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Vadim Kolganov: Filmography, biography and personal life (photo)

Russian actor Vadim Kolganov was born in 1971, on January 17, in the Ulyanovsk region in the small village of Baranovka. The family had two children: Vadim and Natasha - his older sister. Soon the Kolganov family moved to Orenburg, where Vadim spent his childhood. In his native village, he came only for the summer holidays.

Serious passion for theater

In the sixth grade, the boy got interested in the theater and began to play in the productions of the local Theater of the young spectator, where he was taken by his elder sister. Around this time, Vadim seriously engaged in sports: playing football, hockey, showed good results in boxing. However, the sports career had to be abandoned because of the health problems that arose.

The first performance, which was called "A Piece of Bread", Vadim Kolganov staged as a tenth-grader. At the end of the school, the young man becomes a student at the Orenburg Culture College. Having graduated from the department of "Theater Directing" with a red diploma, the future actor served two years in the ranks of the armed forces in Khabarovsk and Kamchatka.

Work on the theatrical stage

Immediately after the army, Vadim Kolganov got a job at the Orenburg Center for Children and Youth Creativity and simultaneously took lessons in a music school. True, not having finished his studies before the last course, the future actor decided to move to Moscow. In the capital, Vadim managed to enter the acting and directing faculty of VGIK on the course of Reichelgauz and Khutsiyev. Already in the first year, the talents of Kolganov were noted by the teachers. Soon he played in the "School of Modern Play" - the theater of Reichelgauz.

In 1998, the young artist successfully graduated from VGIK and was accepted into the troupe of the Stanislavsky Drama Theater, where for five years he received roles in the plays The Taming of the Shrew, The Twelfth Night, The Testament in Italian, and The Masquerade. But then Kolganov decided to return to Rayhelgauz, who still works there.

Career actor

His first small kinolol Vadim Kolganov played in the series "Truckers", released in 2001. The following year he was invited to one of the main roles of the multi-series film "Free Woman". In the next four years there were several more TV series with his participation. In 2005, the audience saw Kolganov in the film "Bastards", in 2006 - in the film "Wolfhound." But wide popularity came to Vadim after filming in the successful TV series "Tatyanin Day", in which he played the role of Rybkin Victor. The title of Honored Artist of Russia actor was awarded in 2007. On this, his creative career did not stop, but continues to gain momentum. Kolganov's participation in several television projects ("Big Race", "King of the Ring" and "Ice Age") only added fame to the actor.

Personal life

Initially, the young actor was not given any roles in the films, he often had to appear in advertising. One of the commercials with his participation was filmed in Sochi. Returning from filming, thirty-year-old Vadim Kolganov met his future wife - Ekaterina Goltyapina. There was an amazing misunderstanding - young people sold train tickets to the same place. During the conversation it turned out that they work in the same theater, but they never saw each other. Vadim considered this a "sign from heaven" and, having arrived in Moscow, the next day he telephoned the girl.

Soon Katya moved to live in the room allocated to Kolganov Theater. Young every day more and more in love with each other, until Vadim once in the morning did not occur to make a proposal to the girl. On the same day they applied to the local registry office and a month later they played a modest wedding in the bowling center, taking the necessary amount of money from a friend. Only then did they learn about their relationship at the theater.

Vadim Kolganov's wife, from the first days of her life together, insisted on changing her husband's image, because she believed that it was the excessive brutality present in his appearance that prevented him from more actively acting in films. And really, thanks to the fact that Vadim said goodbye to his long hair, leather pants and a mackintosh (an actor like that can be seen in the series "Truckers"), he was increasingly invited to filming.

The young husband quickly found a common language with Katie's parents and gladly goes to visit them in the Eagle. Both father-in-law and mother-in-law (both actors) are very close to the son-in-law, having found in him a spiritually close person. The family has a tradition - every New Year to meet in Orel, gathered together at a festive table, and enjoy the conversation in the amazing creative atmosphere that reigns in the house.

Family for the actor has always stood and is in the first place. And as Vadim Kolganov himself says, wife and children are a great happiness that must be protected from all misfortunes and adversities.


2001: the series "Truckers".
2002: the series "Free Woman".
2003: a mini-series "Free Woman-2", TV "No Matter", the series "Stiletto".
2004: films "Listener", "Personal number", the series "I planned to escape".
2005: mini-series "Golden Calf", the film "Dreaming is not harmful."
2006: paintings "Bastards", "Wolfhound", the series "Golden mother-in-law".
2007: series "Tatyanin Day", "Sea Soul", "Adult Life of the Girl by Polina Subbotina".
2008: "A fatal diagnosis".
2009: "Merry Men", "Desantura".
2010: the series "Garages."
2011: mini-series "Comrade Stalin" and the film "Back to Happiness ...".
2012: the "Effect of the Beauharnais".

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