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The actors of "Lonely Hearts": love on the screen and in life

For ten years, the attention of the youth audience was fully owned by the series "Beverly Hills 90210", but in 2000 the audience saw the long-awaited finale. For the producers of Fox, it was obvious that the teen drama provides high ratings. However, a worthy replacement appeared in three years - the actors of "Lonely Hearts" again transferred us to a world of spoiled adolescents.

The premiere episode gathered more than seven million spectators from the screens. In the center of the story is the supreme society of the resort town of Newport Beach, where a young man with a criminal past is accidentally struck. At first glance, this is a heavenly place where wealthy and happy people live. The reverse side of external prosperity is treachery and lies.

Benjamin Mackenzie

The audience has already seen the story of spoiled adolescents more than once, but we advise you to watch "Lonely Hearts" (television series). Actors Adam Brodie, Mischa Barton, Benjamin Mackenzie and Rachel Bilson performed the main roles.

For Mackenzie, the difficult teenager Ryan Atwood was the first step in the career ladder. On the popularity of the actor during the filming can be judged on two nominations Teen Choice Awards.

Two years after the closure of the series Benjamin Mackenzie was waiting for another big project, Southland, and from 2014, the actor is in the main part of the multi-series film "Gotham."

Misha Barton

Young actors "Lonely Hearts" could not draw a clear line between feelings on the screen and in life. For a while Ben McKenzie met with his partner Misha Barton (Marissa Cooper).

Initially, Misha did not give preference to one type of activity. Since 1995, she has successfully participated in theatrical productions, starred in TV series and even walked on the podium. Then there were small roles in the projects "Notting Hill", "Puppies", "Sixth Sense", "Children under sixteen" and "Paranoia". Working with famous colleagues undoubtedly influenced the development of Barton's talent, and real success was not long in coming.

Like other actors of "Lonely Hearts", Misha Barton has not lacked interesting projects since the last episode of the series.

Adam Brodie

Many fans of the series at first sight fell in love with the witty Seta Cohen, whose role was brilliantly performed by Adam Brodie. One of the main places in his list of works is the series "Lonely Hearts".

Actors and roles were chosen perfectly, and this is the great merit of Doug Lyman. The joint work of the talented director and Adam Brodie was not limited to the youth series. Lyman also invited the young actor to other projects: "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" and Swingers.

Rachel Bilson

On the screen, Seth Cohen is hopelessly in love with the beautiful Summer, who every day conquers men's hearts. Outside the set, the actors of "Lonely Hearts" could not resist each other - the novel by Adam Brodie and the charming Rachel Bilson lasted three years.

Career Bilson began with commercials and small episodes in television series. After the successful casting in "Lonely Hearts" the life of the actress changed. Thanks to the popularity of the audience, her heroine Summer Roberts was included in the main line-up, and the writers decided to actively develop the line of relations with Set Cohen.

Despite the love of the television audience, Rachel Bilson admitted that she prefers to act in films. After the series, the actress played a big role in the films "Teleport" and "New York, I love you", and also took part in several independent projects.

In 2011, the creator of "O.S." Josh Schwartz invited Bilson to the main role in the multi-part film Hart of Dixie. The last episode was released four years later, the actress took a short break and devoted herself to the little daughter of Bryar Rose.

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