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Alsu - the meaning of the name: character and destiny

Alsu - the translation of the name means "pink color", "rose water" or "pink-cheeked". It has a Tatar origin.

Alsou. Meaning of Name: Childhood

She grows attentive, obedient and punctual girl. In school years often becomes an excellent pupil. Alsu is a creative person, very fond of music and singing.

Sometimes she wakes up the second I, why she turns into a power-hungry, mobile and capable of any tricks bugger. Having an attractive appearance and leadership habits, Alsou often becomes one of the most popular girls in the entire educational institution.

Alsou. Meaning of the name: character

This is a very fickle, erratic and curious person. There is no sphere where she would not try herself. The greatest interest in Alsu manifests itself to specific people, their lives. She just loves to give advice, often wrong and rash.

A woman who bears the name Alsu, can be called a bright leader, seeking to seize the dominant role in society. She blindly trusts herself and her statements. Sometimes such confidence is capable of reaching absurdity, but it will be hoarse to prove its point of view.

"Winter" Alsou prefers the role of the gray cardinal. Since childhood, she adores singing peers among themselves, and then watching the conflicts from the side. These girls grow up and become strong and powerful women, carefully controlling any situation.

Alsu clearly knows what he wants, and already at the very beginning sees the whole path to the goal. In the dispute, its arguments are carefully weighed and confirmed by facts. She is not particularly touchy and quickly departs, the only thing that Alsou does not accept in conversation is a heightened tone that can just make her angry.

"Autumn" Alsou collected, punctual and mandatory, the same it requires from others. Despite some shyness, she always has many friends and girlfriends. Has increased emotionality and an innate sense of justice. Always will protect the weak, fight for the truth.

Alsou. Meaning of the name: family

Life and relationships never stand in the first place. Therefore, Alsou often remains without the second half, but this state of affairs is completely satisfactory to her, since her family can be replaced by friends and work.

In everyday life, her character is characterized by impermanence, her desires can change with every minute. She is capable of impulsive, rash acts. Alsou can suddenly get together and leave somewhere, having left all affairs. Her character is similar to the whims of a spoiled princess. The basic life principle of the girl is "Do not deny yourself anything."

Alsou. Meaning of the name: study and work

This is a very smart girl with good abilities, however, constant inattention and wobble in the clouds can worsen the overall picture of her progress. Alsu - a mobile and athletic girl who does not like to sit in one place and do the same thing.

Already from school she learns to manage people. Alsu can become a good teacher, administrator or politician. Even without a deep knowledge of the specifics of their work, Alsou is able to gather around him a team that can make it the best in their business.

Usually it has good memory and has a tendency to learn several languages. Alsu can do her job well, until she gets bored. Gray everyday life is killing such a vivid and lively character. Therefore, it is worthwhile to carefully monitor the fact that the work has always been of special interest to it.

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