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What does it mean to dream a dog? Psychologists answer the prophets.

A dog is one of the brightest images in a person's mind. This animal is inextricably linked with such concepts as loyalty, friendship, affection. Therefore, a dog in a dream somehow means your relationship with friends and family.

From the point of view of psychoanalysis, this image can be viewed as a product of the work of our subconscious and the embodiment of individual aspects of the personality, the possibilities of its social adaptation. Little dogs or puppies talk about the desire to have fun, to live without worries. For a woman, they can also mean the need for someone to take care of, to patronize.

A friendly animal means a faithful friend or reliable protector. If you are not yet fortunate enough to have such a relationship, perhaps soon you will be introduced to such a person.

If in real life you are concerned with dogs, then to see a dog in a dream, especially aggressive, for you - an alarming sign. This image symbolizes real complexes and fears that haunt you in real life.
In a dream, the image of a dog can also personify your own "I". So, for example, the animal, gushing barking, indicates that it's time to let off steam and allow yourself to express your own opinion.

Often such dreams reflect the stable morphological turns characteristic of our language. Therefore, to see in a dream a dog, which gurgling on you yapping, can mean gossip of ill-wishers. If the animal suddenly bites you, then someone from close people has planned against you unkind. Remember the image of an ungrateful being biting the hand, feeding it.

A dog is not an ordinary pet. In many ways this image is associated with otherworldly forces and the mysterious side of human life. If you recall the Greco-Roman mythology, it was the dogs that were the conductors between the world of the dead and the living. Do not forget that the dog is one of the symbols of the Eastern horoscope. Perhaps this is why a dreamed dog is considered an important omen, which can not be ignored. The well-known predictor Michel Nostradamus based on this image made forecasts not even for one person, but for entire countries and states.

No less famous prophetess Vanga in her dream book pays enough attention to the image of the dog. In her opinion, such dreams are prophetic, and the dog personifies your close friend. According to Vanga, to dream of a dog without a master, a stray - an unkind sign, warning that a friend was in a quandary, but help to ask shy. If you ask this dream book what a dead dog dreams about, you can find out that this evil night vision portends to our close friends serious illnesses and even death.

Curious fact: in regard to the image of the dog, almost all the sonnets are unanimous. Conflicting interpretations you will not meet. For example, ask a dream book: "A dog bit in a dream." What does this mean? ". With minor disagreements, we get the following answer: "Wait for conflicts with a close environment".

Kind and affectionate dog dreams of good friends and good luck in all endeavors. Evil and aggressive, on the contrary, to insidious enemies and bad luck. Meeting in a dream with a large, but peacefully minded dog in real life promises a strong protector and defender.

Here are a few more interpretations from the dream books, this time not so serious:

* A cute little dog, dreamed of a girl, promises her a very windy admirer.

* A hunting dog, living in your house, has a dream - your affairs are progressing very successfully.
* Dreaming not the dogs themselves, but only growling behind your back - be on your guard against intrigue.
* Walking in a dream of a thoroughbred dog - to be rich and successful.
* Chasing bloodhounds warn of temptations waiting for you.
* The dog and the cat have not divided the living space - for you it means a quarrel with a loved one. But if in a dream you spilled the fighters with water, you will not have any water in life with it.
* White dog portrays luck in love affairs, but to see a dog of a black suit in a dream is not a very favorable sign. But the frightening image of a multi-headed animal is not so terrible. According to the dream book, such an image in a dream means that you are too scattered for your own purposes.

Of course, this is not all the interpretations of the dog's image, given in various dream books. However, you can study them all only from pure curiosity. After all, in our dreams are not so much ready-made interpretations as our personal emotions and feelings.

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