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"Marvel," the Purple Man. Character of the character

The antagonists of comic superheroes are often much more colorful than their law-abiding opponents. The universe of Marvel is full of interesting characters. About one of them, the Purple man, we'll tell the readers today.

History of the appearance of the character

He first appeared in 1964 in the comics of the publishing house "Marvel". The purple man was then the antagonist of the Daredevil. It was coined by Stan Lee and painted by Joe Orlando. In 2000, the villain had new enemies, but we'll talk about this a little later.

Character comics "Marvel" Purple people - biography

The birthplace of the future supervillain was Rijeka's third largest city in Croatia. The real name of the Purple man is Zebedaya Killgrave. He worked as a doctor and was soon recruited by the Communist Party. Becoming an international spy, Killgrave was tasked with obtaining a sample of a new nerve gas. To do this, he needed to infiltrate the US military base. The spy did not manage to get away unnoticed. Seen by the guards, Killgrave tried to escape, but the enemy opened fire. One of the bullets broke through the tank with gas, and he wrapped Sebedayu, giving the doctor's skin a purple hue, but without causing harm. Killgrave began to justify himself before the soldiers, and those, to his amazement, calmly released the spy. Realizing that as a result of the impact on his body of gas, he had the opportunity to influence people, Zebedaya began a criminal career and became known as a comic book character "Marvel" Purple man.

Appearance and character

Looks like a super villain as an ordinary person, but with a purple skin . Apparently, does not hide his unusual appearance with a special suit, and disguises himself, resorting to suggestion. He has an unbalanced psyche and a pronounced tendency to violence, up to and including murder. Deprived of compassion and any moral principles.

Abilities and abilities

As a result of the impact on the Purple man (the character Marvel comics) of the nerve gas, the structure of his DNA was changed. He was given the opportunity to develop special pheromones, allowing to control other people. But for this, Killgrave must be near the victim. The further it is from it, the less impact pheromones have. He can control the consciousness of hundreds of people at once. Only a person who has exceptional willpower or immunity against his pheromones can resist the Purple person. Apparently, he can throw them into the atmosphere and be in a crowd without masking.

Another ability of Killgrave is rapid regeneration. Several times it was destroyed, and it was completely restored.

Character comics "Marvel" Purple man has a bright charisma. This enhances his ability to influence others and helps convince him to act in his interests.

It should be noted that unlike most other heroes and villains of Marvel comics, the Purple man is practically devoid of combat skills and easily defeated when meeting opponents hand-to-hand. Therefore, he prefers to act by someone else's hands, as in the case of Jessica Jones and Daredevil.

He uses his super-villain's abilities to achieve different goals: creating his financial empire, for the sake of pleasure and gaining world domination. None of his plans, however, was not implemented.

Enemies of the Purple Man

The first enemy of Killgrave was Daredevil. Having acquired the ability to control people, the Purple man comes to New York and begins to engage in criminal activities. He catches the eye of Daredevil and he, acting faster than Killgrave, defeats the villain. After escaping from prison, he goes to San Francisco, where again Daredevil. Their third meeting ended with the battle and the fall of Killgrave in the sea.

Among the sworn enemies of the Purple Man were Iron Fist, Namor, Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Kingpin and Treasure. He tried to create a team of his children, who also possessed some of his abilities, but was destroyed by them.

Jessica Jones and the Purple Man - a history of confrontation

The worst enemy of the villain was Daredevil, but he could resist the action of pheromones. But there were among the superheroes and those who seriously suffered from the manipulations of the Purple man.

Characters of the comic books "Marvel" appeared at different times. If Zebediah Killgrave became known to readers in 1964, then one of his main opponents, Treasure, appeared relatively recently - in 2001. This name was worn by one of the superheroes Jessica Jones. She was a classmate of Spider-Man. Having got in a car accident with a truck carrying radioactive waste, she survived, but fell into a coma. When she came to, she discovered such abilities as huge strength, partial invulnerability and the ability to fly. It is not known how her career would have developed as a superhero, do not face the Treasure with Killgrave. Jessica Jones and the Purple man met in a restaurant where she tried to stop the villain (he started a fight between visitors using his abilities). As a result, the girl herself was influenced by Killgrave.

Subordinating her mind, he used Jessica in his criminal plans. She spent eight months under the control of the Purple Man, until he decided to use the Treasure to destroy the Daredevil. During the execution of his order, Jones was spotted by the Avengers and captured. The team of heroes, with the help of Gina Gray, freed Jessica from the influence of the Purple man. She received a mental defense against his further attacks. During the next meeting the girl brutally beat the villain, but left him life.

Purple man in the cinema

In November 2015, the screens went to the series "Jessica Jones". He talks about a superhero who, after the psychological trauma inflicted on her by Killgrave, decides to start a new life. She abandons the career of a superhero and opens a detective agency. But then her evil enemy again appears, not wanting to leave Jessica alone.

The role of the Purple man in the series was brilliantly performed by British actor David Tennant. The creators of the picture did not literally follow the comic books and saved him from having to put on his face and body makeup, which would give his skin a shade of purple. Instead, they put on Tennant's suit of the same color.

The series received good ratings of the audience and was extended for the second season with the same actors in the lead roles.

"Jessica Jones" is the first appearance of the Purple man on the big screen. Before that, he appeared in two animated films about the X-Men and Avengers.


The universe of Marvel is full of unusual characters, many of which are of great interest with their amazing abilities and abilities. Some of them, like the Purple man, come out of the shadows and get a second birth thanks to the screen versions of comic books.

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