Ideal assistant in the kitchen - multicore Scarlett SL-1529

At present, a lot of miracle equipment has appeared, which is being developed for convenience and time saving. Just imagine, before, in order to cook a culinary masterpiece, the hostess spent the whole day, and sometimes even more. Now everything has changed dramatically. Manufacturers of kitchen appliances have developed unique appliances that not only accelerate the cooking process, but also greatly facilitate the fate of housewives. Of course, these are blenders, kitchen combines, mixers, etc. However, if you look closely, these devices perform intermediate processes. But there is also such a unique apparatus that can prepare a dish on its own, and for this it will only be necessary to fill in the necessary products. And he's called a multivariate. This device can do almost all the work for a person.

How to choose a manufacturer?

It is worth noting that, in general, a large part of the population trusts trusted brands. Yes, of course, you can agree with this. However, what gives us a multivark from a famous manufacturer? Functionality, design, quality and significantly overpriced. Let's pay attention to less popular companies. As it may sound surprising, but they offer the same functionality, the same modern design and, it is worth noting, a high level of quality, however for less money. After such a comparison, the question arises: "Why pay more?"

Let's pay attention to the model of the multivark Scarlett SL-1529. Produce it in China. It was released comparatively recently - just three years ago. However, in 2013 it became a hit of sales. Almost all users praise this multivark. What is special about it? It is the description of this model that will be devoted to the article.

A few words about the multivark

As we have already mentioned above, this model appeared several years ago. By now, she already has many fans, thanks to the opinion of which we will be able to understand whether it is worth buying this miracle equipment. The SCARLETT SL-1529 pressure cooker has many advantages. First of all, it is worth highlighting the simplicity in operation. The menu is quite understandable. On the level of practicality, safety and reliability, it is not inferior to the products of the promoted brands. In the multivark there are ten cooking modes. Namely, this saves the time and energy of the housewife. In the complete set there is always an instruction, in which it is described in detail how to use the multivariate Scarlett SL-1529, recipes and tips also are. In the latter you can find information about the most important points, for example, from what material to choose a spoon for stirring, etc. As for the recipes, you can use standard ones. However, those who like to experiment, the possibility of changing the temperature regime, time interval and other options will create individual culinary masterpieces. This model multivarka is ideal for personal use, very often it is bought for a gift.

What to look for before buying?

Before you buy a Scarlett SL-1529, it is worth more to consider its characteristics. So, let's start with the size of the bowl. Its volume is 5 liters. This figure is enough to prepare a dinner for 2-4 people. It is worth noting that a larger volume of the bowl will only lead to a surplus of electricity. Teflon coating. It gives a complete guarantee that the dish will not burn during cooking. However, there is one important point: teflon coating is dangerous to health if the shell is damaged. That's why it is recommended to treat carefully and properly choose accessories. Management of the multivariate is carried out at the expense of the electronic panel. On it you can see the clock, 10 cooking modes. The buttons "+" and "-" allow increasing and decreasing time, temperature. Option "delay start" allows you to postpone cooking for up to 24 hours. Separately, the button "steamer" is displayed, with its help you can make fish or vegetables for a couple. The Scarlett SL-1529 is ideal for people who can not eat fried foods.

Power of multicasting Scarlett

The power of the multivark is an important factor in choosing this device. What does this indicator affect? First of all, the amount of time that the device will spend on cooking a certain dish will depend on its magnitude. So, in the model Scarlett SL-1529, the consumer expects a power of 900 watts. This level will allow you to quickly prepare any product, while the cost of electricity will be record low.

More about modes

This model multivarka is equipped with ten modes. This amount is enough to prepare various dishes that will satisfy the most demanding gourmets.

So, let's describe the most popular modes, which has the model Scarlett SL-1529:

  • "Kasha" - used to make any cereals.
  • "Quenching" - basically this mode is used for cooking meat, fish or vegetables.
  • "Baking" - is intended for baking culinary products.
  • "Children's menu" - for cooking milk porridges and soups-mashed potatoes.
  • "Rice" - for cooking potatoes, pasta and pilaf.
  • "Soup" - cooking soups and broths.
  • "Steamer" - is used for cooking products for a couple.
  • "Warm up" - this function can set the automatic warm-up mode. After the completion of this process, the food will retain its temperature for some time.

Also there are such functions as a sound notification at the end of work, a timer for a countdown and, of course, your own recipe.

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