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Kissing in a dream? That's what the dream book says: kissing is evil!

A kiss is a loose concept. And it is treated differently in a book called "Dream Book". Kisses can be from parents, from friends, from lovers and so on. In any case, after seeing such a dream, try to remember as many different details and details as possible after awakening! The fact is that any dream should be interpreted at once through several books, and then look for the "average arithmetic". So, what does the dream book tell us about this?

Miller dream book

Kisses in a dream are , in almost all cases, treated negatively. Miller says that it does not matter whether the kiss comes from mother, grandmother, husband, children or lover ... In his opinion, any of them tells you about the insincere intentions of friends, o Hypocrisy, deception, and also about lies and envy! Do not exclude treachery and cunning!

Family Dream Book

Kiss often enough to dream on the eve of family quarrels. Hostile intentions on the part of your friends are possible. Everything is here, as if on a film negative: if you kiss with your boss, with a business partner or just a colleague at work, then in reality your relationships with these people will crack. Family values are also under threat ... Deprive of work, go to waste, lose family ...

Female dream book

A kiss with a guy in a dream is treated differently. It all depends on your relationship with him. If you are kissing with a constant partner, then such a dream is a "dummy". It does not mean anything! If the guy from your dream is the first person you meet (for example, you met him at a nightclub), then the vision will necessarily be considered negative! You expect a stream of negative emotions, anxiety, various worries and anxieties. The effect of surprise is possible. It is likely that kissing a stranger are prerequisites for breaking off relations with an already existing friend.

Freud and his dream book

A kiss with a former indicates your libido towards the guy. Your sexual feelings for the former partner have not faded. You, as before, want it. You think about it ... Sorry for the details, but Mr. Freud advises such girls to masturbate more often on this guy. If you still have his photos, Freud recommends self-satisfaction on them ... When your sexual dreams about a former friend subsided, safely stop all the deeds, completely surrender to traditional real sex with your acting boyfriend!

Intimate dream book

Kisses in a dream for women - this is a quick acquaintance with an attractive and wealthy man who will deceive you ... He will be an ordinary gigolo! For men, this sleep advises to be more gentle to your second half, because you do not give her due attention, she misses without your care. If in your dream you observe people who kiss, but do not have an intimate connection, be wary. Soon you will involuntarily be drawn into some scandals and squabbles. If you kiss on the lips with your relative, for example, a brother kisses a sister, then soon lose respect and trust on their part. Think about what's wrong with your relationship.

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