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Who is Cynthia Lennon?

This name in itself indicates involvement in the famous Liverpool four. So who is Cynthia Lennon?

In short, she was the first wife of John Lennon and the mother of their son Julian. Of course, the public is most interested in the part of her life that is somehow connected with the Beatles. But what else is known about it?

Cynthia Lennon: Biography

Cynthia was born in the family of Charles and Lillian Powell in 1939 and grew up in the vicinity of Holeik, on the Wirrel peninsula, which is in the north-west of England. From the age of 12 she studied at the Elementary School of Arts. The girl wanted to devote her life to painting, so she continued her studies at the Liverpool College of Art. There they met John, because they attended the same calligraphy classes. Soon after the start of the relationship, Cynthia learned that she was pregnant, so the couple immediately registered a marriage on August 23, 1962 in Liverpool. In 1963, their only son Julian was born. But the Lennon family did not last long: in 1968, John left Cynthia for Yoko Ono, formalizing a divorce. He even wanted to secure the sole right of custody of Julian.

After the break with John Cynthia, Lennon went three times under the aisle. In 1970, her choice was Italian Roberto Bassanini, the owner of the hotel, but their union lasted only 3 years. Then there was an engineer from Lancashire John Twist, but they were together only from 1976 to 1983. Also there were long (16 years) relations with Jim Christie. And finally, in 2002, the fourth husband was Charles Noel, owner of a nightclub. Interestingly, after the divorce from Twist, Cynthia regained her surname Lennon.

The only time she appeared at the event, where also was invited by Yoko, is the premiere of Cirque du Soleil In Las Vegas.

Cynthia is the author of books about her life with an idol of millions. In 1978, published an essay "Twist Lennon", and in 2006 - "My husband John."

April 1, 2015 Cynthia did not become. She died of cancer.

More about the novel with John

In her interview with the Daily Express, she remembers that John was not one of the guys who needed to fall in love with the diligent students, which was Cynthia Lennon in his youth. At first, she did not like it much, it was full of danger, rebelliousness and non-conformism. But then it started to attract her in it. One day, when Cynthia learned that John liked blondes in the style of Brigitte Bardot, she changed her image without hesitation, lightening her hair for a few tones. By the way, she remained faithful to her then appearance until her death. What did Cynthia Lennon look like? Photos from distant student years show that she was very beautiful.

At first, John called her Miss Hawleyk or Miss Powell, and when they started dating, it was just Sin.

Even when they were officially married, it was not advertised, because rock star fans should be sure that they are still in search of their love. Therefore, Cynthia rarely managed to accompany her husband at numerous concerts, but she was satisfied with those rare moments when he was at home.

John bought a decent house with 22 rooms in Kenwood's estate for £ 20,000, and invested twice more in his renovation. They had servants and their chauffeurs. As soon as Cynthia got the rights, the husband gave her "Mini", and then "Porsche". In short, the financial spouses Cynthia Lennon and John Lennon were provided in full, and no wonder, because the Beatles were just on the crest of success.

Cynthia was happy in marriage, which you can not say about John. Even after 6 years and despite the fact that he often abused alcohol, took drugs and rarely paid attention to her, she was still in love with him. But unfortunately, it did not help to save their family.

Yoko Ono

Cynthia Lennon found out about her husband's new museum by accident when she found their correspondence. Although at first John denied the romantic relationship on the side, saying that they have a business relationship, they say, the avant-garde artist Yoko is simply looking for a sponsor, but the truth soon came out. Lennon even tried, so to speak, to translate the arrows and blame Cynthia for treason to take custody of Julian, but he did not succeed. In 1968, the couple filed a divorce.

After the death of John Yoko refused to give at least some of Lennon's personal belongings to Julian. Tom had to humble himself and buy them at auction.

Relationships after divorce

Lennon paid only £ 100,000 to his ex-wife. She did not demand more than that, because she still loved him.

Yoko Ono in every possible way prevented the meetings of the former spouses, she was jealous of John without any reason. Therefore, Cynthia hardly ever saw him. The last meeting took place in 1973, seven years before the murder of Lennon.

Cynthia very hard survived the death of John. Despite all the painful moments of their family life, she brought up in the son respect for the personality of the father and his talent.


He was born when John was at one of his concerts. He was named after his grandmother's father, who was called Julia. Unfortunately, John had very little contact with Julian, and gave all his father's attention to his son from Yoko Sean. It seems that he wanted to erase both Cynthia and Julian from his life. For example, although John's fortune was 250 million pounds, he only allocated 400 pounds a month for the maintenance of his son.

In the late 70's Lennon somehow restored the relationship with Julian, but in 1980 he was killed. Cynthia drew 4 portraits of John and gave it to her son in memory of his father. By the way, Julian also became a singer.


Cynthia Lennon died suddenly in her home in Majorca, Spain, in April 2015, unable to defeat cancer. The fight with the disease was short, the body immediately gave up. Son Julian all this time looked after his mother.

If you draw a line under the life of Cynthia Lennon, you can say almost sure that she lived it under the sign of the Beatles, never forgetting that she too was involved in the history of the Liverpool Quartet, which conquered the world.

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