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Evgeny Levchenko: biography and life after the project (photo)

The native country of Evgeny Levchenko is Ukraine, where he was born on January 2, 1978 in the city of Konstantinovka. He grew up in a simple family surrounded by parental love and attention. From childhood he was an active boy, visited various sports sections. At school was a real fidget. In his diary there were constant comments from the class teacher. The predilection for football began to wake up in junior classes. His father really wanted his son to practice this sport, so he took him to the first training.

Football biography

Evgeny Levchenko - a pupil of Donetsk football, who moved from an early age to play in CSKA Moscow. When the boy turned 17 years old, he started
To play for the famous Dutch team "Vitesse". At that time this club was the leader of football in his country and constantly fought for the championship in European competition. Certainly, before such grandees as "Ajax", "PSV" or "Feyenoord" he was far away, but, nevertheless, the level was clearly above average.

Immediately in the main part of the "Vitesse" young athlete could not get, so he was leased to Helmond, where Evgeny Levchenko and passed his first soccer round. There he did not lose his head, and already during the second round Levchenko was returned to the team.

A year later, the guy again started the fight for the position in the first team, but the club won 3rd place made its own adjustments. In other words, it was not easy for Eugene. It used to happen that coaches did not greet him. Therefore, the subsequent rent in "Cambur" was perceived as a relief. Yes, it's a team with less ambitions, but the constant practice of the game helped to earn a footballer a star name.

Unsuccessful game in the "Vitesse"

His brilliant game was not ignored by the leadership of "Vitesse", he was again returned to the team. But again everything went wrong. A certain role was played by the injuries received, as well as the not very successful game of the team in European competition. He was still little known about his native land, but sometimes he was involved in the game for the national team of Ukraine.

Promotion on the football ladder

But no matter how the football career evolved, Yevgeny Levchenko never gave up and always tried to go up. After some time, the young footballer began to be interested in "Utrecht" and "Herakles", but his choice was given to the team of "Sparta". Despite the fact that the club played in the second division line, the team always aspired to the maximum results and took off at friendly matches. Evgeni liked the confident game in the leadership of "Groningen", and already in the summer of 2005 he was included in the composition of this collective.

Personal life Evgenia Levchenko

The life of a famous football player has never been widely covered in the media. It was known only that Yevgeny Levchenko before the participation in the grandiose television project "Bach" for five years met with Victoria Koblenko - a popular actress of Dutch television. At that time, Zhenya played for the Dutch team. The relationship was good, but they still lacked something. Passion, which was from the very beginning, began to subside, and the interest in a long life together - to disappear.

In addition to football, he was still seriously fond of fashion trends, took an active part in various photo sessions for glossy covers. In 2009, he was named the most stylish sportsman in the field of football. In fact, it's not at all surprising, just look at it. His style and clothes are always original. Still, Levchenko loves interesting trips. During his life he managed to visit more than 60 countries. And on this he is not going to stop.

Participation in the project "Bach"

Bachelor Eugene Levchenko did not hesitate about his participation in the project. He really wanted to meet the one he would live with all his life. It is worth noting that he is rather unordinary: charming, smart, rich, and even writes poetry. He dreams of a strong family and children. He is one of the strongest football players in the world. In his beloved, he appreciates not only external data, but also the inner world.

It's a perfect option, is not it? But, despite this, the girls are not so easy with him. In addition to all of the above, the footballer appreciates in the second half of this sincerity, and this he stressed repeatedly. That's just the contestants how played up, that his words were passed by. Probably the biggest mistake was that the participants tried to imagine more on the camera, rather than open up to Zhenya.

And yet one of the participants managed to win the heart of a bachelor. There were even rumors that Yevgeny Levchenko married right after the project.

The first season of a large-scale television project ended in the victory of Olesya Ermakova - beauties from Moscow, which in the final was given preference by Zhenya. Irina Volodchenko - the second finalist - did not become the owner of the treasured ring from the athlete.

Did the relationship continue after the project?

As it became known, Evgeni Levchenko after the project "Bachelor" never married. The constantly emerging information that the couple has officially legitimized their relationship or is going to do it, still remains only rumors.

Zhenya is still doing business abroad, where he has lived for the past 15 years. Ermakova is still in Russia, and it is still unclear whether she will move to the football player, or maybe he will settle in Moscow, which is unlikely. Starry couple meets on weekends, they consider such relations harmonious, their development occurs smoothly.

Work - a hindrance for living together

Despite the busy schedule, Evgeny Levchenko and Olesya Ermakova find time for constant communication by phone or via the Internet. During the last interview, the handsome man talked about how life develops with the winner of the "Bach" project.

He said that at present the relationship is quite serious, the couple really thinks about the wedding, just does not want to advertise it yet. The distance for them is not a hindrance, the main thing is that the feelings were real. Evgeny Levchenko, whose photo can be seen in many magazines, was pleased with his choice. "I really wanted this companion of life," says Zhenya. Parents also liked Lesya, they liked it at first sight.

After the project, the star couple had a huge number of fans who are interested in their personal lives. Therefore, in social networks, a group was created dedicated to lovers. The information about Eugene and Oles is regularly updated there.

Unfortunate final

Romantic relations Ermakova and Levchenko were developing perfectly to a certain point. When it was time for a cohabitation, everything slowed down a bit. In such events, the famous football player admitted in an interview with Katya Osadchy. "We tried to build a relationship, and at first everything was wonderful. But there comes a time when it comes to the realization that the distance still makes itself felt, "- said Evgeny Levchenko.

As it turned out, Olesya was comfortable living in Moscow, she had her own business there and did not want to leave it. Zhenya was used to living abroad and did not intend to move to the territory of the Russian Federation. Talk about cohabitation began almost immediately after the project, but everything was somehow postponed. And when the question became an edge, the pair decided that they should divorce. Information about the completion of relations with a star couple appeared recently.

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