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What is imported from China: choose souvenirs

China - a mysterious eastern country, from which for a long time everyone has sought to bring something special. But, if earlier it was paper and gunpowder and they were brought, first of all, by merchants, now it is much more interesting to bring souvenirs from China. However, they too can be quite practical, for example, Chinese tea is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. So, what is imported from China?

Jewelery and clothing

Even a button from Chinese clothing can be a souvenir - you will not find such a thing in Europe. But it's better to stop your search for what is brought from China, on more traditional gifts. For example, choose a luxurious dress with classic handmade embroidery. From the finest silk are also made panels that can decorate any interior, small scarves that will remind you of a journey amidst the everyday fuss, or beautiful robes that are also often bought by choosing souvenirs from China. What to bring to those who collect jewelry? Of course, pearls. Local pearl markets impress the imagination with a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. The price is determined by the size of the pearl, so any tourist can find the option for a pocket.


One of the mandatory items among all that is brought from China is tea. Buy a good product can be anywhere, but the tea shop will have a wider range. However, the price may be higher. What kind of variety to choose, it is difficult to prompt, because each has its own unique taste and characteristics. For example, white, or "wild" tea is collected on the tops of mountains, it differs bitterness with a sweet aftertaste. Regular black tea here can be purchased in the form of balls, which can be brewed up to seven times and eat them. A variety called "yellow orchid" is distinguished by such a charming aroma that it is advised to first sniff, and then drink. Aesthetes will like tea with dried jasmine - when brewing the flowers will dissolve right in the cup. A popular souvenir is also medicinal vodka on the root of ginseng and other products of traditional medicine, unusual local beer and grape wines. Even chopsticks for Food can be completely original and also serve as a good reminder of the holiday.

Pleasant trifles

On the question of which souvenirs to bring from China, it is difficult to answer monosyllables. If you have the same difficulties with a selection of small pleasant gifts, pay attention to traditional trinkets. For example, the Chinese fan will be an excellent decoration of the interior. Fans come from wood, porcelain, ivory or jade, they are richly decorated and vividly convey the eastern spirit of this country. Another option - porcelain products. The choice is very rich: from huge jugs to tiny vases. Any knick-knacks from Chinese porcelain are made qualitatively and decorated with traditional painting from ornaments and flowers. Buying gifts on the market, you can bargain and reduce the price. Finally, among the things brought from China, it is worth mentioning jade souvenirs. These are very popular handicrafts in China, symbolizing good luck and prosperity.

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