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Carrot juice: benefit and harm to the liver. Freshly squeezed carrot juice: good and bad

The author of the saying that the carrot juice harms the liver is unknown. Most likely, it was some kind of scientist. However, this is a fact: indeed, carrot juice, the benefits and harm to the liver of which many are interested, is not at all as useful as many have come to believe it. Especially it concerns a growing organism of young consumers of this drink. Although it is necessary to thoroughly understand how much this juice should be consumed so as not to harm the body.

History of the use of carrot juice for liver treatment

Generally, freshly squeezed juices are considered useful. Still ancient people successfully applied the treatment with carrot juice of all kinds of diseases. Often carrots were even used as a treat, replacing it with candy!

Now we know for sure that carrots are mostly beneficial. However, there is a negative indicator - you can not use it too much.

Composition of freshly squeezed carrot juice

Examining the chemical composition of carrot juice, you can see a much higher percentage of carotene in it in comparison with the rest of the products. Besides this, carrots contain many other vitamins - group B, PP, D, K, C, E. Mineral substances, including iron, cobalt, magnesium, iodine, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, potassium, flavone and Nitrogenous compounds. Indeed - a well of health! But is it all useful?

It is necessary to consider in more detail the effect of carrot juice on the body, especially on children.

The positive and negative sides of carrot juice

To begin with the pros. Therefore, it is worth repeating that carrot juice, the benefit and harm to the liver of which is being researched, is really a natural balm with healing and firming properties.

With its help, you can improve, and sometimes restore your eyesight. In addition, using such a vegetable medicine, a person:

  • Removes toxins from the body, lowers cholesterol;
  • Improves the condition of the skin and hair;
  • Heals wounds;
  • Improves digestion;
  • Restores metabolism, helps to normalize body weight.

How correctly to drink carrot juice with atherosclerosis, high acidity, myocardial infarction, thyroid disease, urolithiasis? Moderately. This drink also increases lactation in nursing mothers, improving the properties of milk, normalizes carbohydrate metabolism.

Regular use of carrot juice strengthens nerves, increases immunity, strengthens baby teeth, normalizes the activity of the gallbladder and kidneys, refreshes the complexion, increases appetite and relieves fatigue. At the time of taking antibiotics, carrot juice weakens their toxic effect.

For small children, it is useful, because it contributes to their proper development. Therefore, it is recommended to give carrots to children in the second half of the first year of their life. There are cases when, after consumption by those who knew how to drink carrot juice correctly, the oncological diseases receded. It is not for nothing that this product is called a miracle.

However, no matter how laudable the descriptions of carrot juice, you should be careful about the use of this product. Categorically it is forbidden to drink it in colitis, ulcers, gastritis! Caution should be used for people with diabetes. Even in fully healthy people, its excessive use can cause lethargy, vomiting and headache.

Is carrot juice a negative effect on the liver?

The praise was sounded enough, it's time to get down to business seriously and consider what kind of product, such as carrot juice, benefit and harm to the liver. To answer the question, one should consider the mechanism of work of one of the most important organs of the human body.

What are the main signs of liver disease? Inflammatory processes and stagnation.

Efficient abstinence is considered an effective method to reduce the process of liver inflammation. In this period, the use of raw juices is recommended. They contribute to the elimination of stagnant phenomena, relieve inflammation. Also, a beneficial fresh juice affects the liver parenchyma, its connective tissue.

In juices, enough vitamins are needed for the liver, including carotene. And its greatest content, as already mentioned, has carrot juice. Therefore, the conclusion suggests itself - the benefits of carrot juice for the liver is unquestionable!

Nevertheless, the liver should not be overloaded with its use in order to prevent the possible occurrence of inflammatory processes.

Recommendations for the treatment of carrot juice

Having dealt with the main question, do not immediately zealously take as a means of treatment carrot juice. There are several important recommendations regarding what kind of drink, such as carrot juice, benefit and harm to the liver.

First you need to clean the body. The process of recovery is severely hampered by the accumulation of slags. If you eat constantly boiled food, the colon does not function normally. Therefore, it is necessary first to make an enema, and only then to start using medicinal carrot juice.

The duration of treatment of an organ such as the liver is individual for each, it depends on its condition and the stage of the disease. It usually takes a couple of weeks to recover, sometimes a little more, when there are chronic inflammations in this organ.

After examining, it is desirable to remove possible foci of chronic inflammation (tonsillitis, dental caries), and then proceed directly to the use of juices. It is also important that while performing long-term procedures for taking juice and abstaining from food during this period, it is possible to simultaneously remove the inflammatory processes of other organs.

Having even the most terrible changes in the liver (cirrhosis, obesity, atrophy), you should not lose hope, because the liver regenerates perfectly!

When fasting, based on the use of raw carrot juice, the liver reduces stagnation, reduces bloating, so the poisons can be removed from the body by conventional enemas. But do not forget that knowing how much to drink carrot juice is very important. Overdose of any remedy can cause unpredictable consequences. Not an exception is freshly squeezed carrot juice!

A few warnings

However, where did the opinion about the damage to carrot juice come from? It turns out, it's the following. Sometimes regular use of this product causes yellowing of the skin. Experts are sure that such a sign is caused by the ongoing cleansing of the liver.

The following happens. The accumulated slags in the treatment rapidly dissolve. But if they have accumulated a lot, then the kidneys and intestines do not have time to withdraw them, so they leave the body through the skin.

Since the slags are usually orange or yellow , the skin naturally turns yellow. If you reduce the consumption of juice, the problem will gradually resolve itself. Having discovered such a symptom, you should suspend the use of juice, and after a while again resume its reception, although somewhat more cautiously, controlling the volume of the drunk product. Then carrot juice and liver will perfectly co-exist.

Mixtures of juices

It is recommended to use a mixture of juices - they more effectively treat the liver. It is especially good to add spinach juice to carrot juice. Nutritionists suggest using this drink three times a week, limiting the daily intake of a liter of drink. Also useful is apple-carrot juice.

To approach to treatment by juice it is necessary competently, not allowing переберов. Any experiments related to the use of large volumes of it cause more harm than good. For prevention, half a glass of juice is enough daily.

Proceeding from this, it is possible to conclusively conclude that carrot juice is useful for the liver. Naturally, with careful and reasonable use of it!

Carrot juice for women

Women after a successful birth should not give up a mixture of freshly squeezed carrot, orange and apple juices - they will be pleased with the change to a better color. Such a cocktail, like apple-carrot juice, is most favorable for the body.

Before a trip to the resort, you should not forget about carrot juice. Carotene triggers the processes of producing melanin, which affects skin pigmentation.


Carrot juice can serve as an excellent test of liver status. If this drink turns yellow, then the liver does not fully fulfill its inherent functions. After a certain period of constant consumption of carrot juice, the liver will be cleaned, it will be able to perform its functions normally, therefore the skin will restore the former shade.

If a person constantly uses carrot juice, having a normal skin color, then the liver is healthy!

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