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The program "Revizorro": reviews. TV channel "Friday"

"Revizorro" is a popular Russian television program, which has a social direction. This reality show was created to determine the true quality of the services provided by restaurants and hotels on the territory of the Russian Federation. The popularity of the telecast has led to the fact that the "Revizorro" -the call for this or that institution began to be appreciated by ordinary people who count on good service. It was thanks to this reality show that many Russians were able to successfully choose a restaurant, hotel, cafe or any other institution, and were satisfied with the level of service. Many people dream of going "behind the scenes" of institutions from the service sector, and "Revizorro" successfully realizes these dreams, revealing all the subtleties of the hotel and restaurant business.

The idea of telecast

"Pyatnitsa" TV channel "Revizorro" brought incredible popularity, since during its existence this program was fond of many Russians. The idea of the reality show was borrowed from Ukrainian television, namely, from the project "The Inspector General", which was formerly hosted by Olga Freimut.

The program was based on an objective analysis of the quality of Ukrainian institutions from the spheres of tourism business, catering and the hotel complex. In addition to identifying shortcomings in certain institutions, the objective of this project is to improve the quality of service by monitoring the correction of shortcomings.

The "Revizorro" program sets itself the same tasks, and with its help many public institutions in Russia have entered a completely new level of service.

Rules of the program "Revisorro"

It is very easy to understand the rules of the transfer of Revizorro. The unchanging hostess Elena Letuchaya visits hotels and restaurants, with owners who do not previously agree on the date of verification. The auditor makes an unexpected visit and arranges a total check of all services provided by the institution. As a result, "Revizorro" -call is formed after analysis of such factors as cleanliness in kitchens, in rooms and toilets, pricing policy of the institution and so on. In case of revealing any violations Elena Letuchaya gives a negative assessment after her audit. Most often, on a reality show, you can see how in restaurants they cheat visitors and offer them dishes from poor quality products, violation of sanitary norms and rudeness of service personnel. Its assessment is made by the leader with the help of modern tests and personal experience. If the audit is successful, Elena Letuchaya rewards the establishment with a sign with the inscription "Revizorro", which is proudly placed at the entrance. It is worth noting that this plate helps to increase the number of visitors / customers in the institution. If the restaurant or hotel does not manage to pass the inspection, the "Revizorro" program points out the identified shortcomings and gives advice on how to eliminate them.

Leading "Revizorro"

The "Revizorro" transfer starts at the end of 2013, and the first release of the program was filmed in Kislovodsk. Initially, Olga Freimut was planned to be the main anchorwoman, but eventually "Revizorro" (season 1) was shot with Elena Letuchii. She was approved for the role of presenter immediately after it became clear that she effortlessly copied the manner of behavior and the style of the popular Ukrainian TV channel. In any conflict situations, Elena does not lose concentration and adequately completes the audit, taking advantage of her professionalism. Prior to the "Revizorro", Flying was already working in the fields of television and journalism, but only with the launch of this project has earned special popularity. Some consider the journalist's activities illegal and very critical of her audits. However, the "Revizorro" -voting is always given objectively, and the TV presenter does not violate any laws at all. The task of the Flying is to convey truthful information about public institutions to Russians, as a result of which she often has to deal with conflicts during filming.

What caused the high ratings of "Revizorro"

Now the ratings of the telecast are quite high, and in many respects this is due to the presence of a large number of conflicts and quarrels. In 2015, the screens went "Revizorro" - 3 season, which is no less popular than the previous two. In total, the team "Revizorro" for the history of the existence of its project visited 25 cities of Russia, where it found completely different institutions, some of which were awarded a prestigious tablet.

The case in Krasnoyarsk

In the list of all issues of the "Revizorro" were those that were marked by the greatest conflict. In particular, to give an objective "Revizorro" -the call to Elena Letuchiy was prevented in Krasnoyarsk. At the entrance to one of the local restaurants the crew of the Revizorro was met with a fight. The owner of the restaurant and the guards prevented the producers from removing the material. During this clash, expensive equipment was hardly damaged, one of the operators was beaten, and the leader nearly turned his hand. On the scene, police officers were called to help settle the conflict.

The case in Anapa

Also on TV channel "Friday" "Revizorro" surprised the behavior of the staff of the cafe "Irina", which is located in Anapa. The film crew was allowed to enter the institution, but the guards attached to it. One of the security officers began to get involved in the conflict with the operators and called for the reinforcement of other guards and all the working personnel. As a result, one of the operators had a lip ruptured, and the second ambulance brigade diagnosed serious injuries as a result of beating with the feet. It is reported that the manager of the institution during the shooting of the material furiously ran around the kitchen in search of a knife, but, fortunately, it managed to stop in time.

Representatives of Revizorro in social networks

After the "Revizorro" released their first release, the program immediately became popular not only among ordinary viewers, but also other, no less demanding, critics. Owners of the groups of this program in social networks enjoy the enormous popularity of the project. In the official communities of "Revizorro" "VKontakte" and on "Facebook" everyone can write the addresses and names of institutions, which they would like to check out in the next issue of the TV program. In addition to the high ratings, the Revizorro managed to pay attention to its transfers of Rospotrebnadzor employees, who analyze the audits and take measures against dishonest owners of the establishments.

What is expected from the new season

It is assumed that the "Revizorro" (season 3) will reveal even more shortcomings in domestic public institutions, opening people's eyes to the truth. The very presenter Elena Letuchaya believes that her audits not only allow the consumer to form an opinion about the service in restaurants or hotels, but also to eliminate the shortcomings that were addressed during the audit. According to the words of the Flying, the owners of many establishments react adequately to her criticism and even say that they themselves watch "Revizorro" - the best show. Often the host is even thankful for her attentiveness, which allowed her to find flaws that had not previously been given special attention.

Summarizing, it is worth noting that the creators of the project are fully convinced that the main idea of "Revizorro" was reached as much as possible, and the Russians were able to find out the truth about what awaits them when they visit an institution in one of the cities of Russia.

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