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Samoylova Oksana before the plastics and after. Biography, personal life

Looking at photos of the impeccable Oksana Samoilova, you can only be surprised and even envy. How does one of the most popular Russian celebrities manage to maintain themselves in such an ideal form? After all, more recently the model became the second time mom! But first things first.

Facts from biography

The future model was born in the small town of Ukhta, in the Komi Republic, on April 27, 1988. After studying at the secondary school, Oksana entered the university for a humanitarian specialty, but did not finish her studies until the third year.

Beautiful girls with perfect shapes always attracted the attention of others. With the development of social networks, everything has become even easier - millions of likes, fees with a large number of zeros for advertising, respectable and secured fans, expensive things and recreation at elite resorts - this is not the whole list of what the network's stars get for appearance without the slightest flaw .

Oksana Samoilova decided to conquer the capital. The girl was always beautiful, but apart from that she possessed perseverance, healthy ambition and purposefulness. Oksana made a bet on Moscow - and did not lose!

Career Model

Outstanding appearance, which nature generously endowed Oksana Samoilov, was very useful in the capital. The girl began to build a career model, and very successfully. Glamor, beauty and fashion - these are the genres in which Oksana works. She is a frequent guest of the first pages of glossy publications and is in demand in shows of top fashion designers. Today, already having two children, Samoilova - one of the most popular models in Russia, in addition, she is often invited to the shows in Europe and the United States.

Djigan and Oksana Samoilova

Oksana Samoylova not to be popular, but we can not fail to note that it is also determined by the fact that she became a companion of Djigan. His work invariably gathers more and more admirers in Russia and Ukraine.

Denis Ustimenko (and this is how the real name of the rapper sounds) and Oksana met, like most couples of our time, in a nightclub. Banal acquaintance could become one of many, but the musician forced events - soon Djigan and Oksana Samoilova together flew to rest to the ocean. Later in an interview, he said that he decided not to lose time. Two weeks spent on the shore of the ocean proved to him that Oksana is the girl from whom he needs children.

The novel developed rapidly and beautifully. Night romantic rendezvous, bouquets and gifts ... 2011 was marked for the pair by the birth of the charming little daughter Ariela. A year after the appearance of the baby, Jigan and Oksana decided to legalize their love relations. 12.12.2012 they registered a marriage union. And there were social networks. Gigan announced the upcoming wedding in "Twitter." A significant event was celebrated with a small cocktail party in a close circle of the closest friends and relatives. In September 2014, Gigan and Oksana Samoilova became parents for the second time. My daughter was named Leia.

Today Oksana and Djigan make up not only a wonderful love union, but they realize themselves as a creative tandem. The model, now Jigan's wife, appeared in his video "Hold my hand". Reper admits that for his daughters and his wife he is ready for anything, and he will not exchange Oksana for any girl in the world.

Beauty as a lifestyle

Samoylova Oksana before the plastic and after looks perfect. Her makeup and hairstyle are always perfect, the clothes are stylish and appropriate to the occasion. The model gives preference to trendy and sexy dresses, emphasizing the décolletage and texture of the fabric.

And the model tries to teach the style of its growing daughter. Ariela is always dressed in stylish and bright outfits, which are in harmony with the onions of mom. And for all important in the life of the daughter of the event, Oksana personally sews festive clothes.

Own business

Oksana Samoilova today is the main person of the company for the production of women's clothing MiraSezar. The model and her friend M. Shvedova founded this domestic brand. Specialization MiraSezar - cocktail and evening dresses for confident women who prefer to emphasize the strengths of their appearance and want to look stylish, sexy and exquisite.

Business has become quite successful, and MiraSezar products are in demand. Today these dresses are a worthy alternative to the products of the most famous foreign companies and brands.

Samoylova Oksana before and after plastic surgery

Nobody will deny the fact that parents and nature awarded the model an ideal appearance. And persistence and the ability to limit oneself in many everyday joys brought it to perfection. Therefore, fans were perplexed when Oksana resorted to surgical methods of correction of appearance.

The debate about when the model looked better did not subside until now. Looking at the photo, where Samoylova Oksana before the plastic, and after, you can notice the changes that have occurred with her breasts, cheekbones and lips. Of course, all this is a matter of taste, but the model still has a sporty, but very feminine figure, long silky hair, velvet skin and a beautiful face. With or without plastic, in any case, it looks simply amazing.

Model parameters

The height and weight of the girl invariably interest her fans. Samoylova Oksana before the plastics and after looked and looks perfect, she is slender and smart even after the birth of two charming children. The girl has almost ideal model parameters - 98-60-90 cm. At the same time, Oksana Samoylova's height is 177 cm. The weight of the model does not exceed 53 kg.

Spicy details

Jigan's wife decorated her body with three tattoos. The first of them, made on a youth, does not carry in itself any semantic load. And the last two, in the area of the scapula and on the side, are not only elegant and sexy, but also speak of her life beliefs. Translation from Latin opens for us the girl's life position. Tatyana Oksana Samoilova skillfully emphasizes her stylish and well-groomed body. The model is convinced that it is necessary to put only that inscription, which will become your talisman and motto for life.

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