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Popular series "Sashka": actors and roles

The series "Sashka", whose actors were successful and famous after the release, was the result of the joint work of Ukrainian and Russian film companies. Consider in this article the main roles and actors who perform them.


TV channel "Ukraine" created an amazing picture, the plot of which twirled around Sasha (Anna Koshmal). She is a girl from the orphanage. At the age of 18 she was not at home. Thanks to the ability to understand the machines, she manages to get a job at the SRT. Tie occurs when Sasha meets a young and promising Kiev politician Andrei Marchuk (Alexander Davydov). The girl will have to overcome many life difficulties, overcome the moral weakness, in order to eventually gain love and a reliable ally.

The series "Sashka" (the actors and roles of which will be described already in the next paragraph) really deserves to be watched by a multimillion audience.


Anna Koshmal starred in the title role. On the show, she is known to the audience as Alexander Kovalenko. Her fate was a terrible lot, she had to go through a lot, despite her young age. But in the end she finds her lucky ticket.

Alexander Davydov became on the 100 series by Andrey Marchuk. What can you say about this character? A mediocre politician, whose life changed dramatically after his speech at the rally. And the thing is that Sasha was outraged by his speech and threw an apple at him. For a long time he tries to understand what he feels for her. However, at this time, he is going to link his life with another woman. Sasha (the actors often talked about the development of their relationship in the interview) became his most powerful love.

The leader of the Kiev party "Progress" was played by the already famous actor Dmitry Lalenkov. In his filmography about a hundred successful roles. His family is gradually falling apart, but by the middle of the series he meets the love of his life - the mother of Alexandra Kovalenko.

Victoria Aivazova, played by Victoria Litvinenko-Yasinovskaya, was hit by a bad fate. For most of her life she was treated for memory loss and did not even know that her daughter was actually with her. When she still manages to remember everything - the family reunites.

Anna Koshmal (Sashka)

The actress was born on October 22, 1994 in Kiev. Her first role was Zhenya in the series "Matchmakers." Due to the unprecedented success of this story, the girl immediately became a famous actress. After the shooting, she was offered to star in the series "Sashka". The actors who work with Anya celebrate her talent and friendliness.

Alexander Davydov (Andrey)

The actor was born on December 2, 1983 in Moscow. His first role was not very successful, he starred in the episode "The Stormy Gates." A real success was brought to him by the game in Marusa. Filmography from Alexander is big enough, so there is no need to talk about its relevance. He immediately agreed to appear in the series "Sashka". Actors were happy to take him to his team.

Victoria Litvinenko

The actress was born on February 16, 1986 in Fastov. Despite the fact that her debut on the screens took place in 2003, popularity to it came just recently. Now she is flooded with proposals to appear in various films and serials, to which she responds positively.

Dmitry Lalenkov

The actor was born on May 4, 1966 in Stakhanov. The debut on the screens took place in the film "Wild Love". For all his life he starred in 36 films and 11 serials. Considering the proposal to play the role of Privalov, Lalenkov was carried away by reading the script. He repeatedly said in an interview that it was interesting to work with the cast of the series "Sashka". Actors, especially the young, impressed him with their talent.

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