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Roman Jane Austen "Feeling and Sensibility": a brief summary, reviews

What is the mystery, the mystery of the success of the novels of Jane Austen, who created such magnificent works as "How Pride and Prejudice", "Feeling and Sensibility", "Emma", "Mansfield Park", "Arguments of the Mind" and many others? Why do they tirelessly attract new fans for more than two centuries?

The Unexpected Jane

Jane Austen is an English writer born in the distant 1775. During her life in England, cardinal changes took place in society, the way of life of many people. Departure from stiff habits on the one hand and the desire to leave the noble traditions on the other were entwined in the characters and destinies of people in a wonderful way. All these absurdities in man and became the basis of the author's novels. "Feeling and Sensibility" is a rather early work. Jane wrote it only in 20 years, but the world saw the work only in 1811. Youth did not become a barrier to Jane for a systematic, and most importantly, successful study of human souls.

Raised in an educated family priest of free mores, Jane grew an incredibly interesting girl. And although many contemporaries (especially those who were ridiculed sharp in the language of Jane Austen) considered her to be somewhat arrogant, unlike other young ladies, those who knew her well enough - family members, friends - spoke of her as a kind and Fair, caring and noble woman.

In the family, Jane was always supported. A great inspiration and admirer of her work was a father who supported his daughter in everything. Reading a lot of historical works, melancholy poems, Jane did not become sad and dry from it. So without having found family happiness, she gave all her love and care to her brothers, sister and their children.

The Austin family was very friendly, after her father's death, her older brother Henry largely helped Jane, was engaged in the publication of novels.

Jane Austen died in 1817. She was only 42 years old, the cause of death was disease. According to the memories of relatives, Jane suffered from pain, but until the last she tried to remain good-natured and not burden relatives with her condition.

What is not subject to time

A lot of interpretations, various variations in the cinema, theatrical productions, but the basis is the same - this is the work of Jane Austen. The most popular of her works is "Pride and Prejudice", but the book "Feeling and Sensibility" also has many admirers. She was twice filmed in 1995 and 2008. Each version is interesting in its own way and deserves the attention of the viewer.

What is the secret of the success of this author's works? In her novels there is practically no dynamics, there are no sharp turns, detective riddles and fantastic stories. But in every work the writer's love for England and her best traditions is embodied.

Common sense, nobility, generosity and devotion, purity of the soul - these are the features that respected Jane in people. On the contrary, vices, aspiration for personal gain, vulgarity, hypocrisy, envy ridiculed and considered unworthy traits of character.

Colorful characters, an incredible, detailed description of the beauties of England, sincerity - all this is inherent in the creations of Jane Austen. "Feeling and Sensibility" is one of those novels in which the author shows the transformation of the human character and way of thinking. It is generally inherent in it to create images with polar, maximalist thinking. The development of the character, his thoughts occurs throughout the whole work, and eventually comes the climax, always positive and happy.

Perhaps this explains the popularity of the novels of Jane Austen at all times, because virtue does not go out of fashion.

"Feeling and Sensibility": Characters

In his works, Jane Austen does not use a huge number of characters. Reading her work, you get to know each character as closely as if you know him as a good friend. You begin to empathize with every sad and joyful event, to feel every look, sigh and subtle hint of the author.

This is the magic of the works of Jane Austen. "Feeling and Sensibility" is a novel, the main characters of which are the sisters Elinor and Marianne Dashwood. Sisters, being in such close relationship, being very close and kind friends, are very different. Elinor is the height of prudence and discretion. Marianne is a young, impetuous, amorous, incredibly passionate and quick-tempered person. She believes that only people like her are capable of love, that life should be like a flame - bright and scorching.

The girls, the main heroines of the novel "Feeling and Sensibility", have a sister and an elder brother, the son of their father from the first marriage. He is married to Mrs. Fanny Dashwood, a very unpleasant, envious and evil person. After the death of the heroine's father, this couple will become the owners of the deceased's property.

The brothers Edward and Robert Ferrars are Fanny's brothers. And it was in Edward, the prudent young man, that Eleanor was to fall in love. Robert is a handsome young man, and in life he is concerned only with entertainment and his own well-being.

Marianne had two admirers during the narrative. The first - Mr. Willoughby - witty handsome, sensitive and romantic nature with a mind, in actual fact was an empty seeker of easy money. On the contrary, Colonel Brandon (a friend of the relative of the Dashwood sisters and their mother, Sir John Middleton, who gave birth to the main heroines after the death of their father) was a serious, thoughtful man, genuinely sympathetic to Marianne. With Willoughby, he was bound by a conflict that exposed the essence of the young rake.

In addition, the sisters Stille, the eldest of them-Miss Lucy, were important figures in the novel-she was once engaged to Edward, the lover of Elinor.

The Intricacy of Destiny

These are the main characters in the novel "Feeling and Sensibility". The brief content of the novel must begin with the fact that the father of the Dashwood sisters has died. Their brother and wife inherited the whole state, and, not having heeded the deceased request of the deceased, left them with a third, younger sister and mother without means of subsistence. The women found shelter from a relative, Sir Middleton. By that time Elinor had already met Edward Ferrars, but his sister deprived the girl of hopes for happiness, referring to the imminent wedding of her brother to another.

Upon arrival in the new house, the young ladies meet with Willoughby, who fascinates Marianne, but eventually leaves and marries the heiress of a great fortune, breaking the heart of Miss Dashwood in love with him.

Marianne in despair, she is all given to emotions and soon seriously ill. In those days, the feelings of Elinor remain a mystery to all. At the same time, the girls had a chance to meet the sisters. Lucy tries to get in trust, like, she wants to know what connects Elinor and Edward.

When the mother of a young man finds out about the engagement of her son and Miss Still, she deprives him of his inheritance. Edward does not renounce his words, given many years ago, and plans to marry an unloved Lucy. This person, realizing that such a party will not bring her well-being, sends all her charms to Robert's younger brother, and soon they marry.

After some misunderstanding, their permission, there comes a happy reunion of the hearts of Edward and Elinor, as well as Marianne and Colonel Brandon.

What is the book silent about and what does it speak about so eloquently?

The times when Jane Austen lived and worked, special in the history of England. The habit of people to live pragmatically, to search for a grain of rationality in everything, has always been inherent in the English. This is to some extent a national feature. Jane Austen was a sensible woman, and she endowed many of her characters with the same qualities, and did not pass around the main characters in the novel "Feeling and Sensibility."

The author tried to convey to the reader that, in addition to strength of mind, awareness of a sense of duty and honor, it is equally important to look for ways to manifest love and friendship. No matter how good the intentions are in hiding their own feelings, it is impossible to hide them all their lives, so as not to injure others.

What do they say about the book now, what kind of assessment was given to it in the past?

One of the first published novels of Jane Austen was "Feeling and Sensibility." Reviews about the book of his contemporaries were pretty good. And although the first edition was issued for the own funds of the Austin family, the second one was already issued at the expense of the printing house.

Jane Austen's books quickly found their reader. The writer's wit and wit, the talent for describing interestingly quite everyday events with such a feeling and understanding of the subtleties appealed not only to ordinary people, but also to recognized classics of literature.

Today, many people like this and many other works of Jane Austen. Lovers of romance novels as a genre in literature appreciate the talent of the writer.

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