A small kitchen - how to properly organize a space

The kitchen is one of the most visited places in any apartment. Here they not only cook, eat, but also receive guests, arranging gatherings for tasty and fragrant tea. This room should be maximally roomy, because it has a mass of cumbersome technology and various household appliances. Functionality should be given the main role, but do not forget about comfort.

A small kitchen is one of the most common problems that people face when repairing this part of the apartment. In a small space, it is necessary to place as much as possible a large number of compulsory furniture and appliances, without which the meaning of the kitchen is simply lost. You can not put the refrigerator or not to allocate a working area, and a dining table, a sink and much more is difficult to fit on a few square meters without a special approach. In addition, the small kitchen separates and dissociates the family, not allowing due to insufficient space to gather all together for a delicious lunch or dinner.

What are the ways to increase the kitchen space?

Small kitchen without doors

One of the most common ways to solve a problem with insufficient space is to remove the wall. In this case, the kitchen smoothly goes into the room, if planning allows. This solution makes it possible to go beyond the kitchen space, highlighting it not as a separate room, but as a separate zone of the room. With this solution to the problem, special attention must be paid to the hood. Because there is no door, Then it is worth taking care that smells from the kitchen do not spread throughout the apartment.

Small kitchen and furniture for her

Increase the space can be using a special arrangement of furniture or features of its choice. To allocate space, you need to place the interior items only on one side, creating a separate working part and free space. Depending on the layout, you can arrange furniture along adjacent walls.

Choose a built-in kitchen, which significantly saves space, besides Very functional. Suspended closets are a real salvation for a small room, because they are very roomy. Kitchen table-transformer is the ideal solution for a small kitchen. If necessary, it decomposes without occupying a place for the rest of the time. A very small kitchen provides for the presence of miniature stools and strictly in limited quantities, you should not buy them more than you need.

The space of the room can be enlarged visually. This is achieved through a color solution of the interior and properly selected lighting. As a rule, light wallpaper and curtains make the room much wider and more spacious. A competent arrangement of lighting devices will visually raise the ceiling.

A small kitchen with the right approach to interior planning is not a problem. A competent arrangement of furniture and lighting will give you a cozy and very functional place for cooking and receiving guests.

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