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Sports betting strategies. Win-win strategies for sports betting

For sports fans, and for all gamblers, there is nothing that would be more exciting than sports betting.

Sports betting

The principle of such rates is quite simple: on the Internet there are special bookmakers that offer people to bet on any game according to a certain coefficient.

Every day in a live broadcast around the world are 30 000 sports competitions, and fans of betting offer a huge selection of different sports, where possible.

For the outcome of a particular event, bookmakers establish a coefficient.

Sports betting as a way to earn money

To date, quite a large number of people are earning their capital on the Internet. They all have their own methods of earning, with the help of which they make money: who does what, that's what he does. Some even manage to earn amounts that are several times higher than the average salary of a Russian. The most experienced Internet users already earn on a large scale. These types of earnings include bets on sporting events. According to statistics, only 10 percent of a hundred are able to earn this way, but all because these people have learned to think through all the events to the smallest detail.


In the soccer match "Zenit" - CSKA, CSKA's victory is estimated at 1.5, that is, by a simple mathematical calculation one can understand that by betting a thousand rubles on CSKA, if this team wins, the player will receive 1500 rubles. Conversely, if another team has a coefficient of 2.3, then if you win, the player will receive 2300 rubles.

What sports are popular in betting?

Of all the sports at the stakes, the first place is occupied by football, followed by hockey, followed by basketball and tennis.

The most visited bookmakers on the Internet:

- LEON- is considered one of the best;
- Williamhill - is also quite famous among the players;
- "Express" - here you can put on several events at once.

Every day there are more and more new sites that offer their services in this industry. The most advantageous offers are classified according to bonuses, tournaments, etc.

Sports betting strategies

The main component of an effective game in any bookmaker's offices are sports betting strategies.

Here, game strategies for sports betting are a tool, with proper use of which you can earn money and make the game productive.

An experienced player knows that if you do not use your specific sports betting strategies, then soon anybody is doomed to an inevitable bankruptcy.

But if everything is done correctly and according to a certain strategy, you can earn very good money. Professional players, applying such sports betting strategies, earn very well every day. But if one gets such a significant profit, and others suffer losses, the question arises: "Are there any win-win strategies for sports?"

Unequivocally answer such a serious question is unlikely to succeed. Win-win strategies for sports betting do not exist, there is a competent application of strategies that really supplement the family budget. Usually they are divided into two groups: game and financial. Financial strategies relate to money management systems. Using this technique will allow the player to minimize the possibility of losing and increase the possibility of winning.


Game strategies for sports are practical game systems. To date, there are more than twenty game strategies:

- a series of numbers - the strategy that came to our country from Germany. The rates must be calculated using mathematical calculations;
- Financial manager of Miller. The strategy was developed by J. Miller, an American player who has been playing and winning for many years;
- bid counter. Here, the bet on the opposite outcome of the match is made;
- bet against the favorite. Especially novices in betting shops are betting on favorites, thinking that this is a guaranteed success. And the professionals themselves bet on three or even four favorites;
- strategy from Shchukin to tennis;
- Strategy from Mazharov to volleyball. This strategy is very similar to Shchukin's strategy, but here the percentage of profit is much greater. The strategy is that after each loss at the next bet, you need to increase the bet amount. The Sports betting strategy is a system designed to manage the entire account in the bank (allocating a certain amount for bets).

If so, then there are so-called "other strategies". They should also pay attention. One of the most popular is the "fork". Here, each player makes a bet in two or more offices. And it makes a profit regardless of the outcome of the match or inning. This method will allow you to earn consistently from the invested amount of about 4-5%. It is believed that this strategy is almost win-win.

Strategy Live

The strategy for sports betting Live is primarily based on a close look at each match. In order to bring profit to the family budget through the sport of Live-betting, you need to have a lot of patience, and also learn how to accurately assess the team's chances.

There are the following strategies for sports betting Live:
Martingale betting strategies. This is one of the most common strategies for sports betting, which has brought huge money to the creators;
- The strategy of rates from D 'Ambler;
- The strategy of rates from Oscar Grind.

Among the strategies of sports betting, one of the most profitable ones can be called "Dogon". In fact, "Dogon" - this is the most profitable strategy for sports betting. The profit is received after the termination of the certain period. The main idea is that the bet should be made serial, i.e., a series of bets on a certain event. This strategy, of course, is old, but enjoys great success among professionals. For beginners, this is the best game option. Especially this strategy goes well with football.

Still in great demand is such new sports betting strategies as "Playing against the community." How does this strategy work? A person comes to the sports bar, listens to which team they are predicting a victory, and tells about it in other bars. After the winner is determined, he puts on the opponent. To date, this is the best strategy for sports betting, since there are so many people who have grown rich on it.

Is there a better sports betting strategy?

Arguing about which of the strategies is the best, it is impossible to give an unambiguous answer. Each strategy has both negative and positive points.

100% guarantee of winning, of course, no one can give. Each player must choose a strategy to his liking.

Also, do not take the first strategy that came across your eyes and immediately want to start with it to conquer all the bookmakers. Each strategy is individual, everyone can choose for himself what he likes.

The main thing to remember is that a competent selection of strategy and exact adherence to it can bring good profits, and the gains will have some stability.

How to earn money on sports betting stably

If most beginners bet on luck, then more experienced users each match think through, take into account all the nuances, and if the chances of winning are great, only in this case they bet. Yes, and players with experience there are misses, but these misses nothing with those sums, which they take off during good luck.


So, let's start with the starting bank. If you are going to play on trivia, then it's better not to start, because this method of earning requires a certain amount of capital. You need to put on the account of the amount that could be made at least 15-20 rates (50 rubles is not considered). After each bet on your account, 95% of your initial capital must remain, even if you are completely sure of the outcome, because the sport is unpredictable.

Second tip: do not bet on one bet, pick at least three events with odds of at least 1.7 percent and place three bets. According to statistics 2 of the three bets always play in 95% of the cases, and you are left to win. For example, you bet 1,000 rubles for three events, totaling 3,000 rubles. Two bets are played, and you get 1700 rubles (1700 + 1700 = 3400) from them - we see that the profit is 400 rubles. But this is with the coefficients 1.7, and events with large coefficients can also be found. If two bets have not played, you do not need to lose your head and go all-in to win back, because, most likely, you will merge everything to a penny!

Next advice! Choose one sport in which you are most knowledgeable, and play only on bets on this sport. Examine all selected events and place bets.

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