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"Waiting for the sun": actors, plot, interesting facts

Turkey shoots a lot of serials that are translated and broadcast on Russian channels. Many women in our country are fans of Turkish cinema, and especially they like the actors of the series "Waiting for the sun." It's worth seeing not only because of the presence of charming characters, but also to get acquainted with everyday Turkish life and entertain yourself by viewing an interesting story.

In this article - all about the TV series "Waiting for the Sun": actors, photos, interesting events.

What is the series about?

The first frames of the series greet the audience with magnificent landscapes of the Turkish provinces, against which the action will unfold.

Once the family - daughter and mother - decide to move from their provincial city of Gelhazy to Istanbul. This decision is unexpectedly taken by the mother. As a result, they settle with her friend, who lives in this city and teaches at a prestigious college. This unexpected decision will greatly change the fate of the two women who are used to a calm and measured life. What happens to them further, you will learn by looking at all the series.

In the series "Waiting for the Sun" actors and roles are chosen quite successfully. So the characters turned out bright and interesting.

Who plays Jihana

Jihan is a mature man. As the narrative unfolds, unexpected secrets associated with his past will be revealed. And what will be discussed, you will find out for yourself. We can only tell you a little about the actor who plays this character.

In the role of Jihan stands Emre Kinai. His homeland is Istanbul. The career of the actor began in the series "Snake History" in 1999. He is known to Russians for his role in the film "Daughters of Gunesh". Now it is quite a demanded actor. At the moment he is divorced, he has a daughter.

Starring actors: Kerem Bursin

The series is dominated by a character named Kerem Sayer, played by Kerem Buursin. Let's talk about this actor.

Since the age of 10 months, Buursin traveled to many countries, as his parents were entrepreneurs and went there on business. The family, finally deciding to stay in Texas, sends the young Kerem to a local college, and then to the university in which he is educated. The boy began to show tendencies in the theatrical art and decides to take acting lessons. In the series "Waiting for the Sun" actors and the whole crew are happy to cooperate with him.

At the moment, the young man took part in the filming of several films and TV shows. He dreams of starring in a Hollywood film in which he would be the only Turk. The 29-year-old Kerem has not yet been tied up, but he wants to find his love exactly in Istanbul, in his hometown.

Actress Khande Dogandemir

In the series "Waiting for the Sun," the actors are filming along with a charming girl named Hande. Brown-eyed beauty was born in Ankara. At first, she did not plan to go to the actresses. The girl graduated from the University of Sociology. Only after that she decided to take acting lessons and then practiced on the set, dealing with the camera, but not playing any role.

Career Care began with the program "Do You Remember?" in 2011. Then she took part in the shooting of the TV series "Leila and Majnun." At the moment she is one of the most sought-after actresses in Turkey. In the series "Waiting for the Sun" she plays the role of Zeynep.

Actress Yagmur Tanrisevsin

While this actress is happy young, she does not have many roles on her account, and she does not talk about herself about details. It is known only that at the moment the girl has not yet completed her studies at the University of Marmara at the department of ceramics. He studies crafts. Also combines study with studies in the Acting studio "Kraft". Later we find out which path the girl will choose: cinema or art of ceramics?

Incidents during filming

In the series "Waiting for the Sun" the actors part with their colleague in the shop. In the first season of the series there is a character named Barysh. His role is played by Ismail Ege Shamzan. They were already going to shoot the second season, but Ismail refused to act in it, since he planned to go to Los Angeles for courses in acting.

In one day on the channel TurkWeb canceled the show because of the broadcast ceremony, which awarded the "Golden Butterfly".

Thanks to the TV series "Waiting for the Sun" actors Kerem Bursin and Yagmur Tanrisevsin met each other and decided to turn the novel. This couple was vigorously discussed even outside of Turkey. However, after a while, unfortunately for all the fans, the lovers decided to part. However, at the very beginning of the filming they did not dare to open their relations for everyone. And actor Kerem to questions about whether he has a lover, answered that she was not.

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