How much are the "Cartier" engagement rings?

The name of Louis-Francois Cartier in many causes an association with exquisite, stylish ornaments of precious metals with a unique design. This famous Frenchman became the founder of the jewelry company "Cartier", which made decorations even for royal families. Later, the grandsons of the famous jeweler opened brand shops in many European cities, which are considered to be the capitals of the world fashion. Today the Cartier house is the standard of fashion, sophistication and exclusivity in the world of jewelry. Wedding rings "Cartier" dream to buy all the representatives of the weaker sex.

What does the "Cartier" brand mean today?

In our days, jewelry, including rings, such an eminent brand, as "Cartier", can not afford to every person. Today jewelry from "Cartier":

  • Talk about the good material wealth of the owner of the decoration;
  • Testify to the subtle taste and style of a person wearing an accessory;
  • This is a guarantee of excellent quality and exclusivity.

In the production of jewelry, the company uses precious stones and precious metals. This combination of materials makes the products not only expensive, but also unique. Wedding rings with diamonds "Cartier" are worth a fortune.

Since the middle of the 19th century, the company has launched a line for the production of exclusive watches, which also used expensive materials. Today, a large number of famous actors and politicians appear in public in hours from "Cartier".

Wedding rings "Trinity", or "Trinity"

The most popular decoration can be called wedding rings "Cartier". The rich and famous are pleased to give preference to this brand, choosing rings for such an important celebration. Such an exclusive accessory, in addition to high cost and refinement, will be a reminder of this most important day throughout life.

One of the most interesting models can be called the "Trinity" ring, or "Trinity" - the most famous and recognizable creation belonging to the hand of the master. It combines 3 rings, which are intertwined in an absolutely incredible way. Each of them is made of three kinds of gold - yellow, pink and white. But over time, there were models decorated with ornaments and precious stones. Such an engagement accessory symbolizes love, friendship and faithfulness of the couple marrying. Very original and elegant look all the wedding rings "Cartier". The price of this model is from 500 000 rubles.

In addition to the rings, the collection "Trinity" amazes the imagination with bracelets, earrings and necklaces made in a similar style.

Platinum and originality

Wedding rings "Cartier" from the collection "Love" are unusual in that all the elements of fastenings are executed in the likeness of fastenings in the belt of fidelity. Such belts were worn by husbands who went on long military campaigns, and took the key with them. Thus jealous husbands received a guarantee of the faithfulness of the wife. Rings "Love" are usually made of white gold and decorated with diamonds. They cost from 800 000 rubles.

In the collection of Ballerine you can see special rings of platinum. They are light, elegant, but at the same time amaze with the simplicity of design. The price of these accessories depends on the number of carats in diamonds adorning them. All the celebrities are trying to acquire the engagement rings "Cartier". Feedback to the manufacturer - only positive. Many are delighted with the design, and some just write thank-you letters to the talented creator.

Exquisite classics

Rings, which have a classic appearance, are presented in the collection Cartier d'Amour. They have a smooth surface and are not overloaded with ornaments. They are made of white gold with inlaid diamonds. Such decorations are simple in appearance, but at the same time refined and elegant. Their cost reaches 1 500 000 rubles.

To make the rings even more exclusive, you can make an inscription on the inner surface, which will be short and at the same time very important for the spouses.

The jewelry house Cartier has long been known for the quality and exclusivity of its products. Today, the jewelry of this brand confirms the status of a person and his refined taste. Wedding rings "Cartier" will be an exclusive accessory that you will not want to shoot even after 50 years spent in marriage.

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