Kitchen Stove - How to Make the Right Choice

This topic is quite interesting and popular among people who have just put on an old plate, and want to choose a new one, or for people who begin life in a new apartment. One way or another, but the cooker is very important and is used daily for cooking and heating. Microwave ovens create a separate competition for the cooker , but there is not a kitchen without the cooker.

Initially, it is worth dividing the slabs into: stand-alone (solo) and recessed. As for the built-in slab, it occupies a large part of the market. Very often people wish that they in the kitchen had everything in one style and at the same time everything looked beautiful, no unnecessary details. For this case, the built-in cooker is perfect. Concerning the solo plate, it costs an order of magnitude cheaper, and if you will soon want to integrate it into the kitchen furniture, the specialists of the company, where you will buy furniture for the kitchen, will help you to choose the right furniture. The first question that everyone has is what plate to buy: gas or electric ?! Here, at first glance, everything is simple, but if you do not have gas, then it's better to choose electric. But not everything is so simple, there are still additional advantages and disadvantages, which we will pay attention to.

Electric plates are divided into 2 types: solo, with enameled surface and glass-ceramic. And glass-ceramic plates, have a greater thermal conductivity, so it's easier to manage temperature and cooking with them. If to compare on convenience, gas and electric plates, they, practically, are identical, only we will note safety of electric plates. In spite of the glass-ceramic coating of the plates, such plates contain a number of unexpected drawbacks: - Such a plate has low edges. This will be especially noticeable when the boiled soup or milk will have to be washed not from the plate, but from the floor, since it quickly drains down. - One more moment when boiling liquid runs up, it can not immediately fall to the floor, and go through several dry hotplates, which can suffer from this. - Also you will need to have a special dish, which is suitable for such a plate. Dishes with a perfectly flat bottom, only such requirements are requested by an electric cooker with a glass-ceramic coating.

The gas stove is much easier to choose. Modern gas stoves are the same in their functional abilities, but different in appearance and power. When choosing a modern gas cooker, you need to make sure that this plate is equipped with a gas control system that will prevent gas leakage. Also for greater convenience, an automatic ignition system is used. This feature is able to work, both in manual and in automatic mode, very convenient and practical in daily use.

It is worth a couple of words to say about the combined plates, in which 2 burners are gas, and 2 electric. They are not very relevant and popular in big cities. Most often, these plates are used in those places where there are constant interruptions with the supply of gas or electricity.

Thus, we have examined the cookers that exist at this time. Listed the main positive and negative sides. Which plate to choose is up to you, everything will depend on the situation.

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