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In a dream, the girl and the girl kissed: what does this mean?

It happens that people have very strange pictures. And sometimes you want to understand - why would it? For example, if a person sees that they are kissing a girl in a dream - what does this mean? Especially when it's a stranger. Or if this vision was also a girl. There are a lot of questions, and therefore one should give answers to them.

It is important to know

A kiss is something that directly relates to the manifestation of feelings and emotions. And to the relationship, too. Sometimes such dreams mean a subconscious desire. And sometimes, and something else. To give a correct interpretation of this vision, it is necessary to clarify all the circumstances that were in a dream. And not only them. It is also important whether the girl is familiar or not. Does it exist in the life space (it does not matter, a close friend or the person with whom the dreamer has collided once, and then accidentally) or is it only a figment of imagination and fantasy. And of course, what is important is the relationship that binds her and the dreamer. Still it is necessary to take into account what kind of character they wear - friendly, loving or even hostile. And of course, another nuance is worth considering.

According to the esoteric dream book

Kissing in a dream with an unfamiliar girl on an esoteric dream book - to improper behavior or lasciviousness. It is necessary to take this into account and be more careful - how little temptation will meet on the way. In the event that she kisses the dreamer herself - to illness and deterioration of health. But do not worry too much about this, because it will quickly pass. If a person kisses with a passionate and temperamental person - then this is a new relationship, which, perhaps, will grow into a marriage.

But to see the lady familiar - to rapprochement with her. Probably, soon something will happen, because of what a dreamer and a girl will become closer to communicate. But if in life there is not a very good relationship with it - to reconciliation.

Sonnik Miller

If a person saw how they kissed in a dream with a girl, you should look into Miller's dream book. It says that this vision is for profit. And to the crazy. It will not be completely honest way. If the kiss occurred during the dance - to a stable and strong relationship, which very soon can get stuck with a dreamer. And to kiss your beloved - to the fact that their relationship will soon grow into something more.

It is important to remember the circumstances under which everything happened. Kissing in a dream with a girl in total darkness - to insincerity, lies, deceit. It's worth taking note of this sign. A kiss in a dream with a girl who cries - to treason.

If everything happened in the rain - then it's for a quick cleansing of rumors and slander. But to enter into such close contact with the beloved of the best friend - to uncertainty and doubt.


To give a more accurate interpretation, you must also take into account your own feelings about what is happening. If a person saw how they kissed in a dream with a girl, and did not feel anything pleasant about it - then it's to indifference and even distrust from relatives or relatives. Do not get a kiss in return - to distrust. But if a person does this with a smile - to cunning. It's quite another thing when both the guy and the girl kissed smiling. It is a sign of mutual tenderness, love, sincerity and trust. And when a dreamer is also experiencing pleasure from what he sees in a night dream - you can rejoice. So soon there will be a pleasant romantic adventure. Or even a love story.

According to the dream book of Freud

When a person remembers that they were kissing in a dream with a girl, you should also try to remember the details of this vision. For example, a kiss with a stranger in a brightly lit room (or in any other room) with a large number of people usually means that soon the dreamer will have to show unusual behavior for him. It is possible that it will be ostentatious. This will require a situation, so you should be prepared for such a turn of events.

But to kiss in a dream with a girl on the lips, being in a room with a muted light - to commit rash acts that lead to a bad attitude of partners in the work. It is possible that all this will develop into enmity. If everything happened by the light and without people, it is to the fact that in a short time the dreamer will perform some not quite noble act and everyone will learn about him, no matter how he tries to hide it. But to kiss a beautiful lady in public and at the same time be unnoticed - to the successful unfolding of events. And, by the way, it is possible, it will turn out to turn some business that can not be called clean.

Сонник XXI века

Many guys ask themselves: "I dreamed a dream - I kissed a girl ... What does it mean?" Well, there are several books of interpretations that can give an explanation. And one of the most popular is the modern dream book. It says that such a vision is for good. So the young man with his beloved will be all right. But if she did not want to receive from him this manifestation of feelings - not good. There can be quarrels, and even parting. If she behaves very emotionally and passionately meets her lover - a good sign. He promises only the strengthening of relations and, possibly, marriage.

And what does a dream mean kissing a girl for a middle-aged man? This is to be careful in real life. If he has a sin behind his back in terms of finding adventures on the side, then it's worth to quit with it, otherwise the wife or companion of life can find out about this and everything will end badly. But to see your kiss with a frustrated or offended girl - to a quarrel, which will lead to the rupture of relations. To save the situation, it is worth to be careful in communicating with your beloved.

Interpretation for women

Sometimes it happens that girls dream like that. And this causes them a lot of questions. Well, indeed, such a night dream is often more negative. This is to the fact that the girl, perhaps, soon turn away friends. Plus, in the near future, serious tests are expected. Therefore, you should be ready for unexpected twists of fate.

A girl should also be alert if she saw her lover kissing a stranger. This is to quarrel and, perhaps, even to parting. It is possible that the cause of the scandal will be his betrayal.

Treason in sleep

A couple of words should be said about what it means for a man a vision in which his girlfriend kissed someone else. This is a very unpleasant dream, and he can not say anything good. This - to the fact that hopes, goals and dreams in real life are unlikely to materialize. In any case, in the near future. So it's better to postpone their implementation for later.

Even worse prediction is that vision in which the person kissing the busy girl is the dreamer's best friend. This dream means that in reality you will face betrayal, lies, duplicity and hypocrisy. And this can manifest itself both from the side of the beloved, and from the side of the friend. And, finally, one more interpretation, which should be taken into account. An anxious vision can be considered that dream where the face of the person kissing the girl can not be seen. This - to ignorance. Soon the dreamer will betray and talk, but it is not known from whom this should be expected. So, just in case, it's worthwhile to be on the alert and not trust anyone. Providentness in this situation will not be superfluous.

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