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Autobiographical story and its brief content: "How I became a writer" Shmeleva

A well-known Russian writer, publicist Ivan Sergeyevich Shmelev, describing his family, gives her such a description: indigenous Muscovites, Old Believers, merchant peasants. As we see, there is no hint of belonging to the intelligentsia, the writer's environment. The mention of the same fact contains a story (below - a short summary) "How I Became a Writer" Shmelev.

Early childhood

September 21 (October 3), 1873 - the date of birth of the writer. And the place of birth was Zamoskvorechye. It was in this area of Moscow, in the parental house was the source of the creativity of the future master of the Russian word.

Father and mother did not have a high education, but honored the laws of great-grandfathers, were religious, hardworking. This attitude to life was transmitted to children.

The story "How I Became a Writer" contains a large fragment, which describes the early childhood of the hero. The reader immediately becomes clear that already in those years Shmelev's ability to form in his own way see the world around him, the desire to be in it and interact with everyone who is in it.

First big success

In the story "How I Became a Writer," Shmelev talks about his first literary experience. It was a work "At the Mill". He wrote it after the 8th grade of the gymnasium, that is, when he was still quite a young man.

The work received a good evaluation of the editor of the magazine "Russian Review" and was published in it without any corrections and any abbreviations. In addition, the young author was invited to join the magazine. For a young man, this was a huge success. Although Shmelev believed that everything happened by itself, so he was happy with the success, but not for long - "seized" other things.

The first steps to success

What caused the author's success, reveals the work itself and its brief content. "How I became a writer" Shmeleva - this is a story-recollection, so it contains reliable facts about the biography of our hero.

As a child he was a keen child, he knew Pushkin, Lermontov, Gogol and other Russian writers well. In the third grade of the gymnasium he was carried away by the works of Jules Verne. They so captured the boy that he, using the plot of his beloved author, wrote his own poetic work. The poems were successful among the schoolboys, but the teacher of literature did not appreciate them, since the characters of the works of the little poet were precisely the teachers.

Other teacher Shmelev also did not give high marks. The reason was that these works were unusual in shape and content, they went beyond the program. The result of a mutual misunderstanding between the teacher and the student was that the boy was left for the second year.

After a while, the writer realized that this was a great happiness. The teacher of literature was replaced, who allowed to write everything that the little author wanted. During this period, many lyrical works were written, for which the schoolboy Shmelev received only "five" with big pluses.

Reasons for success

Reading the story or the short content "How I Become a Writer" Shmeleva, you understand how important it is to meet on the way a person who points the right direction, will inspire the cause. And it can be the main thing in life. People who surround you, - one of the reasons for any success, and creative, among other things.

The natural curiosity and ability to get carried away by business remained with Shmelev forever. In different periods of his life he was interested in jurisprudence, botanical discoveries, life of people of different estates, and many other topics. All this was reflected in the writer's work and led him to world success. His appreciation of his literary works was given Bunin, Kuprin and other prominent writers.

The short story or short content "How I Became a Writer" Shmeleva makes it clear to the reader how difficult a journey it takes a writer to get universal recognition.

Character of the author in the text of the story

The autobiographical story-recollection "How I Became a Writer," whose summary we are considering, has another great value for the reader. Here, very thinly, with great skill Ivan Shmelev describes the process of the formation of the character of man. And it begins with the earliest childhood.

The hero of the work sees all surrounding objects as animated. Everyone has his own dream, secret, desire. But no one can understand these objects, except for a little boy. This vision of the world speaks of a rich imagination, poetry, which in the future helped to become a wonderful master of the word.

The hero of the story says that the ability to write came suddenly, suddenly, and the story "At the mill" was written on the move. But the reader understands that skill was honed for years, even when the teacher of literature allowed to write everything and in any quantities. Diligence, the desire for excellence, the ability to enjoy the result of your work, the greater responsibility for what you are doing are the main features of the character's character of the story "How I Became a Writer."

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