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Actors of the film "Chimera": Adrian Brody and Sarah Polley

The creative tandem of Vincenzo Natali, who directed the "Cube", and the great Guillermo Del Toro, who acted as the co-producer, could not present a mediocre horror film to the audience. Their joint film project of 2009 is a provocative, gloomy, compelling horror to philosophical reflections. Adrian Brody and Sarah Polly - the actors of the movie "Chimera" (IMDb: 5.80), who performed the role of central characters - with pleasure are removed in the paintings of this genre theme.

The scientific cynicism of creators

The Canadian director Vincenzo Natali, who loudly announced himself in 1997 as the debut sci-fi thriller "Cube" (IMDb: 7.30), always treated the group of filmmakers who claim to innovate in the plot. Therefore, the actors of the film "Chimera", having learned who will take the director's chair of the project, were pleased to accept the invitation to participate in casting and filming. The script for the painting was written by debutante-screenwriter Antoinette Terry Bryant in conjunction with the more experienced Doug Taylor. The plot story as a whole is not new, not revolutionary, there is nothing fundamentally innovative in the "Chimera", the idea is known and used in hundreds of similar horror films of our time.


"Chimera" is a film whose actors told the viewer an intriguing story about the appearance of the mysterious creature Dren.

The main characters - bioengineers, Elsa and Clive's spouses - bypassing the orders of their superiors begin an experiment on the connection of human DNA and a modified animal. Elsa uses her own DNA. A mutant with anthropomorphic features appears in the light. Scientists decide to educate the creature, which they named Dren, as their child. The Chimera grows by leaps and bounds, and human consciousness becomes more and more clear in it. Elsa, inheriting the deplorable experience of her half-witted mother, behaves with a mutant tough, demonstrates her advantage, tyrannizes the baby. And then Dren grows into a young animal, not without charm. Further, as the actors of the movie "Chimera" noted, the most interesting begins.

The main actors

"Chimera" - a film, the actors and roles of which were selected personally by the co-producer Guillermo Del Toro, has three main characters. Acting casting of the picture, like that of "Cuba", is minimal. In addition to the three central characters, there are a couple of secondary and rare extras.

The role of Clive is great for Adrian Brody, who perfectly succeeds the roles of those who are used to go with the flow of men. Actor recently just pulled on the horror: "Predators", "Jacket", "Mysterious Forest", etc. Although the world-wide popularity actor acquired after the film "Pianist" played the role of Polish-Jewish musician. His character in "Chimera" is inferior in terms of brightness and complexity to the screen partner Elze, but still looks much more interesting than the standard heroes-stamps made in Hollywood.

The image of Elsa was embodied by the aggressive Sarah Polly, who from early adulthood was known as an uncompromising socialist. Audience audience remembers the performer on the tape "Dawn of the Dead" Zack Snyder and the paintings "Mr. Nobody", "Glorious Future", "Exotica", "The Secret Life of Words". In the "Chimera" her heroine causes conflicting feelings, the viewer then sympathizes with her, then balances on the brink of hatred and outright pity.

The actors of the movie "The Chimera" gave their best, despite the fact that it is extremely difficult to depict a decent number of human phobias and emotions in various situations during the narration, especially when you are in the frame almost all screen time (tape time - 104 minutes).

"The daughter" of Elsa and Clive & others

The image of an artificially grown hybrid of many animals and humans - Dren - was embodied on the screen by a French actress, DJ and model Dolphin Shaneak. The performer began her creative career on television in France in the mid-1990s. World popularity Shaneak received after the premiere of the "Chimera". In addition, she played an episodic role in the movie "The Pink Panther" and "The Carrier".

The role of Barlow went to David Hewlett - a Canadian actor, known for the science fiction television series "Stargate" and his sequels. In addition, the performer is known as an actor of voice acting, in 2016, his voice was spoken by a demon in the horror "The Exorcist."

In an episodic role, Brandon McGibon, a serial actor who took part in the television projects Murdoch's Investigations, Recruit Cops, and The Kingdom, was spotted.


In general, "Chimera" (the film, the actors and the photo of the episodes of which are presented in this publication) is a beautifully shot high-quality science fiction. The main characters of the painting were even named by the creators in honor of the "stars" of the canonical "The Bride of Frankenstein" (1935) - Elsa Lanchester and Colin Clive. Thus, the authors of the project show respect for the subjects in which they work.

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