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"White Crow" (theater): information, events, reviews

Theater "White Crow" (Moscow) - not quite ordinary and different from others. Here the performances are in an unusual format - in the form of theater parties. In the theater there are proms and other holidays.

About the theater

"White Crow" is a theater that appeared in Moscow recently. It is located in the business center "Moscow City", on the 59th floor. His address is Presnenskaya embankment, house No. 6, building No. 2.

The collective positions itself as the most unusual. This is a theater club. Here there are parties for adults and children, which include entertainment, a reception, a disco, a musical, a movie, a prize draw.

The price of tickets for the program is from 2500 rubles. The price includes the payment of all entertainment, including drinks and treats.

"White Crow" is a theater that offers a new format of leisure. Here you can have fun, relax, have a tasty snack and celebrate some kind of celebration.

The theater occupies an area of one thousand square meters. The hall can accommodate up to 200 visitors.

Theater Events

"White Crow" (theater) offers visitors interesting programs, for example a children's holiday "Bremen Musicians". It includes a screening of the children's musical of the same name, a sweet table and theater master classes.

Theatrical parties:

  • "The Master and Margarita".
  • "Beatlemania".
  • "Paganini".
  • "Jesus Christ Superstar".

The party program includes musicals of the same name, a buffet table and a concert of jazz music.

"Graduation - 2016"

"White Crow" (theater) offers graduates of schools to celebrate the beginning of adulthood at the highest level. The party is scheduled for June 24 at 20:00. The graduation ball will take place in the "Golden" Tower, among the night lights, on the last floor in one of the tallest buildings. The program of the holiday includes a bright show, surprises, contests, prizes and a disco before dawn.

At the entrance to the club area of graduates their teachers and parents will meet the steward of the ball and the string quartet.

The program also includes a cocktail reception and a photographer's work. A sample menu can be viewed on the theater's website.

The program ends with a ride in limousines around Moscow at dawn!

This holiday will be remembered for children and parents for life.

At the ball there is a dress code. Everyone should be dressed festively. It is desirable that the ladies had dresses, and the gentlemen - costumes.

The ticket for one person is 10 thousand rubles.

Reviews about the theater

Different opinions can be found about the events that the theater "White Crow" conducts. There are both enthusiastic and negative reviews. Many write that they expected something special and interesting from the theater, but they did not see anything like it. Performances are a collection of songs that are performed, accompanied by indistinct movements. Nothing unusual, and the name "White Crow" theater does not fit. It seems that everything is not from the heart, but "just to make money."

Other viewers write that they like theater programs, and express gratitude to the team for a lot of positive emotions. Praise the artists for their wonderful game. They write that the buffets are very worthy, the master classes for children are interesting. They consider visiting the "White Crow" an unforgettable holiday.

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