What are the drops of eye anti-inflammatory

Quite often in recent years there are eye diseases leading to a weakening of vision, both in adults and in children. For the treatment of various drugs, including eye drops, anti-inflammatory. In the beginning, however, symptoms should be monitored and a doctor should be consulted to help identify the cause of the disease.

If the eyes become inflamed and dry, you feel discomfort, as if something prevents you from watching, you can reduce the load and use drugs that are prophylactic (for example, Japanese eye drops anti-inflammatory Santen and Rohto). In the case of a severe development of the disease, the remedy should be prescribed only by a specialist.

To begin with, it is worth familiarizing with simple measures to prevent such symptoms. The eyes should be given a break from time to time, especially when reading for a long time or working at a computer. Night rest for an adult should be at least 8 hours. It is not recommended to touch the eyes with dirty hands or rub them, which can result in inflammation. B vitamins, which are rich in citrus fruits, carrots, blueberries, are useful for maintaining good vision.

Conditionally droplets of eye anti-inflammatory are divided into 2 groups: non-steroidal (possessing, in addition, analgesic and antipyretic activity) and glucocorticosteroid, which are considered universal in inflammations. Distinguish drugs not only composition, but also action. So, with pathoimmune inflammation, most likely, a specialist will prescribe glucocorticosteroids, which are used even when running processes. However, they have a fairly large number of contraindications and side effects, and in their dosage it is important to observe the accuracy, therefore, before the application, it is necessary to consult an ophthalmologist.

Often doctors recommend eye drops anti-inflammatory "Lakrikan". Its composition includes menthol, polyvinyl alcohol, polysept (antiseptic), anesthesin. Before use, it is recommended to shake, in this case this preparation is a colorless foaming liquid of a uniform consistency. "Lacrikan" has an antimicrobial effect. The use of this product contributes to enveloping harmful substances and removing them from the body. It can be successfully applied not only in humans, but also in domestic animals. The main advantage of this drug over others is a minimum of side effects.

It is quite popular such a medicine for the eyes, like Interpán. It includes elements of the extracellular matrix of the cornea. This preparation not only provides protection against mechanical damage, but also contributes to the early healing of wounds and the protection of the tissues of the organ of vision.

Eye anti-inflammatory drops refer to medical devices, therefore the decision on their appointment is made by a doctor of the appropriate profile. In most cases, they have a vasoconstrictor effect. Among others, we can mention "Garazon", which has an antimicrobial effect, however, it is used, in most cases, simultaneously with other drugs, including, in the complex of treatment, anti-inflammatory drops in the nose are often used. Effective means for various infections "Floxal" and "Kolbiotsil."

A special place in the therapy of inflammatory eye diseases is taken by antiglaucoma drugs. By itself, this disease is rather insidious, since symptoms can pass first time unnoticed, vision falls only in the last stages. The drugs used in the treatment of glaucoma, include "Azopt", "Xalatan", "Fotil" and others. However, they are applied only after a thorough examination, since with a wrong diagnosis and the use of funds by a healthy person, they can cause harm.

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