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Claire Redfield: character in the game and on the screen

In 1998, from the well-known game company Kepkom, the continuation of the cult series "Resident Evil" was published. This was the most anticipated gaming event of the time. The game had time to fall in love with many fans, gamers, so the sequel was greeted warmly.

In Japan, the game was released under a different name - "Biological Threat: Part Two". But we will talk about the Russian localization of the game.

It is the second part of the "Resident Evil" that can be considered the original point of the story of the character Claire Redfield. True, she originally had to carry the name Elsa and be a biker who returns to the city after the holidays.

Who are we talking about?

Claire Redfield is the character of the famous series of computer games "Resident Evil". It's just like the heroine of the game, and not the Anderson film of the same name, about which there will also be a small mention, she is interested in many

Game incarnation

When the company changed Elsa Walker to Claire Redfield, the character's biography also underwent some changes. If in the original plan it was a student who goes home after a vacation, then the character who replaced her is the sister of the protagonist of the original game.

Claire Redfield left herself the appearance of Elsa, having received an unforgettable look: a girl with dark hair, a jacket with a popular portrayal for military pilots (an angel girl and air bombs) and a pistol in her hands.

According to the plot of the second part of the "Resident Evil", Claire meets the young policeman Leon, whose surname is the same as that of the President of the United States of America - Kennedy. The two heroes of the second part go on a dangerous journey through the city so that Redfield manages to find her brother Chris.

The game explains the ability of Claire Redfield to own a firearm by the fact that they often trained with their brother. Judging by the second part, the exercises happened to the girl as it is impossible by the way.

However, the city is dominated by zombies and is subject to destruction. To survive and successfully continue their mission, Claire and Leon are trying to leave Rakun City. When they succeed, the girl decides to return to the city and find her brother, this is the epilogue of the second part of the "Abode", in which the heroine is mentioned.

In other projects, if the character figured, it was not as central, but mostly adding facts to the already familiar history players or was a multiplayer hero.

For fifteen years in the game world, there was no biographical continuation of the character. Hinted that Claire Redfield intended to destroy the corporation, breaking into the Paris branch of the "Umbrella."

In the autumn of last year, the protagonist returned to the full-fledged game Resident Evil: Revelation. Part two". However, the fans did not welcome the new look of the heroine. In a new adventure, the developers showed us a 32-year-old woman who works in a large company to combat biological terrorism.

It is from this company that a group of military abducts Claire and the daughter of Burton (a character from the original game), having previously showered them with gas. When the heroine comes to her senses, she discovers that they were placed in a prison on an island.

Joint rescue is a fiasco, and Moira Burton remains on the island.

Despite falling from a great height, Claire manages to survive and in the fourth episode of the game she rescues the survivors on the island.

By the way, in the last game of the series, Claire is very similar to Ada Wong.

Cinema and actress in the series

At the moment there are six films on the series of computer games "Resident Evil", in which the main role was played by the Hollywood star Milla Jovovich. True, the efforts of the director direct communication games with the movie there.

As far as we know, in the game series there is no character of the "star team" Alice White, who became the central character in the movie series. However, there are some heroes from the game version of the "Cloister" - Claire.

In the feature film "Resident Evil" in the role of Claire Redfield actress Ali Larter. Before that, she acted in widely known projects:

1) "Destination";

2) "Destination 2".

Directly in the film series Ali was seen in the third, fourth and sixth parts of the "Abode". How similar is the character to the game prototype? Similarity only in kinship with Brother Chris. The appearance of the character is completely unique and there is almost no resemblance to the original.

Appearance of the actress as Claire Redfield, whose photo will be a graphic appendix to the article, resembles the original sister of Chris.

The most successful in the film was the embodiment of Valentine and the second part of the movie.

A little about the franchise

As you know, the fans met cool not only the "Resident Evil". Many projects when moving to a large screen lose the chronological sequence of the history itself. As far as this trend in the rewriting of game scenarios will be successful, we will see very soon. In 2016, the world will see a number of film adaptations of the famous computer series.

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