hair and wrinkles on her face a special elegance.

Zelyaeva Valentina is a model that deals with her favorite business. Her positive and kindness attracts fans, the number of which is growing. A smiling beauty is an unusually harmonious person, enjoying every day and thanking the Universe for everything that has in life.

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