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Yuhi Kurenai is a woman-junin of Konoha

Her name translates as "glowing purple sunset." She was the mentor of the team number 8 and the wife of Asuma Sarutobi. Yuhi Kurenai is one of the few juni women of Konoha, a kind and silent Kunoichi who always keeps her opinion to herself.


At the age of 9 Kurenai Yuhi graduated from the shinobi academy and was assigned to the team with Asuma and Raido Namiashi. At age 13, she received the title of chunin, and junin became only shortly before the anime, around 25-26 years.

When Nine-tailed attacked Konoha, Kurenai along with other ninjas zealously tried to help in the defense of the village. However, older shinobi, including Father Yuhi, removed young people from such a dangerous event, arguing that due to the internal problems of the village, the younger generation should not risk their lives. They must live long and inherit the "Will of the Fire."

Yuhi has an innate talent for Ghenjutsu (to place the enemy in a world of illusions). Because of this, the Third instructed her to look after the girl from the clan Kurama, who also masterfully owned Gendjutsu, but could not control her strength. But, seeing how quickly the destructive power of Yakumo grows, Hokage tells Kurenai to seal her powers. Yuhi was very attached to the girl, but could not disobey the order and literally with her own hands put a cross on her career as a ninja.


Yuhi Kurenai is bold, good-natured and caring. Even her classmate, with whom she had nothing in common, could not leave in distress. The story occurred 12 years after the attack on the village of Devyatihvostogo. Kurenai noticed that Hatake Kakashi is in deep depression because of the death of Rin and Obito. Together with Maito and Sarutobi, Kurenai manages to persuade the Third to release Hatake from his post in the NSAU and make him a junior mentor. Yuichi believed that this would help him to become as good a man as before.

He is also very worried about his students from the eighth team, in particular, for Hinata, who at first always passes before the difficulties. Yuhi is interested in growing up young ninjas and is making great efforts to bring up a worthy change.

Character Kurenai - unbending. But at the same time it is honest, simple and open. In the Naruto anime, Kurenai Yuhi talks a little, is more in meditation, this is another feature of her character.

Asuma and Yuhi

Often in the anime Kurenai appears along with Asuma Sarutobi. The fact that they have a serious relationship, the audience guess, but until the end of the series remained unknown, whether she was married to him. Of course, this was the reason for fans of peyering Asuma Sarutobi and Kurenai Yuhi, hentai started drawing and coming up with appropriate fanfics.

Only in the second season of the anime it became known how serious the relationship was between Yuhi and Asuma. Sarutobi goes on a mission to suppress Akatsuki, during which he was killed. Kurenai is very saddened by his death and for a long time does not take part in the missions. In addition, the audience will find out that she is pregnant, and it becomes clear that they and Sarutobi were not just easy flirting. The born Kurenai girl named Mirai, which means "future" in the translation. Yuhi acquired a new role called "single mother" and brought up a cheerful and responsible girl who never forgets her father.


Yuhi Kurenai is a beautiful and slender kunoichi with black hair of medium length, which fall to the shoulders. Her eyes are scarlet, the woman always wears make-up: on the eyelids there are purple shadows, on her lips there is bright red lipstick. Most often in the anime Kurenai appears in the "grid" (a kind of ninja armor) with a wide scarlet sleeve on his right hand and a white short cloak consisting of wide bandages. The hands and upper thigh of the Kuren are also wrapped in bandages. The protector of the village wears as a head bandage.

In fillers it was possible to notice that at one time Yuhi wore standard clothes of Konoha's ninja. During pregnancy, she appears in a free sundress and blouse.


On the capabilities of Yuhi Kurenai little known, but her possession of Gendjutsu in strength can be compared with Itachi Uchiha. For attack and defense, she uses trees and flower petals. Virtually all of her illusions are focused on the flora.

Yuhi can simultaneously plunge into the world of illusions several opponents. It can also dissipate someone else's Ghenjutsu and read information from the enemy's subconscious. To merge with an object, Kurenai uses his hair to cover the body, it is able to pass through material objects, hide in them or make ambushes.

Kurenai has a good reaction, and she can quickly avoid an enemy attack, besides this she owns sealing techniques.

Yuhi Kurenai belongs to the background characters and rarely appears in history. Little information about her favorite and unloved things. Only in one of the encyclopedias that came out in addition to the manga, it is indicated that she does not like cakes, but her favorite phrase: "Glory, like a violet, blooming one day."

Let it and the elite shinobi-warrior, who is obliged to act according to the rules, but Yuhi still remains a woman and in his spare time takes everything from life, if not more. And even after experiencing such heavy losses, she looks calmly and confidently in the future.

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