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What do the coins say? Why dream of a trifle?

According to popular beliefs, a trifle in a dream - to tears. The more coins you saw, the stronger the grievances and feelings. And what else does the trifle dream about?

If you saw coins

Have you seen that the purse is full of small change? So you are wasting your time! Minor questions take up all your imagination, leaving no time to think about more meaningful things. Such an incorrect distribution of attention can lead to losses and complete defeat. Nobody says that small details should elude your eyes, but focusing only on them is ineffective. Try to correctly allocate your working time. Otherwise, the works will not lead you to anything. Dreams of a trifle - become entangled in minor events and details. It is better to turn away from them at once, so as not to get bogged down in petty worries.

Why dream a lot of little things

Sadly, but coins in large quantities nothing but tears do not promise. If they are in your wallet, you will suffer in the service. In the piggy bank - you will be disappointed by untimely or unnecessary expenses. Find coins - your friends will upset you. If you saw that all the trees around are covered with small change instead of leaves, then there are a lot of empty conversations around you, some of which will hurt you. To see mountains of small coins in the distance - you go the wrong way. Your last decisions and conclusions were incorrect. If you do not change them, you can lose something very valuable to you. But you still have time to reconsider the views.

Why dream of giving trifle

A wonderful dream! You will avoid an unpleasant situation. That, because of what tears come to your eyes, will not be bitter, but pleasant. If you are in a quarrel, make up your mind. If you become a victim of slanderers, their plots will swim out. Your good name will be restored, and your enemies punished. To patients such a dream promises a quick relief from ailment.

Other coins

And why dream of a trifle of another state? If in a dream you saw a currency represented by coins, then prepare for the unexpected not the best property. Bitter tears will be shed, but what they are connected with, you can not even imagine now. Ancient coins are dreamed of changes in life. In their minds, it is possible to predict exactly what turn of destiny turns out to be. Golden - good luck on the way. Valuable - success. Dirty or broken - turn for the worse. A treasure, for example, a coin box - you will succeed in the enterprise you have been working on for a long time, but only if the change is old. If ordinary - a failure.

Counting coins for what they dream about

Trifle count - tears. Very much - a great disappointment. Recalculate coins and pay them in debt - you will be wasted. If they ring in your pocket - you will sort out in your thoughts small, but very pleasant events.

Ornaments from coins

Monisto dreams of criticizing your appearance. Nearby there are people who do not like your manner of dressing or decorating yourself. Perhaps, your taste seems vulgar to them. Itself to make jewelry from coins - to change the image. You will fall into a society, through which you reconsider your views on your appearance. The result will be a complete change in your tastes and habits. Give monisto - give advice to girlfriends.

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