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Diamond cichlazoma - a living treasure of the aquarium collection

The diamond cichlazoma is a large territorial fish with a high body flattened from the sides. The homeland of this breed is the ponds of northern Mexico and Texas, as a result of which it is also called the "pearl of Texas". It is believed that the fish is able to recognize its owner. The description of aquarium fish of this breed should begin with their basic decoration, which consists of emerald, blue glowing spots, embossing the whole fish in relief, on the gill covers they merge into solid strips. In the aquarium, this beauty reaches a length of 20 cm. Under good conditions of maintenance, large cichlids live to almost 20 years. You can accurately determine the sex of the pet at the age of about one year after reaching the sexually mature age. The males of these fish are larger, their color is brighter, and the behavior is more aggressive towards the representatives of their breed. With age, a massive fat pad grows on the male forehead. Anal and dorsal fin rounded in female, with pointed male.

Behavior and conditions of detention

Diamond cichlazoma is distinguished by aggressive behavior towards its breed. The struggle of males for their territory can lead to the death of weaker fish, therefore it is better to keep one pair per 100 liters of volume. Caring for a diamond cichlasma is a little difficult because of the love of the fish to tear the soil in the aquarium. For this reason, you should choose a large soil, fairly strong plants and a powerful filter. Plants should be planted in separate pots, protecting from digging stones, which the fish can not turn over. The diamond cichlazome is suitable for a landscape with a large number of shelters. The following are considered as indicators of the optimal water composition: pH 7.5, water hardness 10-15 and temperature within 20-28 ° C. When feeding, preference should be given to animal feed, from time to time alternating them with plant food.

Breeding and caring for the offspring

Young people with joint content choose their own pair, which is saved for life. Parents define their territory, choose a place for a nest and fiercely guard it from strangers. A clear sign of readiness for spawning is the change in color. The caudal half of the body of the fish becomes almost black and the rest becomes bright. Diamond cichlazoma can sweep up to 1000 eggs on a flat stone, but most often their number is 3 times less. The diamond cichlases have a strong development of the parental instinct, the fish will follow the purity of their nest, and guard the caviar and fry. After spawning, many aquarists advise leaving one fish, as it is possible to clarify the relationship associated with upholding parental rights. During this period, it is better not to disturb the fish, because due to stress, cases of eating their own eggs and fry are not uncommon.

The diamond cichlzoma requires proper selection of neighbors. For joint content it is desirable to choose a proportionate or nimble fish, the best coexist those that have grown together. If the pair for a diamond cichlasma was chosen later by the aquarist, the first time should be carefully watched as they get along together. In order for the fish to appear in all its glory, except for good conditions of detention, it is necessary to pay attention to the correct lighting.

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