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Adriana Sklenarikova - supermodel and actress, photo and filmography

About the famous Slovak model with long legs, heard, probably, everything! This blond beauty conquered the world podium. Adriana Sklenarikova, thanks to the high growth and ideal parameters of the figure, quickly attracted the attention of many famous model agencies. But the girl is not only a supermodel, but also a successful actress, and a happy wife.

Biography of the Slovak mannequins

Adriana Sklenarikova was born in the small town of Brezno on September 17, 1971. At that time, the country of Czechoslovakia was a financially unstable state. And when the beauty went out into the big world of fashion, in her life there were significant changes for the better. As Adriana Sklenarikova put it: "It was a transition from black to white!"

Thanks to her natural beauty and beautiful parameters of the figure, she quickly became a popular model. She was filming for magazine covers and commercials. Adrian was noticed by the New York and Milan modeling agencies, who offered her a profitable cooperation. The girl is very grateful to the fate that in her 25 years she still worked as a model. But in fact many models already at this age "retire". Adriana Sklenarikova (whose growth is 1 meter 85 centimeters) for a long time remained the most popular fashion model.

Cooperation with well-known agencies

The appearance of the Slovak beauty corresponds to the strictest model parameters. These qualities enabled the girl to conclude contracts with well-known international agencies. Adriana Sklenarikova began her successful career with work in such companies as Next (American) and Elite Modeling (Milan). The weight of the girl is 60 kilograms with an increase of eighty-five meters. Such parameters allow Adriana to stand out among other competitive models. Of course, she was a very popular personality for advertising and modeling agencies. They offered high fees for shooting with this beauty.

For ten years of successful career, Adriana worked with many agencies. Among them are Levante Hosiery and Peroni Beer, Love Sex Money and Argentovivo, Laura Biagiotti and Red Point, Byron Lars and Roberto Cavalli.

Favorable contracts

True success Sklenarikova overtook when she became the winner of the contest
"Miss the best bra" (Wonder Bra Girl). It was after such recognition that American and Milan modeling agencies noticed it. Also other companies began to actively offer their cooperation to the Slovak beauty. When Adriana Sklenarikova signed a contract with Wonder Bra for two years, she immediately received a proposal to work together with Victoria's Secret. And many people know that it was from here that Tyra Banks and Daniela Pestrova started their star journey. Also, the cooperation with Peroni Beer helped Adriana gain even greater popularity. The company introduced her as a girl who drinks beer.

Age is not a hindrance for a successful career

Photo Adriana Sklenarikova flaunted in the pages of the magazine "Playboy". The model often boasted in an interview about the received fee of one million dollars for this survey. For ten years, the Slovak beauty acted at the highest level, and the customers did not get any less. Some clients wanted to see in the commercials not a teenage girl, but a successful, accomplished and attractive woman of thirty years of age. Adriana is proud that in the modeling business she stayed much longer than most other beauties. The girl did not expect such glory, but is grateful for a nice gift of fate and her external data.

The personal life of the model

Childhood Adriana Sklenarikova passed under the gaze of my grandmother. Parents have always been busy with work. My grandmother spent all the time in the garden and tried to attract a granddaughter to this occupation. But the girl did not like digging in the ground. The grandmother considered Adrian to be a little girl and insisted that her granddaughter could not find her husband if she did not work in the garden. But Sklenarikova confidently announced her intentions to get acquainted with her in a completely different world.

So it happened! Adriana met her current husband, football player Christian Karambe, right on the plane "Milan-Paris". It was love at first sight. The whole flight was held by the young people behind the conversation, and only during the conversation they learned that both are well-known persons. After landing at the airport, they went to a cafe where they agreed to meet for the evening. So their relations were established, which turned into a strong marriage.

Adriana Sklenarikova (Adriana Sklenarikova) and Christian Laram Karembe (Christian Lali Karembe) work together in the restaurant business, the network is called Delis. One of the restaurants is in Paris, on the Champs Elysées. Also, Christian owns a company for the production of footwear and clothing. The wife helps in every way to do business and loves to be engaged in charity.

Filmography Supermodels

But Adriana Sklenarikova-Karambe is not only a popular fashion model, but also an actress. She successfully combined these two professions. After the debut on the screen commercials with the participation of the Slovak supermodel, she began to offer roles in the cinema. In 1994, the audience was presented with the film "Prat-a-Porter", where the main heroine was Adrian Sklenarikova. Filmography of the girl began with this picture. In 2004, the model played Letitia in the comedy drama Three Girls. The film's director is Jean-Loup Hubert. In 2005, Sklenarikova starred in a tape called Miss Europe. To be an actress she really likes, she is happy with her life.

Adriana always gladly agrees on the role in the movie, in her opinion, shooting gives great opportunities to develop creatively.

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