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Anna Prokhorova - one of the most popular leading countries

For Russian television is characterized by the recognition of not only the stars of the cinema, but also TV presenters. Since there are quite a few of them, it is necessary to invent a distinctive feature for everyone, so that the audience will fall in love with a particular journalist. Usually the leaders carefully monitor their appearance, try to be sincere and understandable to the audience, and the best and most successful create their own programs, where they can easily afford to express their own opinion without blunders. One of these star TV hosts can rightly be considered Anna Prokhorov.

Anna Prokhorova: Biography

Anna was born in Moscow. From the very beginning, her life was connected with politics, because her father was an important diplomat. Moreover, linguistics played a big role in the further career for it. Knowledge of languages was compulsory in Ani's family. So, she graduated from a special French school. Entering the Moscow State University, she chose the profile of a specialist in the Romano-Germanic language family. The career of a journalist for her began with a simple correspondent in the newspaper. This activity pleased the girl, but, of course, like any ambitious person, she wanted more.

Getting started on TV

Anna Prokhorova hit the "First Channel" when she was only 20 years old. A young but persistent girl impressed the staff with her purposefulness. She took up any case that was offered to her. Already in such a young age, Anna was reporting news. When she was offered to cooperate with the "Man and the Law" program, she immediately agreed and quickly got into work. Parallel to this, he led a column in the program "Time", and also worked as a reviewer. In addition, Anna was very interested in the final programs, which needed an information review of recent events. For example, she did literate reports for "Totals", "Resurrection" and "Hour of Peak".

"Power" and Prokhorov

Anna Prokhorova, the biography is connected with television and a whole series of programs, never thought to stop there. Sign for the girl was the program "Five Minutes with Power", within which she could talk with "the powerful of this world." Heads of Parliament, governors, ambassadors, members of the Cabinet of Ministers - all these people in the future spoke of Ana as a highly educated, tactful and witty person. Her ability to ask a question in such a way that a person could not answer it by a detour, struck colleagues. However, she did not try to put opponents in an embarrassing situation, realizing that "dangerous" issues are not beneficial to either side.

Working at the TVC

Anna Prokhorova - TV presenter, who realized that you can not stand still. Her desire for excellence gave birth to many incidents, but at the same time helped her to climb higher up the career ladder. So, since 2000, she switched to the TVC channel. This was not due to a conflict with the "First" or her personal reluctance to continue to cooperate with him; Just the girl realized that she wants to try herself in the role of editor-in-chief of prime-news, having risen "behind the scenes" of television. After that, she headed the correspondent point in the UK, which she often visited, and then returned to television with Ilya Kolosov. Together they conducted the author's program called "the 25th hour". It was here that Anna Prokhorova reached the actual peak of her popularity. It was a very busy time for her, because she also had to fly to her husband Anatoly in Britain, since now he headed the corps there. Frequent flights tired the young woman, but inspired. The photos of Anna Prokhorova in England are still her favorite pictures. She sincerely fell in love with this country.

"Events" with Anna Prokhorova

An independent project is something that any journalist who has worked on many TV channels aspires to. Realizing all the specifics of the work, the reporter himself can come to the cherished goal and open his show. Given that Anna Prokhorova has been known and loved by both spectators and colleagues for many years, she managed to achieve the desired result quite quickly, namely, the opening of the program "At the Center of Events with Anna Prokhorova." Experienced and mature journalist constantly communicates the hidden meaning of political events to the audience, invites guests to the studio and talks to them on important social topics. Anna Prokhorova was able to combine in her program on TVC the practice of author's expression of opinion in the person of the presenter, that is, herself, with comments of invited guests and experts. With their help, she tries to find an objective sense of what is happening in the country and abroad within a week.

Personal life

Anna Prokhorova is not only a successful leading, but also a happy wife. Her husband also holds a considerable position in society. It was thanks to him that Anna was able to often visit the UK and practice language proficiency. She never considered England a vague country. In it, she sees only the best, for example, beautiful sea air, smiling and educated residents who have long ceased to be the classic prudish Londoners.

Anna is very fond of active recreation. Therefore, while on vacation with her husband who prefers a relaxing holiday on the beach, they alternate trips and excursions with sunburn sessions.

If Anna asked what she could do, except for her favorite reporter's case, she would answer that she would write guidebooks. The love of travel has long been her second honor after journalism. But she could not stop engaging in news and analysis, sincerely believing that she could not do anything more. After all, Prokhorov from the very youth is engaged in this, and to this day delighting the viewers with their programs.

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