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Preparation of mojito at home.

Mojito is a wonderful refreshing drink, cocktail, which is prepared by any self-respecting institution. Naturally, bartenders professionals prepare it incomparably, but if a guest comes to you and you want to surprise them with something, then you can prepare for their arrival mojito at home.

It's not at all difficult, you just need to know what should go into the cocktail and what ingredients are used.

Depending on what kind of mojito at home (alcoholic or nonalcoholic) you will be cooking, it will take a bit different ingredients for it.

Mojito recipe for the house, especially in the summer, when you relax on the beach, and you do not want to go to people and get lost among the crowd, you can safely with your beloved or your beloved stay in your "bungalow", light candles at night and cook mojitos at home .

Non-alcoholic Mojito recipe at home.

For the preparation of such a drink you will need the following ingredients: lime, a couple of mint spoons, a few spoons of brown sugar, soda water and ice, preferably finely chopped.

So, let's start preparing our cocktail.

In a tall glass on the bottom lay out two sprigs of mint and sliced lime, fill one teaspoon of brown sugar and all this with a special throng. If you are at home, for some reason it was not so, you can use a spoon. We squeeze mint leaves with lime so that they emit essential oils, which give a specific flavor and taste to this drink. In this case, usually the crystals of brown sugar.

Then put a large amount of crushed ice in the glass, To fill two-thirds of the glass and fill it all with soda. Sprite is used most often, but any other carbonated beverage without a pronounced flavor can be used.

Such mojito is very refreshing and quenching thirst.

If you are scheduled for a romantic evening and you want to add a zest to your evening, it is best to prepare an alcoholic mojito at home.

Preparation of alcoholic mojito.

Alcoholic mojito is served in all institutions, I think you at least once in your life have tried this "drink of the gods", and of course you want to repeat it at home.

To do this you will need more ingredients than the previous time: lime, a couple of mint sprigs, brown sugar, white rum, soda and ice.

Cocktail is done on the same principle as non-alcoholic.

First, we take a tall glass, put peppermint and lime in it, fall asleep a couple of teaspoons of brown sugar, well, push it all in a glass until lime juice appears on the bottom of the glass. After that we fall asleep in a glass pounded ice that it has filled approximately two thirds and the main intrigue of this cocktail a white rum. Mojito adds fifty grams of white rum, then it is poured into soda and mixed gently. From above you can decorate with mint leaves, put tubes, and on the edge of the glass for decoration you can hang a lime lobe. Cocktail should be drunk immediately after preparation, gradually mixing melted ice with alcohol.

Now you know how to prepare this wonderful refreshing drink at home, and can without any problems to please or surprise friends, relatives or loved ones.

It's good to sit in summer in rattan chairs on an open terrace overlooking the seashore (or better than the ocean), admire the sunset and sip quietly with alcohol mojito through a straw. Who has not dreamed of this in his life. Now, at least, you can half fulfill your cherished wish.

I'm sure that your second half will appreciate your efforts and will not keep you waiting.

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