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Script writer Valentin Chernykh: movies

Valentin Chernykh is a Soviet and Russian screenwriter. Hearing his name, the viewer recalls first and foremost Men'shov's film "Moscow does not believe in tears". It is Chernykh who is the author of the story of the provincial girl, who was disappointed in the sleek Muscovite, made a grandiose career and met her, already being the director of the plant, her love in the person of locksmith Goshi. But on account of this writer almost half a hundred works. What films have been created based on the works of Valentin Chernykh?

short biography

Valentin Chernykh was born in 1935. Several years he worked at a shipyard, then wrote small notes to newspapers. And, finally, I entered the Institute of Cinematography. After graduating, Chernykh wrote the script "Land for the Gods". Then there were many works that did not pretend to be elitist, but because they were close to a simple audience. In parallel with literary creativity, the scriptwriter headed the association "Slovo" and was engaged in teaching activities.

Valentin Chernyh died in 2012. The screenwriter at the Vagankovo Cemetery was buried.

Glory and recognition

Pictures created by his scenarios won the love of viewers. And not only Soviet. In 1980, "Oscar" received a film, created by the script, which was written by Valentin Chernykh. "Moscow does not believe in tears" became Reagan's favorite film. The American president watched the film many times. And they say, at the end of the second series, at the very moment when the hero of Batalov, after an unbroken amount of a drunk hot drink, returns to his beloved woman completely sober, Ronald Reagan dropped a stingy man's tear.

But not only about the difficult fate of a single mother wrote the hero of this article. The author of a lot of simple, but kind, optimistic works was Valentin Chernykh.


The most vivid pictures, created by the scenarios of the Blacks:

  1. "Promised land".
  2. "To marry the captain."
  3. "Love with privileges."
  4. "To love in Russian."
  5. "Tests for real men."
  6. "Women's property."
  7. "Their".

For the script for the film listed last in this list, the author was awarded the Golden Eagle Award.

"Love with privileges"

This film was released in 1989, when the country began to openly talk about crimes committed in the Stalin era. The main heroine was Lyubov Polishchuk. Vyacheslav Tikhonov played the role of a great official. Oleg Tabakov is a general who, in his spare time, like Levin from Tolstoy's novel, mows the grass in his dacha.

The father of the main heroine - Irina - was repressed in 1952. She and her mother were deported from Moscow. Years have passed. Irina got married, gave birth to a daughter, divorced. And one day I met the party worker Kozhemyakin. She married him and returned to her native city. And then I learned that her respected husband was involved in the arrest of her father.

"Women's Property"

In this melodram under the script of Valentine Chernykh Konstantin Khabensky played one of his first roles. The film tells the story of a young actor, who has a romance with a mature woman, a famous actress, teacher of a theater high school. Elizabeth - and this is the name of the heroine of the picture - shows cancer. Before she dies, she does everything to ensure that her young lover lives comfortably. She bequeaths him an apartment, arranges for a theater. But all this does not bring happiness to the hero of Khabensky.


The script for this film differs significantly from those written by Valentin Chernykh. First of all, by how he reflects the events of the war years. The main characters in the film are Konstantin Khabensky and Sergei Garmash. But even in this film, telling about the German occupation, partisans, courage and betrayal, there is a small love story.

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