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Types of building materials

Represented in a wide variety of construction and decoration materials, are necessary for both construction and repair work, and for special finishing, where it is required to complete the final stage and bring the delivered object "turnkey" to the desired appearance, it is necessary to select in certain categories. The assortment offered at retail and wholesale will allow you to choose not only wall panels and floor coverings, but also sheet material, as well as universal building mixtures, where there is putty, grout and plaster. Interior doors are suitable, presented - veneer, lamination and painting.

Providing services in the complex, a specialized store of building materials will allow you to choose in the assortment a quality product represented by parquet, carpet, laminate and linoleum, including cork coverings, PVC tiles, ceramics, mosaics and a massive board. Materials for construction and finishing works are represented by high-quality dry building mixtures and plasterboard, as well as special adhesives and varnish-and-paint products. Primers, impregnations, enamels, stains, liquid glass and solvents, including special components, represented by the unified profile for gypsum board, as well as extensions, a perforated corner, suspensions, connectors and a beacon profile, are also suitable.

As a universal building material will be useful brick, presented in the catalog of ordinary and facial type, as well as in blocks, made on the basis of cellular concrete. This material is useful for laying various walls and partitions, as well as for the arrangement of foundations and various bases.

From sheet materials, where plywood and slate are presented, you can choose OSB and aquapanels, as well as chipboard and fiberboard. The lumber is presented by boards and a beam that will be useful for carrying out external and internal works on arrangement of habitation. On the basis of them you can send a wooden floor, as well as to arrange the arrangement of individual zones, including the roof and ceiling. To do this, you need to use fasteners, which is realized through the catalog of a universal store in the form of screws, nails, anchors and anchors.

For the construction can be useful masonry net and rabitsa. Masonry mesh can be used in the arrangement of facades, as well as horizontal and vertical surfaces inside buildings. Choosing loose building materials for mixing solutions, it is worth paying attention to sand and gravel, as well as cement and expanded clay, including building gypsum, screenings and ready-made building mixtures.

For sealing, various tapes and nets, as well as scotch tape and various kinds of films, stretch films, heaters and universal seals can be useful. Do not do when decorating walls and ceilings without wallpaper for painting and non-woven bases, and it is also recommended to pay attention to the proposed glass walls, suspended ceilings and modern lamps and accessories for them. Among the roofing material are represented - mastic and bitumen, and also it is possible to order ruberoid, technoelast and uniflex.

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