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Fashion always comes back, in ancient times it was a great privilege to have mouth-watering and voluminous forms. The rounder were the cheeks, the woman was more beautiful and aristocratic. Then came the era of thinness, when a woman was considered beautiful without an extra gram of weight. If the body is compressed, nothing hangs anywhere, cheekbones are visible, so this is the model and its place on the podium.

Fashion has two standards

To date, everything has mixed up and people have split into several opinions. Someone for a slender and miniature body, and some, on the contrary, for mouth-watering forms. And this is absolutely everyone's business, the main thing is that everything should be in moderation. Naturally, a visible skeleton from under the skin or a girl of 200 kilograms, which has a lot of wrinkles, is not very attractive and should not go to extremes.

A little about fashion

Modern fashion, in addition to standard models with high growth and a slim body, shows the appearance of full girls. They are called Size Plus models, they have lush breasts, hips, round tummy, and it's beautiful. They demonstrate on the catwalk clothes for ordinary women who do not sail themselves with diets, or they simply physiologically can not have miniature sizes and shapes. Plus Plus models are also involved in the Curves photo project, and not only here. Many fashion photographers prefer to shoot models in a lush body and see in them more beautiful than in thin women.

How to determine the model: size plus (Size plus)

A model of large size can become a girl who has a height of 170 centimeters, a beautiful and pleasant appearance, proportional parts of the body. But in the volume it can be more than 90x60x90, within reasonable limits, its clothing size should be from 42 to 54. If there are coincidences, then you model Size plus, waist, hip, chest parameters do not have the exact meaning.

Famous large models

Models Size plus differ from each other to many, and among them the best of the best who are not afraid to show their body to the whole world are revealed. They did not go back or to the side, experiencing difficulties, stresses, experiences, a lot of looks on their own bodies.

  1. Crystal Renn, she liked the modeling agency in her teens, but the condition was to throw off the extra pounds. Unfortunately, or fortunately, she could not do it. And she decided to show everyone her beauty in a full body and she succeeded. A few years later she got on the cover of the famous publishing house Harper's Bazaar. During the time she created the book "Hungry", where she described her life, the desire for success and all the difficulties that she overcame.
  2. Robyn Lawlay conquered the Australian Vogue and flaunted on their cover. Its parameters do not differ much from the standards of 92x75x99, but it is considered a model with an increased size plus.
  3. Kate Dillon was originally slim and engaged in modeling business, but after learning about her anorexia, she decided to recover, thereby gaining excess weight. To date, it is considered the face of Vogue and Gucci, having a plus size.
  4. Katya Zharkova, a well-known Russian TV presenter, model, became the winner of the contest "Sweet Woman". Impressed in Vogue, and in the Italian magazine Marie Claire. Her weight is over 80 kilograms, but this does not bother her at all.
  5. Whitney Thompson participated in the show program "Top Model in American", where she was on an equal footing with slender models. And later went around all and went to the prize. Has a contract with Wilhelmina Models, which allows her to participate in famous shows, deal with outstanding photographers. Participates in charity events.
  6. Sophie Dahl began her career with the agency Storm Model Agency. Famous photographers shot it for Vogue, Visionaire, Marie Claire and not only. After it began to advertise many brands, among them Versace, Patrick Cox, introduced the fragrance of Opium, where she allowed her to uncover her body. I also wrote several books, became a TV presenter. All this it achieved, having a size larger than the standards of models, its weight reached 80 kilograms.

No girl should be shy about her weight and overall appearance, having a punchy character, you can achieve great success. You need to start small, love your appearance. To do this, you can begin to care for hair, skin, buy clothes by size, combining and inventing a suitable style that will beautify the appearance. To raise the spirits of women unsure of themselves, designers and photographers presented photos where Russian Plus size models showed all the beauty, femininity and excellence, without wearing clothes.

One of the successful models of size plus

Russian Plus size models are also quite popular around the world. An example for imitation may be Ekaterina Zharkova, which has success all over the world. She became famous in Russia and abroad. You can see the pictures of the Plus size model, the photos are admired and allow you to increase self-esteem.

Katya began her advancement in the modeling world, starting from the age of 14, but, unfortunately, she did not fit the standards. All advised to stop eating cakes and sweets, and at the same time it was accepted into a model school. Passing training, Catherine adhered to a diet, did not eat sweets, tried to lose weight, but the weight did not reach the standard parameters. Over time, she saw the potential of the model and closed her eyes to her extra pounds. Since 1997, it has moved the fashion world and developed internally and externally.

After advancing to television, she became the host on TNT, Muz-TV, Friday, she was a producer. And then she got to Los Angeles, she signed a contract with Wihelmina and became a well-known model plus and still remains to her. It is shot for Russian and foreign magazines, is not afraid to show their naked body to people, proving that perfection can weigh more than 60 kilograms. Helps women with magnificent shapes to understand themselves and understand that all women are beautiful in their own way.

The pursuit of excellence

Every woman and girl can become a model, not paying attention to the weight. Models Size plus are beginning to appear more often on the covers of magazines, participate in shows and represent well-known brands. The main thing is to be able to take care of yourself.

  1. It is necessary to go to the hairdresser and make a fashionable, suitable hairstyle. She will emphasize beautiful features, something will hide from prying eyes. Will refresh the image and adjust to further achievements. One trip is not enough, you need to learn how to take care of your hair yourself at home and always look great.
  2. Going to a cosmetologist will help to transform the skin and achieve the desired result, looking in the mirror. If we start from agencies and designers, they pay attention to the skin of the face and body, it should be smooth and clean.
  3. A visit to the dentist will make it possible to turn simple teeth into perfect teeth and white ones. A beautiful smile will help to turn the necessary views, get into the world of advertising.
  4. Shopping helps to get rid of depression, allows you to find clothes by size and emphasize the dignity of appearance. Thus, the mood rises and the appearance blossoms.

Now there is a little knowledge to understand how to become a Plus size model yourself, even having excess weight.

Love yourself, the world around will change

Paying more attention to her own appearance, the girl raises herself a self-esteem. It is tuned to positive emotions, strives to achieve the goal. Therefore, you do not need to get upset, seeing on the scales all the big numbers, you need to learn to love yourself in any guise. In the example of the clamped women - models Plus Size, photos of which helps to see all the beauty in a lush body.

The right approach is the key to success

You do not need to clamp and hide your body under a pile of baggy clothes, sit in a room and seize cakes and pies. It is necessary to engage in any sport, aerobics, swimming, so that the skin does not hang, was tight and elastic. Food should also be right and balanced, more vegetables, fruits, water. In the future, maybe a few kilograms will go away, the body will become slim, and, perhaps, in terms of physiology, a person can not weigh less and will simply tighten the sides and stomach.

You can try to go to the studio of photographers, where professionals will capture all the beauty in the pictures, and the woman will finally see herself on the best side. He will understand that he can stand on a level with lean girls, not inferior to beauty, and maybe vice versa. Prove to the whole world that a woman is more beautiful when she has a round and mouth-watering form. And do not be shy, you need to be able to present yourself.

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