Quartz sand: applications and production

Quartz sand is a material that is of natural origin and has characteristics such as chemical inertness, resistance to breakage, strength, and the possibility of sorption. Most often it is used for filtration of oil products and water, for the production of finishing and building materials, as well as for the creation of swimming pools. Now about everything in more detail.

Filtering capacity

Quartz sand for filters is used much more often than any other natural material. The fact is that its porosity in comparison with ordinary crushed sand is much greater. This, in turn, provides him with a higher mud capacity and sorption capacity, so that even elements such as manganese and dissolved iron are emitted from the water. For the same reason, quartz sand for the pool, artificial pond or lake, or rather, for their filtration system, is used almost always. The recommended fractions in these cases are in the range from 0.4 to 6.0 millimeters.

Use in construction

Quartz sand has a wide use in the construction industry, in particular, when creating polyurethane and epoxy floors. In this case, it should have a coarse-grained fraction. The use of this material in the manufacture of plasters and building mixtures is due to its high chemical stability, mechanical resistance to crushing and abrasion, as well as color stability. Fine fractions are well suited for sandblasting in the processing of glass, concrete and metal. The material is also used in the production of artificial stone.

Other areas

All of the above, the use of quartz sand is not limited. It is often used in the construction of greenhouse drainage systems, water well drilling, as a feeding for poultry, and also as a filler for electrical insulators and waterproofing material. Recently, this kind of sand can be found in aquarium and landscape design.


Being a fairly common natural material, quartz sand directly from the quarry to filters, building materials or other spheres of application does not directly fall. This can be explained first of all by the nuance that it is necessary to select a suitable faction for solving certain problems. In addition, there is usually a large amount of various impurities in the sand, so the material needs to be pretreated, which is a rather complicated process.

Application Features

The emergence of ready-to-use quartz sand is preceded immediately by several operations, among which purification of raw materials from impurities, drying, fractionation, dosage and packaging. In no case should we underestimate the importance of the faction for this material, because in certain industries (for example, in the production of glass), it plays a key role. Another important criterion, which is characterized by quartz sand, is the lack of a chemical reaction. This concerns, above all, construction, because after hardening of cement mortars or concrete, undesirable consequences may occur.

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