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Mobile phone Samsung 5611: a review, description, features and reviews

Despite the diversity in the current range of mobile devices, there are niches in which there is a crisis of choice. In particular, many manufacturers in recent years have minimized the production of push-button phones. With all the advantages of traditional design, developers do not show the same interest to this category of devices. The market is periodically updated with new models, but their functionality and technical stuffing are not nearly comparable with those offered in touch models. Against this background, many connoisseurs of button devices were pleased with the appearance of the Samsung GT 5611 model, which, although it does not hold up to premium smartphones, is not included in a number of modest budget "handsets". However, the value of the device is not only in filling the empty segment, but also in an original style.

General information about the phone

The model occupies the middle segment in the niche of button models and is positioned as a functional and modern phone in the classical version. I must say that the device is an ideological continuation of the S5610. Modifications are very similar in appearance and in their characteristics. Nevertheless, there are fundamental differences between them. So, in comparison with Samsung S5610, 5611 has a large amount of built-in memory and an expanded choice of colors. Also in the process of work, many people note more responsive menu management. But there are also changes for the worse. For example, the model lost a flashlight. Otherwise, the device is a traditional monoblock device, which is equipped with a good camera and modern communication tools.

Model specifications

If we consider the model, even from the average parameters that the latest versions of smartphones have, then the conclusions will be sad. It only remains to recall that this is a button phone, which does not have technological refinements. But even in the case of comparison with advanced sensory devices, there are several qualities for which you should pay attention to Samsung 5611. The review of the characteristics of the device will help to reveal these advantages:

  • Weight - 91 g;
  • Dimensions - 4.97 cm in width, 11.9 cm in height and 1.3 cm in thickness;
  • Type of case - push-button candy bar;
  • The frequency of the processor model 5611 - 460 MHz;
  • Display - TFT 2.4 ";
  • The screen resolution of the device is 240 x 320;
  • The color scale is 262 thousand;
  • Call - polyphony and vibration alert;
  • Camera - a 5 Mp module;
  • Supported signal standards - Edge, GPRS, 3G;
  • Built-in memory - 250 MB;
  • Additional memory - the possibility of using microSD on 16 GB;
  • Wireless data links - Bluetooth;
  • The battery is 1,000 mAh.
  • Optional option - MP3-player, ChatON service, FM-radio.

Body and design of the device

The appearance of this phone is one of its strong sides. The model is presented in several color solutions, but as a rule, Samsung 5611 versions are available in stores in gray and black colors. Both options look solid, stylish and even with a hint of presentability. The design is made in the classical form factor. Strict, but pleasant and friendly to the hands of the line form a fairly large body. But those users who are accustomed to smartphones will not be afraid of such dimensions. What can not be said about the mass - the device is quite heavy, but this aspect of many even pleases.

In terms of quality of materials, the device does not cause special admiration. For the most part, the body is made of plastic. Although the back cover is represented by metal, which adds a touch of sophistication and nobility to the Samsung 5611 phone. In general, the design of the device is implemented with dignity, in any case, not many of the button models of the same segment can compare with it.

Functionality and ergonomics

On the merits of the processor can not speak, since it's still not a smartphone and from modern demanding applications to the owner of such a device will have to be abandoned immediately. But otherwise the model will not disappoint. The Samsung 5611 provides access to the Internet through 3G technology, wireless data transfer, branded applications from the developer and a good selection of games with a music player.

Control these and other features will need to use a 5-way joystick and keyboard. Actually, for the sake of these tools, those who do not appreciate the advantages of sensory analogs acquire this model. The menu is organized according to the traditional scheme and is represented by pictograms. The owner can create a "desktop" from the current icons, as well as create buttons with quick access. As already noted, the management of the Samsung 5611 is implemented with good responsiveness, although unusual nuances are still available. For example, after closing the menu, the next entry will be made to the same section where the previous work was completed.


The phone has implemented many obsolete solutions that have passed from the previous generations of button mobile phones. This applies to the display, which loses to models with Retina screens. And it's not just about size and resolution. The device is equipped with a color TFT-display for 262 000 colors. The number of pixels per inch does not allow you to enjoy the quality of the image, although the texts can be read without much difficulty. Moreover, the font size settings in the model are provided. Also worth noting is the screen protection Samsung 5611 in the form of reinforced glass. This not only ensures the strength of the display, but also protects the surface from minor scratches. By and large, there is no sense in expecting high-quality "pictures" from such devices, since they are not intended for watching movies, but for solving practical communication problems.


But the camera developers Samsung have implemented more than decent. Although the segment of functional push-button phones is not pleased with the large selection, this model has strong competitors in the form of Nokia 515 and development from Philips in the performance of the X5500. And if the Finnish device has the advantage of compact size and high-quality sound, and Philips wins with a capacious battery, the phone Samsung 5611 overtakes competitors in comparison cameras. And this despite the fact that all three devices are equipped with modules for 5 Mp, that is, they are identical in terms of nominal characteristics. The advantage of 5611 in photography is provided by excellent image quality under all conditions. The camera in this case allows you to capture small text with the ability to read it. Also, the advantages of shooting are supported by the presence of autofocus and LED backlight, which is not found in every smartphone.

Positive reviews

The model attracts buyers in many ways due to the combination of a classic form with a keyboard and decent functionality. The owners note that the developers managed to create a handsome and solid phone, which is not a shame to come to a business meeting. Also there are positive responses about the means of communication. It is in these parameters that classical tubes seem to be forever behind smartphones. Nevertheless, the possibility of using 3G technology, games with applications and a music player, coupled with a decent amount of memory, makes it necessary to look at the Samsung 5611 differently. The reviews highlight another advantage that the model raises even over high-tech "smarts". This is a battery. Although the battery capacity is modest, the phone can do without recharging for 2-3 days in normal mode.

Negative feedback

The list of claims to this device is no less extensive. If we talk about the most serious comments, then on the first place will be a squeaky keyboard and problems with the speaker. As for the keyboard, in the process of pressing you can hear unpleasant sounds of plastic friction. On the function of typing, this does not affect, but in the aesthetic sense, pleasure also does not bring. Disadvantages of dynamics, perhaps, the most unpleasant flaw of this model, which is expressed in a deaf voice during the conversation. There are other flaws in the Samsung 5611: how to turn on the flashlight or, on the contrary, turn off the shutter sound of the camera, these questions remain unanswered. It is possible, technically, the device allows you to use LED backlight as a flashlight, but there is no special function in the menu for this. The same applies to turning off the camera's sound and adjusting the speaker.


When evaluating this phone, you should still make a discount, since such models are in demand only among a narrow category of people, and manufacturers do not seek to develop this direction. However, the device itself is interesting without reference to the traditional concept of convenient button phones. First of all, the device deserves attention thanks to the design. If you buy a case for Samsung 5611 in a suitable texture, then there will be all chances to create the impression of a premium expensive device. The large dimensions and solid weight only underline his claim to exclusivity. If you delve into the technical stuffing and functionality, then the opinion here will not be so obvious. The phone can not be called depleted options, but the lack of navigation systems, high-precision large display and a powerful processor still affects the nature of operation. However, these and other shortcomings are easily covered by the advantages of the traditional keyboard case of the model, convenient in ergonomics and pleasant to the eye.

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