What kind of kitchen sink to choose? Sink for kitchen

Washing dishes can not be called pleasant. However, after making the right choice of kitchen sink, you can minimize the number of negative emotions. Currently, the modern market offers such a huge range of various models that even such a simple object with the right choice can decorate the interior and will surely please you every day!

Kitchen sinks

The availability of convenient and high-quality washing in the kitchen is the key to successful preparation of delicious dishes and perfect cleanliness. After all, it is so important that the cooking process proceeds in the most comfortable conditions. What kind of kitchen sink to choose? Models of products that are represented in modern markets vary significantly:

  • Way of building in kitchen furniture;
  • The number of washing bowls;
  • Fabrication material;
  • The shape of the bowls, their depth;
  • Color.

Basic selection criteria

On sale there is a huge assortment, how to deal with such a variety and get the most suitable result? What kind of kitchen sink for the kitchen to choose, so that it perfectly matches the quality, cost, functionality and beauty, and for a long time it could please its owner?

First of all, it is necessary to consider the following factors when buying:

  1. Wear resistance. The outer layer of the sink must be sufficiently resistant to mechanical influences, permanent friction with small objects.
  2. The depth of the sink. This quality is no less important, since it is impossible to put a large amount of dishes in a shallow sink, and it is quite inconvenient to wash it close to the tap. Therefore, the depth is recommended to be selected more, and the mixer is set higher.
  3. Strength. No one can insure against falls in the shell of any large items that can damage it. The first place for strength is an artificial stone, and the last belongs to ceramics.
  4. Antibacterial properties. Acrylic resins are good here, because microorganisms do not accumulate on them due to their smooth surface.
  5. Resistance to chemistry. As a rule, the constant action of various detergents after a while results in the erosion of the surface protective layer. The best in this regard are products made of fiberglass, mineral casting and most ceramics.
  6. Possibility of restoration of the damaged surface. In this respect, the artificial stone is leading, but it is difficult to restore the chip on ordinary enamel.
  7. Moisture resistance. It should be remembered that ceramic products without a protective layer can absorb liquid and after a certain time change its original color.
  8. Operational characteristics. The manufacturer indicates the recommended service life.

Kitchen sink, which one to choose? Size and shape

Modern sinks can have not only a classical form, but also be executed with the most bizarre curves and geometry, which is able to fit into bold technical solutions. They are equipped with one, two or even three bowls. In addition, they are made with one or two wings, automatic valve, sinks are equipped with holes for water overflow, install a waste shredder, an additional tap for filtered water and much more. For comfortable use it is recommended to choose a washbasin with a depth of about 18 cm.

To determine which kitchen sink to choose, first you should choose its shape.

Classic rectangular or square washer

Such forms remain popular for more than one decade. Shells of the classical form do not necessarily look boring. The use of a variety of materials and techniques for their manufacture gives them a fairly respectable and modern look. As a rule, such washes have the following dimensions: 50 × 60 cm, 60 × 60 cm, 80 × 60 cm, 100 × 60 cm, 120 × 60 cm.

Round or oval sinks

The oval shape of the washers is now beginning to be increasingly in demand. They look very beautiful, they are perfectly placed in the corners, they have good capacity, they are very convenient in the care, since there are no corners in which dirt accumulates.

What kind of kitchen sink to choose - round or square, depends on the taste and preferences of the hostess.

Sinks for two, three bowls

These are very popular and functional shells. In one of the bowls you can wash, for example, dishes, and in the second - vegetables and fruits. In some cases, washings are made with one large high-grade bowl and a second, smaller in size and depth. Also triple their variants, consisting of two large bowls and a small one placed in the middle, are also popular. The appearance of these sinks is quite presentable. Sometimes there is a combined form of bowls. For example, the main sink for the kitchen is made square, and the additional sink is round, semicircular, triangular, etc. However, this option has one drawback - quite a high price, which, however, is justified, and it is not a shame to pay for such a wonderful kitchen "assistant" .

Often the question arises as to which kitchen sink to choose - with or without a wing. Wings - an additional working surface to the right or left of the sink. If the wing is located between the hob and the sink, it can also be used as a stand for hot pots and pans. If the choice is stopped by a "one-winged" design, you need to know clearly which side you can install the wing exactly on your table top. Reversible models are available which are mounted on the right and left. These models do not have a hole to install the mixer, it must be done by yourself or fix the mixer in the countertop.

Other forms of sinks

These sinks are not common and use them either in the presence of limited space, or unusual shape becomes an ornament of a non-standard room. For example, a triangular sink can perfectly fit into the corner of the locker and at the same time do not take up unnecessary space in a small kitchen, and installing a huge moon-shaped sink is a unique element of a bold design solution.

So, we examined what shapes a kitchen sink can have. Which one to choose from is a private matter for everyone.

Material for sinks

If you have decided on the shape with the mold, you should choose the material for the shell, think about what its qualities are more important for you: beauty, elegance, increased wear resistance, etc. We suggest considering all the advantages and disadvantages of modern materials in order to finally determine which is the best kitchen sink , Which one to choose from the most popular and common options.

Stainless steel sinks

This is the most popular option for today. Most often stainless steel washes to the kitchen are bought by families who prefer modern style. The main advantage of this type of sanitary ware is the acceptable cost. In addition, additional advantages of washing stainless steel:

  1. Good plasticity. If suddenly a dish or other household item accidentally falls into such a sink, it may well remain whole.
  2. Resistance to shock and corrosion. These qualities of stainless steel sinks allow it to retain its beauty for many years.
  3. Different shapes and sizes. You can choose the right option for any size of the kitchen.
  4. Easy to clean. Cleaning of such plumbing can be carried out by any hard means. Since the structure of the surface is non-porous, the dirt does not stay in it. This makes it possible to preserve the aesthetics of the shell for a long period of time.

This type of sink has only one drawback - it's noise. But now you can buy a fairly quiet stainless steel shell, which has a layer of sound absorber.

Shells are stamped and welded, the latter are more expensive, but differ in their strength. Welded stainless steel sinks are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Stainless sinks can have the following types of surface:

  1. Glossy. Especially effective is the sink, decorated with a relief pattern. However, such models need careful care. The polished surface must be wiped dry after each use.
  2. Matovoy. Such The shells also have a different texture. But caring for them is simpler.

When buying a stainless steel sink, you need to remember that a genuine magnet will not attract a true stainless steel.

Sinks made of artificial stone

For those who prefer a classic style in the interior, the best option is a stone sink for the kitchen. Shells made of natural stone purchased in the store will not work. Stone sinks are mainly made from quartz sand and marble crumbs to order.

Sinks made of artificial stone have a number of advantages:

  1. They have high strength. In order to scratch such a sink, to nail or smash, it takes a lot of effort.
  2. Shells are resistant to chemicals, and are immune to very low and high temperatures.
  3. Sinks have an aesthetic appearance. They can be made in any color. The designer execution of a sink made of artificial stone can emphasize the refinement of the kitchen and become a real decoration for it.

Disadvantages of this option:

  1. High cost of shells.
  2. The granite has a porous structure, so it absorbs odors and dirt.
  3. These washings are made of agglomerate and acrylic stone, which is quite whimsical and is capable of deterioration under the influence of high temperature.

Ceramic sinks

Conventional ceramics are not the best material for the production of kitchen sinks, for this reason they are made from porcelain stoneware, which has high strength and resistance to thermal and mechanical influences.

One of the main advantages of ceramic shells is their noiselessness. In addition, they have a fairly stylish design, thanks to which the sinks can harmoniously fit into the classic kitchen.

Those who decided to stop their choice on the ceramic kitchen sink, it is recommended to ask for help when installing it, Since these shells have a large weight, which greatly complicates their installation. Another drawback of these shells is their price, which exceeds the cost of stainless steel by five or more times.

So, we examined what material a kitchen sink is made of, what to choose (photo examples are called to help in this) - it's up to you.

Mounting the sink

What kind of kitchen sink to choose: a waybill, mortise or integrated?

  1. Waybill sink. She is put on a stand-alone kitchen counter that does not have a top, replacing her countertop.
  2. The kitchen sink for the kitchen is mounted in a specially cut open hole in the countertop, and it is supported by bumps on its surface. The kit includes a special rubber seal. Kitchen sink can be installed in any surface, and on its own.
  3. Integrated washers are installed either at the level with the countertop, or below it. Such a "drowned" sink is almost invisible, and its depth is slightly increased.

What kind of kitchen sink to choose: reviews

Sink is an indispensable attribute in every kitchen. Their assortment is huge. What kind of kitchen sink to choose? Reviews are very different, depending on the preferences of the hosts. But the most important thing is that it harmoniously coexist in shape and color with surrounding kitchen objects, such as furniture, technical devices. In addition, it should be moderately roomy and easy to use.

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