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Model and actress Kendra Wilkinson: career, family, problems in personal life

Kendra Wilkinson is a television star and a fashion model. On the screens appeared during the participation in the reality show Hugh Hefner. I was able to gain popularity due to my appearance and connection with the famous Lovelace. Having met her future husband, she duly left the project. I found a place where I could apply a combination of beauty of my body and acting skills. I managed to become the mother of two children, recovered after childbirth, and saved my family.

Kendra Wilkinson's Starry Hour

When did it come? Chance to become famous Kendra Wilkinson (photo above) received the next year after graduation. At that time, she decided to devote herself to the modeling business. One of the photographers (Kim Riley) sent the footage to the editorial department of Playboy magazine.

A party was planned for the 78th anniversary of the founder (Hugh Hefner) of this popular publication. Pictures liked and young Kendra Wilkinson was invited to participate in the event. She agreed, because such a chance, perhaps, falls once in a lifetime. It was not stopped by the condition that when servicing guests on the body only what the artist can paint (body art on the naked female body) will be "worn".

Kendra was on the anniversary of the founder of Playboy and liked the jubilee. He invited her to move to the Playboy Mansion and become one of three "beloved". Later, there was a proposal to participate in the television project The Girls Next Door (reality show).

Kendra Wilkinson: Biography

How it all began? Kendra was born in San Diego, California, USA. It happened on June 12, 1985. At birth, she was named Kendra Lee Wilkinson. Her mother, Patty, among other things, was remembered for playing in the support team (was a cheerleader) of the Philadelphia Eagles football club. With Kendra's father, Eric, she divorced in 1994, having lived in a marriage for 10 years. Then the future star of the screen was 8 years old. She has a younger brother Colin. In 2003, Kendra Wilkinson graduated from high school in Claremont. During her studies she was engaged in softball for 6 years. She did not want to continue her sports career, having decided to become a model. Some time in parallel with the shooting, she worked as an assistant in the dental clinic.


Soon after the famous party at the Playboy Mansion about the celebration of the anniversary of Hugh Hefner, Kendra Wilkinson moved to his mansion. She made up the company Holly Madisson and Brigitte Marquardt. There she had her own room, a servant. The personal secretary planned her work schedule. Stay in the mansion was not an end in itself. The life of the girlfriends of the famous playboy was fixed on the cameras. Soon spectators could see interesting moments of this stay on the screens in the format of the television show "Girls next door" (The Girls Next Door).

After the airing it became popular. Kendra's merit in this was unquestionable. Since that moment, she has often appeared in various programs, at events, filming, in the pages of popular magazines. After five years in the mansion and continuing the show for several seasons, Kendra left Hugh Hefner to start a family with Hank Baskett.

New realities prompted her to create her own television project "The Kendra Show" (2009). She has several roles in films and television series. She tried herself and as a producer. But most of her appearances on the screens are associated with performances in the role of herself. She does not hide her life, participating in various television projects, shows her positive and negative sides.

Family life

With her future husband, Hank Baskettet, Kendra met in 2008. At that time she was Hugh Hefner's "girlfriend" and lived in his mansion. Hugh took her decision and "let go" one of her beauties. Even allowed to play a wedding in his mansion. This happened in the summer of 2009.

The couple 6 months after the wedding gave birth to Henry's son (Henry Randall Baskett-IV). In May 2014, he had a sister, Alaja (Alaja Mary Wilkinson). Kendra Wilkinson with the children does not hesitate to show up in public. Her son often appeared on the pages of magazines along with the "star" mom.


Kendra Wilkinson, like many famous personalities, fell into difficult life situations, from which she had to "get out", sacrificing her ambitions and yielding to the force of circumstances. During the second pregnancy of the star, it became clear that her husband was communicating with the model-transsexual Eva Sabrina London. In addition to correspondence in social networks, Hank met with her personally, moreover, in every possible way concealed this connection.

Kendra, upon learning of this, was about to part with her husband and was ready to raise her son and only the born daughter alone. Without taking a responsible step, she went to shoot the next show, deciding to think about the situation. Fortunately for the couple, Kendra gave her husband a chance to improve and saved the family for the sake of the children. At present, they have improved relations. The family is calm, children are growing, Kendra, for the joy of fans, continues to appear in various television projects.

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