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Sergey Babayev - TV presenter of the program "Good Morning"

It is his audience who sees, waking up and going to work, in the mornings in the program on the First Channel "Good Morning". He is sure that today's television is much better than what was a third of a century ago. It is he who believes that it is not bad if sometimes there are verbal blunders of TV presenters, because then the viewer knows for sure: in front of him there is a living person on the screen speaking with him, and not in the record. He is convinced that he must do everything better than anyone else, regardless of what is being said: whether about his morning program, or about the soup he cooks to his eldest son. Meet Sergey Babayev, who became popular overnight, starting to conduct a non-political program "Other news".

Childhood and youth

The future star of Russian television was released on October 16, 1976 in Moscow in the family of ordinary Soviet engineers. He studied at school well, was a diligent and hardworking boy. As a teenager, he somehow very quickly decided on his profession in adulthood. In the last classes of the school Sergei Babayev podnaleg to study biology, because it was with her that he linked his future destiny. After graduating from high school, a young man enters a biophak in Moscow State University.

A sharp turn in life

It seemed that when he became a university student, at that time he achieved everything he wanted. Indeed, the dream seemed to begin to be carried out steadily. But he could not devote his whole life to science. It was in that year that the formation of NTV took place. Sergei Babaev immediately makes an important decision that radically changed his existence once and for all. He goes there to work as an administrator.

This sharp turn was unexpected for Sergei, because he was used to all serious steps to take only after careful consideration of the situation. But at that time everything turned out differently. The magical and fascinating world of television suddenly seemed Babaev much more interesting and attractive than his long-cherished biology.

It is not surprising that Sergey Babayev was transferred to the journalism faculty very soon, because now he was sure that he really wanted his life to flow in close proximity to the blue screen, from his unusual world. A new interesting but difficult work took a lot of time and effort. For study there was practically nothing left. The result was that instead of the standard five years, the young student devoted ten to studying.

Love affair at work

He had worked for some time on NTV as an assistant director. No, no, and his eyes stopped on a pretty girl who worked there as a secretary. And it seemed that the heart began to pound a little faster, when Sergei was not far from her. He then turned nineteen years old, but he immediately realized that this girl named Irina was his destiny. He sought her for two years, until she finally gave up. They have been married for 18 years. Despite the fact that the couple had a hard time, they never quarreled.

At the beginning of the family life, they lived very modestly, but Sergei Eduardovich Babayev never received any comments or reproaches from the wife about this. And after many years that have passed since their marriage, he, on a personal example, has understood that the main thing in any marriage is not only love that can transform somewhat over the years, but also respect of the spouses to each other. He believes that there is nothing terrible in looking after a beautiful, slender girl. But nothing more. After all, even in the most charming woman you can find some flaws. But in a beloved woman, such shortcomings not only do not irritate, but on the contrary, they can find a special charm.

Continuation of the genus

The Babaev family brings up two children-the eldest son and the youngest daughter. Nikita was born three years after the wedding, Lisa was born in six years. On this they decided to stop. After all, in order to raise independent, intelligent children, one must work very well. They constantly need to be engaged. Although basically the education of children involved in the wife of Irina, as much time as possible tries to dedicate them and my dad, Sergei Babaev. The TV host often plays with them. Irina took on this difficult, but very precious mission to educate the chadushki and superbly copes with it.

The best holiday for the Babaev family is at the dacha. It is there that they rest with all their heart. And this is not surprising. After all, in one of the interviews, Sergei told me that almost everything in the suburban area (with the exception of only the house) he built himself, with his own hands.

Career on TV

For eight years, from 1993 to 2001, Babayev worked in a sports editorial board (NTV channel). Was the editor of sports news in several television programs.

He took direct part in the coverage of what was happening at a number of the Olympic Games - in 1994, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002 and 2006, as a correspondent, a leading journalist, sports journalist.

Two years (2002 and 2003) he worked in the TVS channel news channel as a correspondent. When there was a terrorist attack in the theater center on Dubrovka, he covered many of the journalists of the television channel about the hostage taking, telling about what happened and the latest events connected with the terrorist act on the air.

Road to the First

After the channel closed, in the summer of 2003, it switches to Channel One, where it still operates. The first three years, Sergei was a special correspondent for the Directorate of Information Programs of the First Channel. His works are visible in the programs "The Times", "News" and "Time". At that time Babayev's specialization was the coverage of the meetings of the Government of Russia. At the same time, he worked on meetings on the theme of ecology, space and science.

For almost eight years he was the host of a program that provides non-political information to viewers ("Other News") Sergei Babayev. The nationality of the fans of this program is very diverse. It's not only Russians, but also Belarusians, Moldovans, Ukrainians, Armenians, Poles, Azerbaijanians and many others. After all, interesting information has no boundaries.

Now he is one of the leading programs "Good Morning", which is on the "First Channel".

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